Full Color Place Ribbons

Full Color Place Ribbons

Printed in an exciting rainbow of bright and vivid colors, these Stock Place Ribbons are sure to thrill any recipient. Each ribbon comes in first through sixth place and participant. Mix and match to meet minimum requirements. These ribbons are perfect for any award for any scholastic or sporting event.
PRICE: 50¢ each
ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS:Choose a title for each set of ribbons, then enter the needed quantity. Add additional ribbons as necessary. Multiple titles can be combined to meet the 25 minimum requirement.


Total Minimum Order: 25

$x.xx each
Subtotal: $x.xx
Additional Fees: $x.xx

Product Specifications

Ribbons are 2 x 8 inches with an eyelet on the pointed top and a string hanger. Titles are only available in the colors and designs as shown.
Production: Orders placed by 11 a.m. Mountain time may ship the same day. For additional information, visit our Production Times page or contact customer service.


Price per ribbon$0.50$0.50$0.50$0.50Call


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