Unique and Useful Event Ribbons

Everyone uses ribbons at an event, so don’t limit your thinking when it comes to using ribbons.

With an extensive range of personalized ribbons available (rosette ribbons, badge ribbons and ribbon rolls), conferences, conventions and any event are sure to find benefits and uses. And those who choose to use these event tools are guaranteed to come out on top.

From marketing and brand recognition to decorations and name badges, ribbons provide a way to make everything run at all events. Use the bright colors and custom options to make your ribbons work for you. With logos and personalized text, these ribbons will turn your conference into a party!

Effective communication is an essential key to successfully researching, designing, planning and coordinating any function. It pays to know all available resources and will help when delegating responsibilities in advance. Event planning can be an overwhelming task if the correct tools are not readily available.

Here is a short list of tasks ribbons are capable of performing.

badge ribbons are perfect at any event for providing attendees with titlesBadge Ribbons

Identify attendees, staff and others at events.

Promote a brand or image by offering a unique handout.

custom ribbon rolls are great at any event for decorations and awareness ribbonsRibbon Rolls

Extremely easy to use for decorations for any function.

Wrap product samples or branding promotional items.

award rosette ribbons are extremely useful at any eventRosette Ribbons

Useful as award ribbons for all events.

Perfect for making table decorations stand out.



While it has been said before, we are sure it needs to be repeated. Branding with personalized ribbons is important, especially at conferences and conventions. You need to make sure that people remember who you are. Accomplish this task with color matching to your company logo and adding text that will help any event goer more aware of you.

Consider each ribbon and the uses it will specifically provide for you. While badge ribbons typically provide titles and identifiers for attendees, they can also prove useful as unique branded handouts. Ribbon rolls are great for decorating, but you can also use them to promote a cause your company supports. And rosette ribbons are amazing awards. But consider them for a different way of providing name tags for staff at a convention table.

No matter your event, personalized ribbons will help brand, recognize and emphasize your goals.

Badge Ribbons: Top 5 Reasons To Use Them


Whether it’s for a sale or for use at an event, badge ribbons are a must have accessory for everyone!

While there are many ways to use personalized ribbons, badge ribbons are one of the best to use. The uses for badge ribbons are extensive, but here is a small list of why they are so important. While there are only five uses described here, each reason is just as great as the next. So, in no particular order, here’s the list!

stock badge ribbons verticle badge ribbons horizontal badge ribbonsIDENTIFYING ROLES: A badge ribbon with a title such as staff, council member or sponsor is easy to see when attached to a name badge. These ribbons also allow attendees to easily recognize and identify exhibitors, judges, speakers, honorees and other important figures at a conference. Ribbons are a valuable networking tool for any event.

CRAFT PROJECTS: Use them as quick bookmarks and have a favorite quote or thought imprinted. Some people have gone so far as to collect as many badge ribbons as they can and created unique clothing, such as a dress! Whatever your crafty idea, it can be as crazy and zany as you like!

custom graphic badge ribbons recognition badge ribbonsEXPRESSING IDEAS: Badge ribbons are frequently used at conventions and events to create buzz over an idea or theme. Use these ribbons to help break the ice at parties. Each badge ribbon can feature an idea, a clever thought, or use them for a particular game.


REWARDING GOOD WORK: Recognizing achievement is a great way to improve employee morale. Many businesses use badge ribbons for recognition programs. Giving a badge ribbon is a great way to reward members of a team who make a company or organization successful. These ribbons can also be given to honor special guests at an event. Wearing personalized badge ribbons during an event can create a feeling of accomplishment and pride and can take an achievement program to the next level.

verticle badge ribbons multicolor personalized badge ribbonsBRAND RECOGNITION: Badge ribbons are often used for promotional tools. Many retail establishments use the during sales to provide quick and concise information about what the sale entails. Choose from different colors to highlight different sections of a store or program. Personalize each ribbon with a logo or business name. Badge ribbons are great at drawing attention to a name badge and helps any employee stand out.

Event Branding with Ribbon Wristbands

We are always looking for new ways to use custom ribbon rolls.

Here’s what we found this week:event wristbands ribbon rolls ribbon wristbandsEvent Ribbon Wristbands!

Order customized ribbon rolls with a school’s name, a program name, a company or even an event name. Once you receive the ribbon rolls, simply cut them to the desired length and secure these ribbon wristbands around attendee’s wrists. Ribbon wristbands are easy to attach by either tying or with double sided tape. Save time by attaching a piece of double sided tape or some Velcro to each of the wristbands prior to your event.

Ribbon wristbands are great for school events. Ordering ribbon rolls is easy and is an inexpensive option compared to locating tickets and other paraphernalia needed to monitor attendance or security at an event. When imprinted with school information, these wristbands become a fun keepsake for students and other attendees. Wristbands are even great for fundraisers, used for school spirit, or corporate events.

security wristbands event wristbands ribbon rolls ribbon wristbandsCustom ribbon wristbands can also boost a corporate brand or image. Give any brand or sponsor the attention they need and deserve by adding a small logo or text to any custom ribbon roll. When event guests and attendees wear these matching wristbands, you will reach maximum exposure. Often these wristbands are worn for days, if not weeks, after any event and continue to be word-of-mouth advertising and marketing for long after the actual event.

Recently there has been a surge toward wristbands that are more versatile than the typical plastic, one time use, or paper wristbands. Ribbon wristbands are a great replacement for these temporary ones. Wristbands can be custom imprinted with most any message or small logo and will continue to bring in revenue and advertising after your event. Wristbands provide event planners with a more attractive accessory for any event that will double as a keepsake for any attendee.

Avoiding Boring Badge Ribbons – Part 2

The boring badge ribbon has proven functional at many professional gatherings. Keep this in mind when choosing badge ribbons as they are meant to improve the effectiveness of a name badge. The five previous tips were aimed to help decide which type of badge ribbon was the best for each ribbon project. Here are five more tips to help with the overall design of any badge ribbon.

TIP #6 Avoiding Boring Ribbons: Choose a distinctive font.

The easiest way to drastically improve how your ribbon looks, and to keep it from being boring, is by using a nice font. There are many fonts available that will meet most any need. Keep in mind that most fonts will require a metal die.

Badge ribbon printing requires the use of dies, which are made to imprint onto the ribbons. A die is basically like a stamp as it presses a printing foil down on to the badge ribbon. Wherever the stamp touches the foil to the ribbon, the foil will stay printed, or dyed, onto the badge ribbon.

Many badge ribbons may be printed using a polymer die. Polymer dies are faster and less expensive, but they do have a few drawbacks. They are made from a softer material than metal dies; they also wear out quickly, so they can’t be used for large runs of the same ribbon; and they don’t hold detail well, so only thick, plain letters and shapes can be used. Small holes in the design, like the inside of a letter “a” or “e” may fill in because the die can’t press hard enough to ensure a clean impression.

A metal die, which is much stronger than the polymer die, can hold much more detail and will ensure a much cleaner imprint. Using a metal die no longer limits the choice of font; text may be made smaller or even add a logo or other image. Metal dies give much more freedom in the design of a badge ribbon and are well worth the additional cost. They can also be saved to use again and again.

TIP #7 Avoiding Boring Ribbons: Have fun with your text.

avoiding boring ribbons badge ribbon imprinted metal die fitting textText doesn’t have to be boring like straight side-to-side or up-and-down. Depending on the badge ribbon chosen, the text can be set at an angle or even on a curve. This is a great trick to get longer words to fit on a narrower ribbon and doesn’t always require a metal die.

TIP #8 Avoiding Boring Ribbons: Don’t limit yourself to one color.

For a better looking badge ribbon, use a combination of colors. A plain badge ribbon suddenly seems less boring when changes to a few elements are made. If the badge ribbon really needs to make an impression, try a Full Color Custom Ribbon. This badge ribbon will be printed in full color and has no limits to fonts or number of colors and no metal dies. You can even get a photograph printed on these badge ribbons.

TIP #9 Avoiding Boring Ribbons: Plan the shape and size of your ribbon.

Each ribbon should take content and function into account when adjusting the length or shape. If there is extra empty space, make the ribbon smaller or request options for making the text fill it better. Each badge ribbon should fit the text comfortably and not be crowded or empty. Make the badge ribbon unique by replacing the pinked ends with a fishtail.

avoiding boring ribbons badge ribbon metail die add a logoTIP #10 Avoiding Boring Ribbons: Add a company logo.

Nothing spices up a badge ribbon like an image. Use a company logo or find a basic image that will set off the design on the ribbon; it will instantly increase the ribbon’s appeal. Remember, a metal die will be required.

So the next time you find yourself in need of a ribbon for that upcoming event, keep these 10 tips in mind and the planning stages should be a bit easier and more enjoyable.



*Tips and graphics provided by guest author Melanie Bunch, Graphic Artist at Coller Industries.*

Avoiding Boring Badge Ribbons – Part 1

stock badge ribbons horizontal badge ribbonsThe boring badge ribbon makes its debut at many business conventions, corporate retreats, or any number of other professional gatherings. One can usually find these badge ribbons attached to someone’s name badge or possibly just pinned onto someone’s shirt or jacket. The boring badge ribbon is meant to be functional in presenting a word or short phrase, usually in all capital letters and a very plain font. Please note that there is nothing wrong with this ribbon type if the purpose is to simply designate a particular person as a “Speaker” or any other title.

Badge ribbonsstock badge ribbons verticle badge ribbons that are going to be given out as prizes or promotions are ribbons that aim to get the viewer interested in asking about a particular topic, business or cause you are representing. These badge ribbons are meant for something more, but sometimes they look just as plain as the examples described above. It is this ribbon type that deserves a little extra planning to really perform in their function the best way possible.

TIP #1: Remember what medium you are working with.

You are printing on a ribbon not a brochure or flier. Your text should be concise and to the point.

TIP #2: Consider the badge ribbon size you are ordering.

A horizontal ribbon that is four inches wide can fit words like “promotional” or “team leader” and still be big enough to read from a short distance. But, if you’re getting a vertical ribbon that is only two inches wide, try to use shorter words.

TIP #3: Vertical text should be limited.

Vertical ribbons typically have printing running vertically stacked down the ribbon. Usually you can only get away with having one word like that; any more and it becomes hard to read.

TIP #4: When lots of text is acceptable.

There are promotional ribbons with entire poems that are used as bookmarks, ribbons with wedding details for favors, and keepsake ribbons from family reunions or church events. But, if you want your ribbon to say a lot, plan on having small letters and be prepared to order a metal die to be able to imprint the fine details that are required to have this small print.

TIP #5: Consider the tone of your words.

A corporate meeting would be a great setting for the boring badge ribbon with a simple ribbon saying “President” but, if you have a smaller or less formal meeting why not have a ribbon saying “Man In Charge” or “Big Cheese” instead?

Innovative and Engaging Badge Ribbons promotional badge ribbons stock badge ribbonsTake some time to consider these five tips when choosing which badge ribbon is the best for your purpose. There will be five more tips to follow up after you make your choice to help solidify what you really need. These final tips will help you maximize your badge ribbons and promotional ribbons.

*Tips and graphics provided by guest author Melanie Bunch, Graphic Artist at Coller Industries.*