How Do You Use Your Ribbons?

From holiday DIYs to corporate events, ribbons are perfect for almost any need.

But, we want to know more! What do you do with your ribbons?

Are there any particular ways you use a ribbon? From ribbon rolls to rosettes, every ribbon is essential in decorating, gifting and so much more. Here are our top nine ways to use ribbons.

award ribbons are perfect for conferences, fairs and all eventsConventions, Events & Festivals

No event is complete without ribbons! And events such as weddings and other parties prove that. From decorating tables to providing accessories for attendees, every event can find a use for ribbons. Use badge ribbons to identify your attendees. Or, use ribbon rolls so that everyone can show support for their cause or an awareness of a disease or issue.

Rosette ribbons are perfect for fairs and festivals. Give them out as awards and prizes. Or, use ribbon rolls to brand baked or homemade goods at a fair. A badge ribbon is a unique way to advertise a company or specific booth that needs help with marketing their product or service.

And, there are no limits with ribbon use at a convention! From identification to icebreakers and everything in between, find a ribbon to suit all of your needs.

Holidays, Presents & Sales

With Christmas and other holidays just around the corner, ribbons are sure to be seen everywhere. They will be poking out from under holiday trees wrapped around presents to make sure the receiver knows just who their gifts are from. Use a badge ribbon to make a unique gift tag.

custom top ribbons can be used for promotions and sales for the holidaysAnd, ribbons are frequently seen in stores as businesses prepare for holiday sales. Custom top ribbons are a perfect example. Take advantage of the full-color printing and create sales reminders and unique coupons for your business today. Or, place them around the store for hidden sale items and raffles.

Don’t forget the holiday decorations! From your home to any business, a custom ribbon is the perfect answer to any decorating need. Use them on door wreaths, festive garlands and so much more!

DIY, Crafting & Hobbies

use custom ribbons for handmade accessories and other DIYs, hobbies and craftsNo craft or hobby is complete without a ribbon. Take long ribbon roll pieces and make garlands to hang on your wall or a beam on the ceiling. Or, wrap ribbon around flower bouquets and centerpieces to make them fit any home or store decor. And, with so many options to choose from, pick a custom ribbon to match any color theme.

Do you have extra ribbon scraps left over from your last event or celebration? Make ribbon flowers and attach them to handmade bracelets, headbands, purses, shoelaces and almost any other accessory. Everything always looks so much better with ribbon!

We’re still interested in hearing from YOU! So, how do you use your ribbons?

Getting Your Ribbon Collection Organized

Is your craft room a mess and your ribbon collection an absolute disaster?

From Tic Tac containers to an old shoe box, people have been trying for a long time to control their ribbon collection. Short of actually buying a ribbon rack from the ribbon store (which typically are not available for purchase), here are some quick do-it-yourself tutorials to get you started on that path to organization.

store your ribbon collection in clear drawers and plastic binsDrawers and Plastic Bins

Most of us have a few boxes laying around with our ribbon collection trying to escape. Whether those are old shoe boxes or packing boxes, they still need some tender loving care. First things first, get those ribbons all out of their boxes and sort them. Go with colors, sizes or how much is left, it doesn’t matter at this point. And then, instead of slipping them back into the dark cardboard graveyard, give them a lovely new home with clear plastic bins. But, don’t forget to get our your trusty label maker and give those bins a bright, colorful reminder of what’s in them.

store your ribbon collection in Wire Baskets and CD OrganizersWire Baskets or Old CD Shelves

Whether you get new baskets from your favorite container store or you find something at a local yard sale, wire shelves and baskets are perfect for ribbon storage. And getting your ribbon collection organized is quick and painless with baskets. Just toss in all your ribbon rolls, and you’re good to go. Or use a DVD or CD wire rack to hold the slimmer rolls in place. Both options can either sit on a desk or attach to a wall.

store your ribbon collection on Rods, Rings and DowelsRods, Rings and Dowels

This old standby is a simple, yet effective way to organize any craft room. Use rods or rings and slip them through the middle of any ribbon roll and hang them on a wall or in a closet. Rings are perfect for displaying other ribbon types, such as badge ribbons or award ribbons.

Or, with a few basic supplies like foam craft board and small dowels, you can create a storage shelf. Using the same technique as the curtain rod, slide your ribbon collection onto these dowels and stick the box almost anywhere you have space.

store your ribbon collection in chip cans or oatmeal canistersPringles Cans

Needing a quick, yet fun way of getting those ribbons under control? Well, next time you finish that can of chips, make a slit down one side and stuff in your ribbons. Although, you may want to wipe out the can first, as to not get chip crumbs on all the pretty ribbons. Is the chip can not big enough? Use an oatmeal can or something similar instead.

store your ribbon collection using decorative molding shelvesDecorative Molding

Using pre-finished moldings, make little shelves for all of your ribbon and other crafting needs. While this project may take a bit more time, the effort is sure to pay off. The molding makes the shelf look like it’s part of your crafting room. And, paint them to match or accent the walls!


But, no matter what you decide to do, these ideas will be perfect or your ribbon collection storage!