9 Creative Ribbon Storage Ideas

Is storage an issue for your craft room?

Craft rooms don’t always have the right storage so can be cluttered with all of your ribbons, lace, scrapbook supplies, buttons and other items that we think you’ll use eventually. These items were probably purchased for other projects that ended up not using everything purchased or not using them at all. Instead of collecting piles and mounds of these leftovers in various spots around the room, here’s some quick ideas to help you get organized with your storage.


ribbon storage using a tension rod
ribbon storage using a basket
ribbon storage using a shoebox

1. Make tension rods your best friend.

This is probably the easiest way to get all those ribbon rolls organized into one storage space. And, it’s as simple as it sounds. Add a tension rod between two table legs or in a door way and simply slide each ribbon roll on to display. This is a great way to also measure out how much ribbon you might need and with a quick snip, you’re done!

2. A-tisket a-tasket, find yourself a basket.

Finding the right basket is the most daunting task of this project. Once you do find the basket simply find a small dowel that will fit through the holes on the sides of the basket. Secure it through the middle of each ribbon roll and through each end of the basket. As shown in the picture, the final step is to thread the end of each ribbon roll through a hole on the side of the basket. And, voilà, you’re done!

3. Not with a fox, but put them in a shoe box.

Here’s another easy project to wrangle all your ribbon rolls into one place. Either purchase a box, use an old shoe box that you can re-purpose, or give yourself a reason to go get that new pair of shoes. Whatever your choice, simply decorate the box however you want and find, or make, an elastic that will fit all the way around the bottom. Stack your ribbons inside and secure each end on one side underneath the elastic. Close the lid and it’s almost like decorating your craft room.


ribbon storage using a pant or skirt hanger
ribbon storage using canisters or jars
ribbon storage using a straw canister

4. Treat ’em like a pair of slacks and hang them up!

Another great way to store all those ribbon rolls but keep them handy is to hang them up. Find a skirt or pant hanger with multiple bars and simply slide them on. Typically these hangers have a swinging arm to add and remove rolls with. Use a push pin or a nail into your wall and hang it up!

5. Like time in a bottle, canisters work too.

Remember those old glass candy and cookie jars? You’ve probably wanted one for, like, forever! Why not splurge a little and finally get one. Use it to hold all your ribbon roll odds and ends. Wrap the ribbons around craft sticks or clothes pins or just stuff ’em all in. Not matter what, this storage idea will help your craft room look like a candy store in no time at all!

6. Store them with the straws.

Here’s another one to make you take a trip down memory lane. Remember those old straw canisters from the diners? Grab yourself one next time you’re at the store and make a pretty little display jar for your ribbon rolls.


ribbon storage using tic tac containers
ribbon storage using pencils and erasers
ribbon storage using rain gutters

7. Keep them “minty” clean and use an empty Tic Tac or mint container.

While this only works with smaller and skinnier rolls, ribbons can still be rolled up tightly and slid into an empty Tic Tac container. Simply curl a piece of ribbon and pop it inside the container, making sure to leave the tail end hanging out of the lid a little bit so you can pull on it to cut off the desired amount. And don’t forget to decorate the little boxes and make them your own.

8. Line them up, like ducks in a row, using pencils and erasers and put them in a drawer.

Again, this one is just as simple as it sounds. Take a pencil, can be any color or any kind (number two work the best) and add a large eraser to one end. Line up your ribbon rolls and shove that pencil right through the middle! Secure a second eraser to the other end and throw the bundle in a drawer or it’s own little box.

9. Plug up your gutters with ribbon rolls!

Instead of filling up a gutter with rain or leaves, mount them on the wall in your craft room and fill them with all those ribbon rolls. Paint or decorate them to match your décor or room color and hang them within reach to make the ribbon rolls easy to get to.

No matter your storage choice, keep your creative brain handy!
Do you have anything to add to this list?

Creative Ribbons: Animals

Ever wonder what people really do with all those ribbon rolls?

Here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing! Ribbon Animals!

When most people think of ribbon rolls, they consider wrapping presents or decorating for a party or some other function. Some people, however, think “what can I do with this that will really make it quirky?” Enjoy the following ribbon animals examples from people using this line of thinking.

making ribbon animals using ribbon rolls and other ribbons and decorations

By simply repeating a twist and bend pattern, some people have perfected making animals out of ribbons. While some of the animals, such as a fish, are simple patterns, others can be a little more intensive and intricate. From fouls to mammals to reptiles, ribbons are perfect for making any animal cute and precious.

While there are many tutorials online for ribbon animals, here are a few pictures to get any creative mind working at capacity.

making ribbon animals using ribbon rolls and other ribbons and decorations

And don’t let your mind stop there! What other animals can you think of to create using ribbon rolls? What about other types of ribbons as well? Throw in some badge ribbons or rosette ribbons and make that animal really one-of-a-kind. Use a rosette for a lion’s mane or maybe a bunch of badge ribbons all strung together to make a snake.

Don’t stop there! Make some of these wonderful animal creations to go with holidays. Turkeys for Thanksgiving, reindeer for Christmas, or use the cute bunny above for Easter.

making ribbon animals using ribbon rolls and other ribbons and decorations

And play with the colors too! Who says that a turtle has to be green? The one above is pink with white polka dots! So is this butterfly. Make lions purple or horses yellow. Change the colors of your thinking and let that creativity flow. Animal possibilities are endless.

Add your own flair with googly eyes or other accessories. Use buttons, lace, rhinestones or glitter; whatever your heart desires to truly make in your own.

Buttons and Ribbons Projects

How many of us have extra buttons laying around the house or a craft room?

buttons and ribbons projects from a craft room

From buttons, ribbon pieces, leftover lace, scrapbook supplies, and other items that we think we’ll use eventually, most craft rooms aren’t complete without a collection of odds and ends. These items were probably purchased for other projects that ended up not using everything purchased or not using them at all.

So, what do you do with all those leftovers? You can’t return them and you don’t feel right throwing them out. Do you recycle them or give them away? Nope, keep them! You might eventually use them, right?

Instead of collecting piles and mounds of these leftovers, throw them into your next project! From hair ribbons to bookmarks to jewelry, buttons and ribbons are great for any project.

Does someone you know have a birthday or other celebration coming up? Make them a homemade card with buttons and ribbons to acknowledge them on their special day. Follow up with a specialty ribbon medal made with those leftover pieces as a wonderful and personal gift.

Need to update your style? Take that old worn t-shirt out of the closet and add buttons and ribbon in complimentary colors to the hem or front, or back for that matter. Use your imagination for this project to truly make your wardrobe unique.

Need a great piece to put with that fabulous new outfit? Match ribbons and buttons together to make wonderful one-of-a-kind jewelry; from earrings to bracelets and everything in between.

Don’t know what else to use these odds and ends for? Create your own project, such as a button and ribbon bookmark or hair bows for your kids. Or simply wrap the next gift you give with colorful buttons and ribbons. Let your imagination dictate the direction you take, and remember “the sky’s the limit!”

Baby Shower Ribbons

Planning a baby shower shouldn’t be a daunting task, and it should be fun and exciting for the new mommy.

personalized ribbons for a baby shower custom ribbon rolls it's a boy it's a girlBaby shower planning should be fun and stress free. It doesn’t matter if the shower is for a large group of friends or a small family gathering. Make sure to pay attention to the following details for a smooth planning experience.

The first and most important detail is the baby shower guest list. Always consult the mommy-to-be about whom she would like to invite. She probably already has the whole list in her head. However, if the shower is meant as a surprise party, ask her closest friend or mother for help. Once the guest list is finalized and a date has been set, make sure that the invitations go out in plenty of time for those invited to make the shower part of their schedule and also to get an RSVP back to you.

baby shower invitations using personalized ribbon custom ribbon rollsThe next few planning areas can be done out of order, just make sure to have the invitations out before really getting in to these areas. Food should be at least a small portion of your planning. Again, check with mommy-to-be on what she wants. The menu can consist of items that pertain to the shower theme, but they do not have to. The best thing to plan for the menu should be several dishes and many of those should be finger food. Try having small finger sandwiches and a fruit tray. By having small, finger foods, there will be less clean up after the shower.

Once a baby shower theme has been decided upon, start planning the decorations and entertainment. Decorations can include a color theme. This is where the planning can really be fun. Order custom ribbon rolls in the theme colors and add text that indicates the baby’s name or gender. Ribbon rolls can be used to make wall decorations, hang them from the ceiling or attach to balloons. They can also be used to wrap around seating at the baby shower. Whatever you choose, make sure to be as creative as you like.

baby shower ribbons badge ribbons for guest favorsDon’t forget the best part of any shower! Creative favors for each of the guests are an absolute must for any shower. Make your shower favors extra special with personalized ribbons. Use those custom ribbon rolls to tie onto your favors, place cards or packages. Order badge ribbons to create special tags that can be tied to each favor. Each badge ribbon can be customized with a date, a name or anything else to send home as a thank you to each guest for coming.


No matter what you choose, make sure to have fun! And make sure the shower is done according to the mommy-to-be so she has fun too!

TOP 5: Holiday Ribbon Ideas

A simple how to list for personalized ribbon ideas during the holidays.

ribbon roll ornaments holiday ribbon ideasORNAMENTS CREATED FROM RIBBON ROLLS

All you need is a roll of ribbon and some imagination to work with these ribbon ideas! Wind your ribbon roll into small circles and secure with a pin. Or, fold them sections on top of each other to create ribbon candy. Make small Christmas trees or other shapes; securing each with a pin or a staple. Hang these from your Christmas tree with more ribbon or a paper clip.


What a great ribbon idea! Use that award rosette ribbon this year on your holiday wreath. Simply secure it in place of the traditional bow to add your own personal flair to your door or mantel.

custom badge ribbon gift tags holiday ribbon ideasTO/FROM TAGS FROM BADGE RIBBONS

We’ve covered this one before, but it’s such a great idea that we’re mentioning it again! Use badge ribbons with the message “To” and “From” imprinted. Simply fill in the names with a permanent marker and attach them to the respective presents with tape.


holiday ribbons and window displays of ornamentsHANGING DECORATIONS FROM WINDOWS

Make pretty and inviting decorations in your windows by hanging decorations and ornaments with ribbon rolls in your windows. Make sure to taper them to create a unique and fun look! Add tinsel or greenery to your display and finish off with a large hand-made bow. This is a great idea for those smaller windows that need that extra little touch.


Hosting Christmas dinner and need to make the table look extra special? Personalized ribbon rolls are a great way to accomplish this task. Wrap the silverware or napkins at each setting in holiday ribbon and bring your unique style to the table. Or use the personalized ribbon to tie around the centerpieces. There are many different ideas here!

Whatever your use this year, make personalized ribbons a part of your life!

And, from all of us here at Coller Industries, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Coller Industries