Spring and Summer Weddings Personalization

Roses and lace are traditional for bright spring and summer weddings, but the fun doesn’t end there. Personalized ribbons are the perfect finishing touch for your happy day, and you can customize everything to go with your colors and theme.

Spring and Summer Weddings with Personalized Ribbons

So, you have a venue and your guest list and have started thinking about everything else you need for your special day. But, have you started thinking about decorations? We’re here to help when it comes to the personalized details for your wedding. Start with custom ribbon rolls imprinted with your marriage date. Then throw in some badge ribbons to remind people to save that date. Finally, finish with other special touches using custom ribbons for your wedding day. And, don’t forget that name tags and other engraved products are just as memorable for your spring and summer weddings!

Spring and Summer Wedding Flowers = Ribbon Rolls!

Blue continuous print 5/8 inch single face satin ribbon roll for spring and summer weddings.

Flowers and ribbons are synonymous when it comes to any wedding. Use them along with the flowers or use them as an accent. Create a romantic and ornate bouquet by adding a trail of flowing personalized imprinted ribbons. Try wrapping these fun, versatile ribbons around vases filled with wedding flowers for a personal touch. Hang small flower bunches from tables and wall fixtures for a fun and festive feel.

From boutonnieres to the bridal bouquet, ribbon rolls enhance even the smallest flowers at a wedding. But, whatever the use, remember to customize the ribbon to match your wedding colors and theme. Add custom wedding details to your ribbons to complete the personalized look. Names, dates and personal information about the bride and groom are great additions.

Custom Badge Ribbons for Save the Date Reminders

Pinked top, custom badge ribbons for a save the date reminder for spring or summer wedding.

When you’re sending out announcements and inviting people to your wedding, it’s always helpful to send a save the date card. Often these cards are put on refrigerators or a cork board to catch attention and remind people about your special day. So, why not make the most out of these fun additions to your invitations?

Custom badge ribbons are a unique way to get people’s attention. Choose a color to match your wedding theme, then imprint names, dates, places and times so that your guests are ready when you are. You can also add fun graphics and other essential details about your wedding. Then, slip these ribbons into your invitation envelopes and get them in the mail. Remember, guests are more apt to appear at an event when they know you put some real thought and effort into inviting them. Remember to keep one for yourself and have it framed as a keepsake.

Custom Ribbon Rolls and Using all 100 Yards!

Victorian rose 3/8 inch single face satin ribbon roll.

Ribbon rolls are the most commonly used ribbon type. And, with several materials and tons of colors to choose from, we have something for every wedding. Satin ribbon is a gorgeous accent to any wedding decor. Or match two or more ribbon types and colors to create your unique wedding look. For example, you can highlight any graphics and text to show better by using a thicker, lighter color satin ribbon under a sheer organza ribbon.

As with all of our ribbons, personalize these rolls with wedding dates, names and other relevant information. Use the bride and groom’s names and wedding dates on a suitable ribbon color that matches the wedding theme. Using your wedding colors and a unique message will help express how special this day is to you.

And don’t forget all of the other decorations!

Chairs: Using personalized wedding ribbons on guests’ chairs at the reception is a great way to add decorations to any wedding. Make a large bow that can sit on the aisle chairs from any personalized ribbon.

Centerpieces: Centerpieces are a must for all spring and summer weddings. Your centerpieces should reflect your wedding colors and theme, from the simple to the complex. From simple candle accents to more elaborate centerpieces with flowers or balloons, custom ribbons are a must for a personalized look. Ribbon rolls are perfect for centerpieces and other essential decorations at weddings. Or, wrap vases and flowers with personalized ribbons for centerpieces on tables.

Even More: Candle holders are also a great and easy idea for a lovely centerpiece. Pair colors to match them to your wedding theme, and tie a simple bow around a glass votive candle holder. Give these cute candles as favors after the wedding.

Planning a wedding takes time and a lot of patience.

But, no matter how simple or lavish your wedding is, personalized ribbons will make any wedding unforgettable. Whatever your choice, remember that ribbon rolls are great, but not everything. So, use any personalized ribbon for your big day and make it one to remember!

Gifts and invitations are as traditional as they come, but ribbons have numerous uses at a wedding! Make this the wedding they all remember with all of your unique wedding ribbon ideas. Personalized ribbons make weddings absolutely perfect!

Need wedding ideas for a different season? Start here: Autumn Wedding Fever!

Fashionable Ribbons & Spina Bifida

Fashionable Ribbons and a donation to Spina Bifida Texas

From getting branding exposure to making ribbons fashionable and promoting products and services, giving back to the community is hugely beneficial for any business. But, it isn’t about what you get in return for your efforts. It’s about who you are helping.

And, here at Coller Industries, we understand that helping out in our community is fashionable. The best thing we get back when we give is the knowledge that we have helped someone. Investing in the community by donating our products is one of our best forms of marketing. But again, it isn’t just about the marketing possibilities; it’s about the people. So, no matter the need, every donation we make comes with the knowledge that what we do is important for everyone.

This Week’s Donation Spotlight: Spina Bifida Texas (SBTX)

Spina Bifida Texas and their FashionABLE programs

The mission of SBTX is to improve the lives of those affected by Spina Bifida and to promote its prevention through folic acid awareness. Our aim is to increase the quality of life of those with disabilities through our programs and resources. Our goal is to decrease the incidence of Spina Bifida through folic acid awareness. At Spina Bifida Texas (SBTX) we value community, education, and family.

Custom Badge Ribbons (Vertical)

Whether horizontal or vertical, these fashionable custom badge ribbons are perfect for any event. They make beautiful awards and also aid in recognizing and identifying sponsors, attendees and so much more. Use these vertical text and graphic ribbons and customize them to fit all of your event needs. Add nearly any text you need and even custom logos and graphics. Choose from a variety of fonts and ribbon and imprint colors to match your event’s theme or to add a pop of color to add to name badges and badge holders.

custom badge ribbons are a fashionable item to have at any event

Elizabeth Rivera, Project Coordinator for the SBTX FashionABLE event, provided this excellent description of the organization and event.

FashionABLE (as in “I am able”) is a one-of-a-kind program that started 12 years ago. SBTX partners high school design students with children who have disabilities. The high school students are tasked with creating a garment specific to the child’s needs. Children with physical disabilities and their families face challenges in many areas, and this is frequently true where clothing is involved. These children often have self-esteem issues, especially with their physical appearance as it may not be what society considers the ‘norm.’ Their bodies may not be proportional and finding clothing that fits is difficult.

Mobility issues require that many children use orthotics or prosthetics to assist them in their daily activities. These devices are often bulky, which also poses a problem when trying to find clothing. Many of these children have issues with fine motor skills and buttons and zippers sometimes become an obstacle when they try to dress independently. Some of the children are totally dependent on their caregivers for all their needs and finding clothing that is easily slipped on and off is sometimes difficult. Our program was developed to address these issues in an innovative way.

Creating a “FashionABLE” Community

Understanding our community needs teaches that no matter the setting, there are things to constantly focus on to keep it healthy. In order to help people feel that they belong somewhere, we support and manage these insights. And this comes with accepting each other and the diversity of those around you. This community understanding makes us responsible for those around us. This community responsibility not only aids those in need, but assists everyone influenced by any actions in that community. And, we think that is just like this organization: fashionable!

Donations are one way that makes us more responsible in our community. And, building trust in our community is not only a requirement but also the best way to maintain any community. This unified trust is why we, as a company, are always looking to help out in our neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Thank You and Happy New Year Wishes

As we come to a close of this great year, Coller Industries has to send a thank you to the most important aspect of our company: you, the customer.

custom rosette ribbon empire triple streamerWe have seen growth in our company in many ways, and we have many people to thank for that. First, we have made several changes to our website and as such it has made ordering even easier. And to aid in those changes, we have also seen growth in our inventory. We have started offering more fonts for our customers this year. These fonts have made ordering badge ribbons easier and give a better variety to meet everyone’s needs. We have also added several new rosette ribbons to our product line. Rosette Ribbons are a great way to show appreciation for someone’s hard work.

We have seen growth inside our company as well. We have a strong Customer Service Department who is ready and available to assist in any need a customer may have. They are a wonderful addition to our company. And, as customer service is our main goal, we want and need to make sure that our customers are happy with our products and that they match to the customer’s needs. Our Customer Service Department sees to that need and fulfills it with flying colors.

Production and Shipping also do a wonderful job with making sure all orders are produced and shipped appropriately and in a timely manner. Again, they assist with making sure that our customer’s needs are precisely met.

We have also seen growth in our Marketing and other departments. Marketing has made our name tag and name badge website fully mobile and is working on our other sites to make sure that you, as our customer, are highly satisfied with our quality and selection. And, as our first goal is to see that our customers are happy and satisfied with our products, we want to make sure that all needs are met when you are seeking personal identification products.

personalized ribbon rolls for thank you giftscustom ribbon rolls and wishing a happy new yearWe would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for an outstanding year! You are the reason we are in business and we want to acknowledge that. And with that thank you, we also wish you a wonderful and happy New Year!

TOP 5: Holiday Ribbon Ideas

A simple how to list for personalized ribbon ideas during the holidays.

ribbon roll ornaments holiday ribbon ideasORNAMENTS CREATED FROM RIBBON ROLLS

All you need is a roll of ribbon and some imagination to work with these ribbon ideas! Wind your ribbon roll into small circles and secure with a pin. Or, fold them sections on top of each other to create ribbon candy. Make small Christmas trees or other shapes; securing each with a pin or a staple. Hang these from your Christmas tree with more ribbon or a paper clip.


What a great ribbon idea! Use that award rosette ribbon this year on your holiday wreath. Simply secure it in place of the traditional bow to add your own personal flair to your door or mantel.

custom badge ribbon gift tags holiday ribbon ideasTO/FROM TAGS FROM BADGE RIBBONS

We’ve covered this one before, but it’s such a great idea that we’re mentioning it again! Use badge ribbons with the message “To” and “From” imprinted. Simply fill in the names with a permanent marker and attach them to the respective presents with tape.


holiday ribbons and window displays of ornamentsHANGING DECORATIONS FROM WINDOWS

Make pretty and inviting decorations in your windows by hanging decorations and ornaments with ribbon rolls in your windows. Make sure to taper them to create a unique and fun look! Add tinsel or greenery to your display and finish off with a large hand-made bow. This is a great idea for those smaller windows that need that extra little touch.


Hosting Christmas dinner and need to make the table look extra special? Personalized ribbon rolls are a great way to accomplish this task. Wrap the silverware or napkins at each setting in holiday ribbon and bring your unique style to the table. Or use the personalized ribbon to tie around the centerpieces. There are many different ideas here!

Whatever your use this year, make personalized ribbons a part of your life!

And, from all of us here at Coller Industries, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Coller Industries

Holiday Badge Ribbons

Take badge ribbons to a whole new level and use them during the holidays!

While there are many useful daily uses for badge ribbons, there are also fun uses for special occasions and holidays. Whether it’s for wrapping or giving, holiday badge ribbons are a great necessity for any holiday. And, knowing that the uses for badges ribbons is quite extensive, here is a small list as to how they can be used.

to from badge ribbon for the holidaysIDENTIFYING PRESENTS: Use holiday badge ribbons as your “TO/FROM” tags for all those colorful presents sitting under the Christmas tree. Each ribbon can be customized from several different colors and then imprinted with the simple text of “TO” and “FROM.” Simply tape these wonderful tags to your presents and use a permanent marker to give the recipient something fun to look at. These can also make wonderful keepsakes!

EXPRESSING IDEAS: Badge ribbons can be customized to reflect different sayings or uses. Have a colorful badge imprinted with different names for elves or other Santa helps. Use these holiday badge ribbons to express a simple quote or holiday thought for party attendees.

CRAFT PROJECTS: Use them as quick decorations or center pieces. Have a favorite holiday quote, song musing or thought imprinted on any color badge ribbon you want. Whatever your crafty idea, it can be as crazy and zany as you like!

holiday badge ribbonsFUN WORK USES: While having to work through the holidays may not always be the best way to spend your time, make it fun with badge ribbons. Create colorful and useful ribbons by highlighting specials and sales. Use them for name tags or name badges. Have holiday badge ribbons imprinted with “Holiday Sale” or “Gift Wrapping Available.” Or have the ribbon imprinted with something specific for your company or organization.

Whatever you use your festive and holiday badge ribbons for, make sure they represent you and your style. Give it your own flair and be as creative as you want! Remember that each ribbon will be great at drawing attention to a present or anything else it is attached to. Badge ribbons aren’t just for name badges and badge holders anymore!