Balloons & Creative Ribbons

Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding, no event is complete without balloons!

add personal details to ribbons and use them as streams for balloons while decoratingFrom simple accents to more elaborate centerpieces, custom ribbons and balloons are perfect for a personalized look. And, with tons of ribbon roll colors to choose from, we have something for everyone. Here are some creative ideas to get you started with decorating using your ribbons and balloons!

Ribbon Ties, Bows and Other Accents

use fun bright ribbon rolls to accent balloons you are decorating withUse fun, bright ribbons to secure balloons to a table or other decorative spot. Run a ribbon from the base of each balloon to the table and secure it with a piece of tape or by tying it around a balloon weight. These ribbons should complement or match the balloons so as not to detract from the rest of the decorations. Use multiple strands per balloon for added fun. Or tie pretty bows to the base of each balloon.

If you are hosting a wedding, add unique details to each custom ribbon such as names, dates and other bride and groom favorites. And, for birthday parties, use the recipient’s favorite colors to add accents to each balloon. But no matter what your event is, get creative in how you customize the ribbon rolls.

Get Creative!

Try draping sheer fabric over the top of the balloon and secure it to the base of the balloons with personalized ribbon. Or, wrap each balloon with a festive and personalized message. Need an elegant look? Layer two different ribbon types like organza and single face satin to make your colors and message pop.

use ribbon rolls and balloons to create unique decorations for your next eventDecorations can include a color theme. This is where the planning gets really fun! Order custom ribbon rolls in the theme colors and add text that indicates what your event is. Ribbon rolls can be used to make unique wall decorations by hanging ribbons from balloons to create a curtain effect. Or use this idea to accent a doorway or entrance to the party.

No matter how you use them, balloons are always a fun accessory for any party! And, now make them even more creative with personalized ribbon rolls.

A Complete Guide to Event Ribbons

From invitations to decorations, no event is complete without ribbons!

You can promote any event with custom and personalized ribbons. Imprinted ribbons prove over and over again to be valuable networking and marketing tools. They are also great for brand recognition. And, when choosing ribbons for your next event, there are several questions to consider.

finding the right ribbon for your next event choose from classic rosette and ribbon rolls

What type of ribbons are most commonly used during an event?

Your ribbon type choice depends on a number of things. First, ask yourself what your goal is. Why are you holding this event? The answers to these questions will provide you with what needs to be imprinted on your ribbon choice. It will also give you an idea as to which ribbons to choose.

For example, if you are throwing a birthday party, you would use different ribbon types than if you were to hold and awards banquet. Also, your ribbon message would be very different. For a birthday, you might choose a colorful ribbon roll with a “Happy Birthday” message. As for the awards banquet, a rosette ribbon with the words “First Place” would be a little more appropriate.

Who uses ribbons at an event?

Everyone! Don’t limit your thinking when it comes to using ribbons during any event. All ribbon types can be utilized at all events. The key here is to make sure the correct message is being displayed. Make sure that your color choice matches any theme you might have, and also the message doesn’t say “Condolences” during that awards banquet!

Rosette ribbons, classic ribbons and ribbon rolls are perfect for all events! The list of who would use one of these useful ribbons is endless. Many of these ribbons can be ordered as custom or stock and both have their benefits. With custom ribbons, text can be created to send any message the user wants.

Ribbons are also great for marketing, brand recognition and promotional tools. Call attention to sponsors, staff and more by giving them bright and functional ribbons to use on their name tag or conference tables.

So, no matter the ribbon type, we are sure you will find a use for each one at your next event!

3 Ways Ribbons Promote Your Brand

Promoting your brand successfully takes time, strategy and involves many different aspects of business technique. Why not make it a bit easier with custom and personalized ribbons?

use personalized ribbon rolls with your logo or company slogan for your brand awarenessThese ribbons are printed with your custom message and company logo. All of our high quality ribbons come in a variety of color choices and can be customized to meet your needs. Your company details or specific messages will be printed on ribbons of your choice. Promote your business with these innovative and decorative ribbons in a number of uses.

A popular way of promoting your brand is to give away promotional products and gifts. This can help you to build your brand recognition and increase sales. Don’t limit yourself on the types of gifts you give away. It can be something as simple as a homemade treat to an actual product sample. Just remember to brand it with your logo, company slogan or something that makes it truly yours. Use ribbon rolls with your slogan to wrap around boxes or gift bags.

Use ribbons for all occasions and needs!

use personalized rosette ribbons with your logo or company slogan for your brand awarenessAre you attending a trade show or convention in the near future? Ribbon rolls are a great way to brand your booth or table at these events. From simple table wraps to bows and ribbon walls, make sure your design stands out to those who are walking by. Rosette ribbons are also a great way to decorate your booth. Brand your company as “First Place” with a place rosette ribbon or choose something a little grander to get your message across.

What about the upcoming holidays? Thinking about corporate gifting yet? Don’t forget that one of the easiest ways to get your brand out there is by word of mouth. And what better way than to let your employees help you? Choose your holiday gifts and then wrap them in pretty ribbons with your logo all over them. Or choose a simple badge ribbon as a gift tag to do the trick.

Whatever your choice, custom ribbon is a fantastic marketing tool. And you can use it to increase your brand awareness.

Back To School Ribbon Edition

From new clothes to pens and paper, back to school needs are everywhere!

It’s that time of year again when parents are sending their kids back to school. Kids need all sorts of supplies to start the school year off right and prepared. We’re here to help the teachers and other educators get their supplies ready for back to school needs.

Choose from an abundance of ribbon selections to meet most any need you might face in the classroom. Here are some great suggestions for a few types of ribbons we carry.

multi color award ribbons for all you back to school needsMulti Color Ribbons

Any student will consider themselves lucky to get one of these. Show your approval of their work or simply help a student feel more confident about themselves. With bright themes and vivid colors, these ribbons are great for any classroom. Choose from an abundance of stock titles and achievements or create your own. Each ribbon can be ordered as a badge ribbon, with or without a fastener, or as an award ribbon with strings attached to the top for easy display.

Another great place to use these ribbons is at sporting events. Have a field day coming up, or a rally for back to school night, and needs awards for all the participants? Honor every student participating with a special ribbon printed with their achievement or other titles.

Another quick use for these wonderful, colorful ribbons is to give as a bookmark. Have them printed with a saying and image to make the really special. Give them at a back to school night or award them in class.

ribbon rolls for all you back to school needsRibbon Rolls

School spirit will be in abundance during all your back to school events. Why not through in some extra color and really get people involved? Not only that, but ribbon rolls are great for all ages and all uses! Choose a ribbon roll that matches your school colors and have the motto imprinted on it. These ribbons can then be used to decorate classrooms, the front office or the cafeteria for all your back to school activities.

They can also be given in strips to the student for bookmarks, simple recognition of attendance or pretty much anything else you can come up with. You’ll be surprised with how much you can actually do with a ribbon roll, so make sure you get a bunch.

Customize each one with your school name, motto, classroom rules and more. These ribbons will make back to school even better for all your students.

rosette ribbons for all you back to school needsRosette Ribbons

While we have suggested multi color ribbons for sporting events, these rosette ribbons will make any athlete feel special! Choose from stock rosette ribbons or custom ribbons for all your back to school needs. With these fancy ribbons, any participant in any event will feel they are a winner.


Whatever your choice and need, we definitely have the solution. And don’t feel limited by these suggestions. There are tons more things that you can do with each of these ribbons.