Using Personalized Wedding Ribbons

While wedding season is typically in June and July, that doesn’t mean the ideas stop flowing. Especially for planning all the details using your personalized wedding ribbons. Yes, typically personalized ribbons are used for adding detail to flowers and centerpieces, but here are a few extra ideas for using all of that personalized wedding ribbon. And, if you run out, you can always order more!

custom wedding ribbon roll used on wedding cakeDecorate that wedding cake!

It doesn’t matter how many tiers you have on your wedding cake, what matters is that it is special to you. By adding some personalized wedding ribbon around one, two, or more tiers on the cake, you can bring out that special meaning of your day. Make sure to order this ribbon in your wedding colors and add personalized information such as the date, names and maybe a fun phrase that means something special to both the bride and groom.

wedding aisle pew box personalized ribbon rollsWedding aisle decorations

Using personalized wedding ribbon on guest’s chairs is a great way to add decorations to any wedding. Make a large bow that can sit on the aisle chairs from any personalized ribbon. Using your wedding colors and a unique message will help to express how special this day is to you.

wedding cake server accents personalized wedding ribbon rollsWrap any utensils in personalized wedding ribbon.

Simply put, make these items special by adding your dated personalized wedding ribbon around the handles of the cake knife and server. Or, bundle the silverware for the wedding luncheon or dinner with personalized ribbon reflecting the bride’s and groom’s initials or the wedding date.

salt and pepper shaker accents personalized wedding ribbon rollsAnother fun idea, along this line, is to wrap the salt and pepper shakers or any other serving pieces with your personalized wedding ribbon. This adds to the table centerpieces and overall decorations.

party and shower favors personalized wedding ribbon rollsAdd personal flair to wedding favors or thank you gifts.

No matter what you’re sending home as a thank you for the hours spent on your special day, make it really personal with some added personalized wedding ribbon. Have the ribbon imprinted with a simple thank you, or add names, dates or any other suitable detail that will help a brides maid or even a guest remember your special day.

How To: Canning Jar Gifts

Is it time to start thinking about holiday neighbor or group gifts? If so, check out these great ideas! And don’t forget to personalize them!

Vanilla-Brown-Sugar-Scrub The Frugal Girls Gifts in a Jar
I-Love-You-to-Pieces The Frugal Girls Gifts in a Jar
Hot-Cocoa-Mix The Frugal Girls Gifts in a Jar
Reeses-Chocolate-Cookie-Mix The Frugal Girls Gifts in a Jar

Canning jars can be used for other things besides flower vases. As scary as it sounds, it is coming to the point of the year when people are starting to think of great group gifts for the upcoming holidays. (Dare one say Christmas?) One of these group or neighbor gifts can be to create large quantities of homemade recipes that only require adding minimal liquids or perishables to make yummy homemade treats. The benefits of making these is that not only do you get to let people sample your recipes, but their homes will start to smell of fresh baking for the holidays. Examples for these homemade canning jar gifts may include (but, of course, are not limited to): hot chocolate, wassail or chai mixes, candy in a jar, cookie or cake mixes, or even a good sugar or salt scrub.

And don’t forget that those canning jars don’t just decorate themselves! While a canning jar itself isn’t something spectacularly beautiful, by adding satin ribbon to compliment the contents of the canning jar, you can really create something special. Add a personalized ribbon with a “Thank You” or “Happy Holidays” and let that neighbor know you really care. Or, add any message you desire to your personalized ribbon.

So, don’t forget to throw in your own personal touch by adding embellishments to your canning jars. Not only are you sharing your recipe and the joy of homemade goodies with those around you, but you can also create your own personal flair with these gifts. Go to it; decorate those canning jars however you want! Just don’t forget to use some personalized ribbons to really make these wonderful gifts really special and memorable.

Using Ribbons and Flowers for Gifts

Make your flowers stand out with a personalized ribbon!

Due to the recent seasons being quite wet, there is now an abundance of flowers in nearby meadows, fields and gardens. Flowers are always a great idea to either bring into a home or give as a thank you or a just because gift. Once you choose the right flower, dress it up with some personalized ribbons!

From the beginning of recorded history, flowers have been assigned special meanings and significance. The symbolic use of a flower is mentioned in Egyptian inscriptions, Chinese writings, and in Greek and Roman mythology. Subtle and secret messages can be given by choosing a flower carefully. Flowers were used throughout history as a secret language that enabled people to communicate feelings that were not allowed at certain times and places. Other factors to consider when giving flowers include color and number.

Nowadays, it has become almost a norm to give flowers for certain occasions. Weddings still dominate this category, but they are good for funerals, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and many more. Once an appropriate flower is chosen, such as a bunch of a dozen red and white roses for your significant other on your anniversary, choosing the right ribbon is fairly simple.

When choosing the ribbon to match the flower bouquet, make sure that your colors compliment each other well. You don’t want to choose a bland ribbon color to go with bright flowers.

yellow gold single faced satin ribbon imprint pigment white with pink roses and flowerstropic blue single face satin ribbon imprint metallic ivy green with daisies and other flowersOne idea is to wrap the stems of pink roses with yellow or gold ribbon. When choosing the printing color, make sure that compliments the arrangement as well. Make sure your ribbon choice helps the flower colors to really pop and stand out.

For some flower bouquets, use a neutral color for your ribbon. Try a white or tropic blue with metallic green printing. Can’t decide how to personalize the ribbons to match a flower? Try using your name or provide a date that the present is being given upon. Or, use a short phrase or logo to really make them personal.

silver double face satin ribbon imprint pigment black with flowers in a glass

No matter what the occasion is, when the urge hits to give someone flowers, keep in mind to never just steal them from your neighbor’s garden! Put some thought into the arrangement and make it a personal gift that will mean something for a long time with thoughtful personalized ribbons.

Summer Reading: Ribbon Bookmarks

Getting Your Kids Excited About Summer Reading

Now that all the kids are out of school, what are you going to do with them? While your kids may have a favorite book or genre they like to read, many kids don’t like to read during the summer. And for many parents, this becomes a concern. So, how do we get them excited for reading during the summer? We all like our kids to stimulate their minds while on summer break from school. And it entertains them so we don’t have to!

Personalize your child’s reading experience with fun, creative ribbon bookmarks using customized ribbon rolls and your child’s creativity!

paperclips and ribbons bookmarksPAPERCLIP BOOKMARKS

Paperclip bookmarks are probably the fastest and easiest personalized ribbon bookmarks. Only two materials are needed for this craft. Simply, ribbon scraps and colored paper clips. Each child can pick whatever color combinations they want. Use one or multiple ribbons for this idea! Once the child has selected a paper clip and their ribbon, simply take a paperclip and, on the opposite end of where you slide it onto the page, slide a piece of ribbon through so that the paperclip is in about the middle of the ribbon scrap. Tie this into a knot and repeat this process with as many colors as you want. Once complete, the paperclip can be securely fastened to the page once the child has finished their reading for the day. This craft is especially useful for younger kids and it also teaches how to tie knots.

BUTTON BOOKMARKSbutton and ribbon bookmarks using an elastic hair tie

Button bookmarks may take a little more time and creativity and are great for older, more DIY children. Material needed for this craft include buttons, needle and thread, ribbon, and an elastic hair tie. The first step on this craft is to measure your ribbon. Make sure that the ribbon is about twice the length of the book you want to use it for. Then place the hair tie on the inside of one end of the ribbon and fold the edge over enough to cover the band. Sew, or use glue for younger children, this down to secure the hair tie. One the other end of the ribbon, fold the fabric down the same way you did on the previous end. This step needs to be included to prevent any fraying of the ribbon. Place the button on the outside of the folded edge, making sure to leave at least a finger’s width from the edge, and sew together. Again, you can use glue for younger children or as a quicker option, just make sure that the glue holds down the fold as well as the button. Once this craft is finished, wrap the bookmark through the book and attach at the front wrapping the hair tie around the button. This is a great personalized look as you can mix colors and ribbon sizes.

braided ribbon bookmarksBRAIDED RIBBON BOOKMARKS

Braided bookmarks are great for keeping hands busy for a while. These crafts are especially fun and unique as they teach hand-eye coordination as well as giving children a creative way to express themselves. The only material needed for this craft is two pieces of ribbon that are equal in length. This bookmark can have two colors or one. Start by taking one ribbon by the end and fold it back on itself to form a loop. Take the second ribbon and wrap one end around the base of the first ribbon’s loop, then tie it into a secure knot. Make sure to leave a short tail on each ribbon for the end of the bookmark. Note that the tails should be on the same side of the longest tail on the first ribbon. This step should also leave the length of the first ribbon hanging down. You should be able to gently pull on this longer tail to adjust the size of the loop. Once the knot is secure, form the second ribbon into a loop (just like the first loop you made) and thread it through the first loop and pull the first loop’s tail down to secure the second loop. Make sure to leave this as flat as possible and not bunched. If it becomes bunched, you are pulling the loops too securely. Now that you have completed this, the rest of the project just repeats itself from left to right. So, at this point you should have a loop on the right side. Pull the right hand ribbon through this loop and secure it down with the ribbon on the left. Now you should have a loop on the left side. Repeat this process until you have created a the braid as long as you want. To finish the bookmark, instead of forming more loops, pull one side of the ribbon all the way through to create a free end. Pull the other end up to match this one and finish with a simple overhand knot. Make sure this isn’t pulled too tightly or it will smash the final braid.