Grosgrain Leftovers & Ways to Use Them

Leftover ribbons are great, aren’t they? Especially when they are of the grosgrain variety!

use grosgrain ribbon leftovers for all sorts of homemade crafts and DIY projectsThese unique ribbons are a great way to add some depth to any homemade confectionery. Due to their unusual ribbed design, grosgrain ribbons are super fun to work with. From scrapbook page decorations to adding some character to a table runner, here are some fun and creative ways to use these textured ribbons.

Preserving Your Memories

From photo borders to pretty little flowers, grosgrain ribbons are a fun addition to any scrapbook. Line pages with these ribbons to create a bit of depth and character to your memories. Or, create little embellishments to add to each page in a memory book.

Other ribbon rolls are fun additions as well. Use satin ribbons for a refined touch, or use full color ribbons to remember specific details about different events. Remember to be as creative as you want when adorning your scrapbooks. Uniqueness is where it all lies.

Home, Office and Party Decor

use grosgrain ribbon scraps for DIY projects in your home or officeWhether it is for use in your home or elsewhere, grosgrain ribbons are sure to add character to any event or party. Use scraps of ribbon to decorate lamps and other fixtures around each room. Small ribbon strips are perfect for hanging pictures and greeting cards. And, with the ribbed design on a grosgrain ribbon, any embellishments are sure to stand out.

Or, spice up your office decor with ribbon flowers or other trinkets made from this fun ribbon. Add them to picture frames, mirrors and anything else your heart desires. Hang strips of ribbons leftover from fun events you have attended to remind you of the good times. Or, tape them around your computer monitor for a creative look.

Homemade Awards and Identification

grosgrain ribbons are perfect for homemade awards and other identification needsMake awards using personalized ribbon rolls fashioned into a lanyard with a candy bar attached at the end for a medal. Or create a fun lanyard for your keys or a name badge with grosgrain ribbons. They provide a different look for your identification needs.

But, no matter how you decide to use these fun, unique ribbons, remember to keep your imagination active. The possibilities are endless!

Have you created something fun and useful with grosgrain ribbon leftovers? Let us know in the comments.

Creative Ribbons: Wedding Ribbon Rolls

Ever wonder what people really do with all those ribbon rolls?

Here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing: wedding ribbons!

Time to bring out all those ribbon rolls again, and the project this time is weddings. Whether it’s for your wedding or a friends, ribbon rolls are at it again! You’ve incorporated these little gems into pretty much everything you’ve done for the wedding. From flowers to trinkets to decorations, these wedding ribbons are everywhere. Here’s a few more ideas to use up all those little strips still laying around.

While the traditional wedding throws rice or confetti at the departing couple, why not have something a little more clean up friendly? Create your own ribbon wands.double face satin ribbon wedding wands made from ribbon rolls

Such a simple project. Find a dowel that will comfortably fit an anyone’s hand. Each dowel can be painted to the wedding colors. Sand the dowels a bit so that there is nothing sticking out of them. Take the ribbon roll strips and trim them to the same size of the dowel. Choose as many as you want and secure them all to one end of the dowel. This can be done with either hot glue or adding a small screw to the end of the dowel.


single faced satin ribbon wedding ribbon rolls for bubble containersAnother great idea for sending off the couple onto their happy journey is bubbles. This one is especially a great idea if there are a lot of children, whether it be age or attitude, at the wedding. Find yourself some of those little bubble containers at a party store. Sometimes these come in colors or just clear. Either way, add paint, glitter or anything else to make it personal. Then secure a single strip from a ribbon roll around each container with a simple bow. What a unique and great way to provide trinkets for your guests to take home! You can even choose to add a little saying onto the container with a card or pen such as, “Blow bubbles of wishes, blow bubbles of fun, let’s cheer on the newlyweds as two lives become one!”

Double Faced Satin Ribbon and Rose Wedding BackdropThe final idea here is to take a bunch of the bridal flowers and secure them into curtain by hanging them from ends of strips of the ribbon rolls. Colors are especially fun on this one as you can make a great statement with all the colors of the rainbow or stick to the wedding colors.

Whatever your choice to finish up those ribbon rolls, make sure it fits with the mood of your wedding!

Lace and Ribbons

While it may seem an especially effeminate topic, ribbons and lace go hand-in-hand quite often.

From ribbon pieces, leftover lace, scrapbook supplies, and other items that we think we’ll use eventually, most craft rooms aren’t complete without a collection of odds and ends. Instead of collecting piles and mounds of these leftovers, throw them into your next project! From hair ribbons to party invitations to jewelry, ribbons and lace are great for any project.

In an attempt to follow the trend of last week’s post, here are some ideas to use up that scrap lace and ribbon rolls.

ribbon rolls and lace for party or shower invitations
ribbons and lace for hair bows, head bands and jewelry items like necklaces and bracelets
ribbons and lace on wedding cakes also use for baby showers and other events
ribbons and lace pew decorations wedding and party decorations

Use them as clothing embellishments

Have an old t-shirt that you can’t seem to get rid of because, “I’ll wear this again someday.”? Try updating the look with ribbon, lace and whatever other embellishments you have on hand. Form a collar using lace pieces and weave a colorful ribbon through the ends. Or, take that ribbon roll and form a fun and flattering pattern over the front, or back, of the shirt. Don’t stop at shirts, update pants, skirts and any other clothing item you might want to experiment on.

Use them as jewelry or hair accessories

Chalk it up to traditional or basic, but ribbons and lace look fabulous in your hair or worn around your neck. Braid a small ribbon into your hair, wrap either one around a head band for a quick and cute look for your evening out. Or, find some beads and create a one-of-a-kind statement jewelry piece to match that shirt you just updated!

Use them for gift wrap or cards and invitations

What a classy way to dress up any party invitation or wrapping paper. Whether for a bridal shower or just a friendly gift, tie it up with a piece of lace and some brightly colored ribbon. Need it to be extra special? Order custom ribbon rolls with names, dates or other wording to really hit home how personalized this gift really is. The receiver will be ecstatic about the gift or invitation!

Use them in decorating

Here’s an idea that is as traditional as they get. Ribbon rolls are great for decorating windows or using for wall hangings. They are perfect to wrap around candles or other items for centerpieces for weddings, parties or other fun festivities. Or, wrap that ribbon delicately around the base of each tier on a cake. And make it even more special by adding pieces of lace throughout all the decorations!

Whatever your idea, simple or complex, ribbons and lace is a classic look that is always welcome!

Baby Shower Ribbons

Planning a baby shower shouldn’t be a daunting task, and it should be fun and exciting for the new mommy.

personalized ribbons for a baby shower custom ribbon rolls it's a boy it's a girlBaby shower planning should be fun and stress free. It doesn’t matter if the shower is for a large group of friends or a small family gathering. Make sure to pay attention to the following details for a smooth planning experience.

The first and most important detail is the baby shower guest list. Always consult the mommy-to-be about whom she would like to invite. She probably already has the whole list in her head. However, if the shower is meant as a surprise party, ask her closest friend or mother for help. Once the guest list is finalized and a date has been set, make sure that the invitations go out in plenty of time for those invited to make the shower part of their schedule and also to get an RSVP back to you.

baby shower invitations using personalized ribbon custom ribbon rollsThe next few planning areas can be done out of order, just make sure to have the invitations out before really getting in to these areas. Food should be at least a small portion of your planning. Again, check with mommy-to-be on what she wants. The menu can consist of items that pertain to the shower theme, but they do not have to. The best thing to plan for the menu should be several dishes and many of those should be finger food. Try having small finger sandwiches and a fruit tray. By having small, finger foods, there will be less clean up after the shower.

Once a baby shower theme has been decided upon, start planning the decorations and entertainment. Decorations can include a color theme. This is where the planning can really be fun. Order custom ribbon rolls in the theme colors and add text that indicates the baby’s name or gender. Ribbon rolls can be used to make wall decorations, hang them from the ceiling or attach to balloons. They can also be used to wrap around seating at the baby shower. Whatever you choose, make sure to be as creative as you like.

baby shower ribbons badge ribbons for guest favorsDon’t forget the best part of any shower! Creative favors for each of the guests are an absolute must for any shower. Make your shower favors extra special with personalized ribbons. Use those custom ribbon rolls to tie onto your favors, place cards or packages. Order badge ribbons to create special tags that can be tied to each favor. Each badge ribbon can be customized with a date, a name or anything else to send home as a thank you to each guest for coming.


No matter what you choose, make sure to have fun! And make sure the shower is done according to the mommy-to-be so she has fun too!

Valentine Ribbon Uses

You might be saying to yourself, “Wait! I thought the holidays were over!” But, here comes another one! And what a great way to use some of that left over red and white scrap ribbon! So, pull yourself together and gather all your creativity onto the table. Bring it on… bring on Valentine’s Day!

Simple projects for just about anyone.

ribbon roll used to wrap valentine flowersLet’s just get this idea out of the way. Super quick, grab a good length of leftover ribbon roll (red or white to match the season) and wrap that perfect gift for your special someone. This could be a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a quick box of chocolates. By adding the ribbon, it shows how much you really care.


Got kids? Do they need Valentine cards for classes at school? Here are a few quick ideas to use up those ribbon scraps.

Idea one – While this doesn’t really use ribbon scraps, it could still be fun! Order badge ribbons with a cute phrase and your child’s name. Then when the time comes, each recipient child will have a unique memoir.

ribbon roll used with paint chip sample cards for valentine cards and bookmarksIdea two – At some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all ended up needing paint for something. Remember those paint chip sample cards? Go grab a bunch of those and either punch hearts into them or buy stickers to simply decorate for the kids in your child’s class. Once decorated, use that scrap ribbon roll to tie streamers to the top of the paint chips. These fun and unique Valentine Cards can now be reused as a bookmark.


ribbon rolls and cupcake liners used to make rosette ribbons for valentine's dayIdea three – When was the last time you really used all of the baking cups for cupcakes or muffins? Have any left over? Stack a couple of these together, cutting and trimming some of them, to create a stacked look. Use a fun sticker for the middle of this fun rosette ribbon. Once completed, each rosette still needs the streamers. Use those ribbon roll scraps and attach a couple to the bottom of each rosette. These can now be attached to a piece of card stock or given as is.


While these ideas are to use leftover ribbon pieces you might have, don’t hesitate to order new ribbon rolls, rosette ribbons or badge ribbons to meet your needs. Be creative and, most importantly, have fun!