Improve Your Event Using Ribbon Rolls

By paying attention to small details, such as ribbon roll use, you can improve your event success.

full-color ribbons are a great tool to improve your event and branding

Organizing an event can be stressful, but concise planning and paying attention to even the slightest of details will help make any event successful. And, using personalized ribbon rolls is a surefire way to get your event planning rolling. From full-color ribbons to softer organza ribbons, we definitely have the right ribbon to improve your event. Customizing the right ribbon to suit your specific event is essential and can make all the difference in achieving your planning goals.

Imprint, Full-Color & More: Tips to Improve Your Event

Ideally, a ribbon will improve your event because of the imprinting choices. This customization, while seemingly simple, must involve reflection and planning. For example, if you are holding an award banquet to honor a distinguished guest in your area, you want to make sure that your ribbon rolls reflect the appropriate message. Also, make sure to use a uniform ribbon color that either falls in line with your company or matches a theme so as not to isolate individuals.

From dates and themes to donor’s names and other personalized aspects, these ribbon rolls will only improve your event when used appropriately. The imprinting on these ribbons should be a theme, motto or other useful text that will go with the event’s purpose. And, again, make sure the color matches the message.

Ribbon color is a huge part of your event planning. Make sure your ribbons complement your other decorations and overall theme. Using bright orange and yellow ribbons at an event featuring safety awareness is extremely effective. However, the same colors may not be appropriate at a black and white gala. And remember that it isn’t just about the ribbon colors. Make sure that your imprinting color choice will show up, especially from a distance.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Make sure that everything on your ribbon roll choice will be legible. And, get the correct ribbon size so that your message will be seen and not lost in the ribbon decoration. Carefully consider what you want to have showing on each ribbon display. And, most importantly, remember that a bow will not show the same information as a chair or wall embellishment ribbon.

Some people order several ribbon types to accomplish multiple tasks at an event. While a fatter ribbon will adequately display the imprinting on a bow, a narrower ribbon may show the same information when used as a straight ribbon decoration. And, favor printing works differently than continuous print. (Find out more here.)

some ribbons will improve your event better than others, like this satin ribbon roll wrapped around silverware

From table centerpieces to picture perfect selfie props, colorful imprinted ribbons are the ideal accessory. Even wrap them around cutlery for summer picnics or a more formal corporate dinner. And, they are perfect for tying up a small bag of goodies for each person to take home. At that point, your event has even more power because the friends and family of each attendee will be able to see your message on these ribbons.

From colors to materials, not every ribbon is right for every event. But, personalized ribbons are here to improve your event.

When chosen correctly, these custom ribbon rolls are sure to make your event one to remember. And, no matter what you decide to use for your decorating, make sure that your imprinting choices match your ribbon choice. Printing on satin versus grosgrain and even organza will always show up differently. Remember to watch your text and image choices when selecting your ribbons.

A Complete Guide to Event Ribbons

From invitations to decorations, no event is complete without ribbons!

You can promote any event with custom and personalized ribbons. Imprinted ribbons prove over and over again to be valuable networking and marketing tools. They are also great for brand recognition. And, when choosing ribbons for your next event, there are several questions to consider.

finding the right ribbon for your next event choose from classic rosette and ribbon rolls

What type of ribbons are most commonly used during an event?

Your ribbon type choice depends on a number of things. First, ask yourself what your goal is. Why are you holding this event? The answers to these questions will provide you with what needs to be imprinted on your ribbon choice. It will also give you an idea as to which ribbons to choose.

For example, if you are throwing a birthday party, you would use different ribbon types than if you were to hold and awards banquet. Also, your ribbon message would be very different. For a birthday, you might choose a colorful ribbon roll with a “Happy Birthday” message. As for the awards banquet, a rosette ribbon with the words “First Place” would be a little more appropriate.

Who uses ribbons at an event?

Everyone! Don’t limit your thinking when it comes to using ribbons during any event. All ribbon types can be utilized at all events. The key here is to make sure the correct message is being displayed. Make sure that your color choice matches any theme you might have, and also the message doesn’t say “Condolences” during that awards banquet!

Rosette ribbons, classic ribbons and ribbon rolls are perfect for all events! The list of who would use one of these useful ribbons is endless. Many of these ribbons can be ordered as custom or stock and both have their benefits. With custom ribbons, text can be created to send any message the user wants.

Ribbons are also great for marketing, brand recognition and promotional tools. Call attention to sponsors, staff and more by giving them bright and functional ribbons to use on their name tag or conference tables.

So, no matter the ribbon type, we are sure you will find a use for each one at your next event!

How To: The Best Ribbon Cutting Ever

Have you ever wondered where someone in charge of a grand opening or ground breaking gets that GIANT “Grand Opening” ribbon for the ribbon cutting?

Summer is here which means construction is all around us. This can only mean one thing: there will be new businesses in your area soon! And what comes with these new businesses is grand openings and all the pomp and circumstance that goes with them. From a ribbon cutting to free stuff, we’ve all been guilty of attending at least one of these in our lives.

ribbon cutting using continuous event ribbon rollsThese ribbon cutting ceremonies can be anything like a store reopening after a remodel, an open house for new residential areas and even a groundbreaking at a local park or other public recreation area. No matter the event, these larger ribbons are a great item to have around.

So, now the question remains, where did they get that ribbon? This makes your first step to find that ribbon!

Full Color Ribbon Rolls are probably the best way to get this accomplished. While there are several other choices in multiple ribbon colors and imprint colors, full color will come with the widest option. While most ribbon rolls are typically an inch or less in width, Coller Industries does offer four inch to six inch ribbons as well. These ribbon rolls can be formed into bows, wrapped around gifts, used as table decorations, or pretty much anything else as there are so many uses for them.

event ribbon rolls for grand openings and ribbon cuttingEach grand opening ribbon roll typically is printed onto a color that corresponds with the colors of the company, location or event. From blues with imprint that simply reads “Grand Opening” to this full color option that can be printed with images, logos and text, the sky’s the limit! Choose to print the company’s logo or name on the ribbon, or be a little more creative and make the ribbon as unique as the event.

Now the only thing you need is a pair of those gigantic scissors!

greenline bluffdale utah grand opening ribbon cutting Photo Credit Alisha Copfer 2011

Finding the Right Ribbons for Your Event

It doesn’t matter what event you’re planning, we have ribbons to meet your needs!

From weddings to parties to corporate meetings, event ribbons come in handy for all situations. Whether it is for providing identifying titles or awards or simply to decorate for that company party, choosing an appropriate ribbon may not always be an easy task.

Here is a quick guide to help you make that important decision:

choosing ribbons for your event badge ribbons for titles and awards

choosing ribbons for your next event full color badge ribbons

Badge Ribbons are great for those identifiers. Attach these simple ribbons using the adhesive strip to name badges and name tags to show who is who at a corporate event. Use titles such as president, secretary, staff and so many more. Also use these as achievement ribbons by using titles like sponsor, alumni, delegate or pretty much anything else. Badge ribbons are a great tool to use at events like corporate meetings or conventions. Order in-stock titles or create your own imprinted message.

Multi-Color Ribbons are the most versatile. These can be used as bookmarks, awards, badge ribbons and even corporate branding pieces. Each chosen ribbon is printed in bright full colors and can contain any message, graphic or image that your event needs.

choosing ribbons for your next event ribbon rolls award ribbons achievments rosette ribbonsOther Imprinted Ribbons include custom text and graphics. Use these ribbons as badge ribbons or use them as awards at your event. Each imprinted ribbon can be imprinted with your special message. Use graphics and text to make these ribbons unique. Award Ribbons fall into this group and can be ordered as in-stock placements or personalized to meet your needs.

Ribbon Rolls are perfect for decorations. Use these to dress up tables, walls and other fixtures at your next event. Personalize each ribbon with the date, event theme or any other custom message. Ribbon rolls are great for adding character or branding to conferences, meetings or parties. Tie them around chairs or table centerpieces to emphasize your company or brand.

Rosette Ribbons are not only for awards! While awards are perfect on a rosette ribbon, each ribbon choice available can be customized to meet any need. Use these for unique decorations during your next event. Replace the average bow on a present or party favor with a rosette.

No matter your event, from parties to corporate, we have the ribbon you’re looking for!

Lace and Ribbons

While it may seem an especially effeminate topic, ribbons and lace go hand-in-hand quite often.

From ribbon pieces, leftover lace, scrapbook supplies, and other items that we think we’ll use eventually, most craft rooms aren’t complete without a collection of odds and ends. Instead of collecting piles and mounds of these leftovers, throw them into your next project! From hair ribbons to party invitations to jewelry, ribbons and lace are great for any project.

In an attempt to follow the trend of last week’s post, here are some ideas to use up that scrap lace and ribbon rolls.

ribbon rolls and lace for party or shower invitations

ribbons and lace for hair bows, head bands and jewelry items like necklaces and bracelets

ribbons and lace on wedding cakes also use for baby showers and other events

ribbons and lace pew decorations wedding and party decorations

Use them as clothing embellishments

Have an old t-shirt that you can’t seem to get rid of because, “I’ll wear this again someday.”? Try updating the look with ribbon, lace and whatever other embellishments you have on hand. Form a collar using lace pieces and weave a colorful ribbon through the ends. Or, take that ribbon roll and form a fun and flattering pattern over the front, or back, of the shirt. Don’t stop at shirts, update pants, skirts and any other clothing item you might want to experiment on.

Use them as jewelry or hair accessories

Chalk it up to traditional or basic, but ribbons and lace look fabulous in your hair or worn around your neck. Braid a small ribbon into your hair, wrap either one around a head band for a quick and cute look for your evening out. Or, find some beads and create a one-of-a-kind statement jewelry piece to match that shirt you just updated!

Use them for gift wrap or cards and invitations

What a classy way to dress up any party invitation or wrapping paper. Whether for a bridal shower or just a friendly gift, tie it up with a piece of lace and some brightly colored ribbon. Need it to be extra special? Order custom ribbon rolls with names, dates or other wording to really hit home how personalized this gift really is. The receiver will be ecstatic about the gift or invitation!

Use them in decorating

Here’s an idea that is as traditional as they get. Ribbon rolls are great for decorating windows or using for wall hangings. They are perfect to wrap around candles or other items for centerpieces for weddings, parties or other fun festivities. Or, wrap that ribbon delicately around the base of each tier on a cake. And make it even more special by adding pieces of lace throughout all the decorations!

Whatever your idea, simple or complex, ribbons and lace is a classic look that is always welcome!