3 Easy Decorating Tips for Any Wedding

From centerpieces to the cake, decorating for a wedding is fun.

Personalized ribbons pair perfectly with any event. And that includes a wedding! Use custom ribbons on your party favors, for your invitation cards, and, of course, in all of your decorating.

single face satin ribbon rolls used for decorating flower arrangementsCustomize ribbon rolls with the bride and groom’s names, the wedding date and any other details about the day. Or choose a romantic phrase such as Forever Begins Today or True Love Is The Greatest Adventure. Match the ribbons to the wedding theme by choosing colors that either match or complement them.

One thing to take into consideration when getting ribbon rolls for your wedding decorating is the size of the ribbon. Wider ribbons are used to decorate cakes, tables and chairs. Use skinnier ribbons for centerpieces, flowers and party favors. So, make sure to pick the width that best matches what your needs are. And don’t be afraid to mix the widths to create a unique creation in your decorating.

ribbon rolls used in decorating chairs at a weddingTables, Chairs and Walls

From ribbon backdrops to simple table centerpieces, personalized ribbons are perfect for all your decorating needs. Spice up a photo booth with colorful, custom ribbons. Add a unique flair to tables with cheerful and detailed ribbons tied around candle holders or even silverware.

Make seating arrangements with specially made ribbons for the bride and groom. Or wrap ribbons around the back of all the seats for a more traditional approach. Drape ribbons across or around each table for added charm.

ribbon rolls are perfect for party favors and other decorating at a weddingEveryone enjoys a thank you.

Party favors are extremely popular with wedding guests. And, making these gifts part of your decorating adds a unique charm. Wrap ribbon rolls around small bags of goodies or a box with a special treat. Or, use other custom ribbons a bit more creatively. Use full-color ribbons for a fun keepsake. Add pictures or graphics to make these ribbons something special and give them to attendees, so they remember your special day.

use custom ribbons for decorating with flowers at a weddingAnd, of course, a wedding isn’t complete without flowers!

From boutonnieres to the bridal bouquet, ribbon rolls enhance even the smallest flowers at a wedding. Add custom wedding information to any ribbon for your personalized look. Create a romantic and ornate bouquet of flowers by adding a trail of flowing personalized ribbons. Wrap flower stems with your color and fabric choice. Hang small flower bunches from tables and wall fixtures for a fun and festive feel.

Planning a wedding takes time and a lot of patience. But, no matter how simple or how lavish your wedding is, personalized ribbons will make any wedding unforgettable.

Creative Ribbon Flowers and Roses

Who needs a garden when you can have flowers all the time?

Spring is in the air, and flowers are blooming everywhere. But, if you’re like me, you want flowers all year long. So, here is a quick ribbon tutorial to make some bright, fun flowers that will last a very long time.

use grosgrain ribbon rolls to make creative flowers for your homeSimple Loop Daisies

These fun flowers can be as bright or as mellow as you want them. Choose anywhere from one to three or four colors when you create this masterpiece. These particular flowers were made from 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbons.

Cut each ribbon to your desired length remembering that exterior colors will need to be longer than the inside ones. Using a needle and thread, start sewing these ribbons into small loops. Start by stacking your ribbons with one end of each ribbon lined up square with the others. Once this is done, push your needle through. Then, line up the other ends to create your loop. Repeat this process until you have eight to ten loop sets finished.

Once you have these done, remember to tie off the ends of the thread. Then, apply a little dab of glue to connect the two ends to form the flower. If you want, add a button or other accent piece to the top of the flower to embellish it to your taste!

Knotted Chrysanthemums

use double face satin ribbon rolls to make pretty flowers for decorationsThis flower will use about 24 ribbon strips. How full your flower will be is dependent on the ribbon width and length. Start by placing a knot in the middle of each ribbon strip. You can make the knots as loose as you want. Remember that the tightness of the knots will make your flower vary in appearance.

Once each ribbon strip has a knot, form them into loops and either sew or glue them together. Sewing will allow for shaping once the flower is all put together. Continue sewing each ribbon strip to the others until you reach the desired look. And, when that is finished, add any center embellishment you wish.

Ribbon Roses

satin ribbons make pretty roses and other flowersOne of the easiest ways to turn a strip of ribbon into a flower is with this rose tutorial. Start with about two feet of ribbon roll. Use a running stitch along one end of the snipped ribbon and down one side of the ribbon the full length. Finish the stitch by running it along the other end and tie your thread off.

Once this is done, tie one ribbon end into a knot and carefully gather the ribbon together around this knot. Then, hold the knot in one hand and wrap the rest of the ribbon length around it. Arrange the folds and petal shapes into the desired effect and sew the bottom of the rose together so it will hold its shape.

Finishing Touches

Add stems to each of these ribbon flowers and put them in a decorative vase to display in your favorite place. Or, add a clip to the back and wear them in your hair or on a lapel. How about using them as table scatter? No matter your choice, each flower is sure to find its place in your home and your heart!

Flower Bouquets and 4 Easy Ways to Tie Them

From school dances to weddings, personalized ribbons and flower bouquets are almost synonymous.

No matter the occasion, flowers wrapped with ribbons are a great accessory! Adding flair and dressing up bouquets may seem like a daunting task. However, with these simple ideas, you can make any floral arrangement even more elegant than you thought possible. From tying simple bows to wrapping long stems together, these ideas are perfectly paired with personalized ribbons.

using single face satin ribbon to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsSimple Knot or Bow

It’s amazing what a simple bow can accomplish! From a simple floral arrangement with only a few flowers to an abundance of flowers and other additions, a small bow will make any bouquet perfect. And, there are multiple ways of presenting this simple bow. Use a small and simple ribbon tied around the bulk of the bouquet stems. Or, layer several ribbons together. Organza and satin faced ribbons are great for this effect.

using custom ribbon rolls to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsWrapped Stems

Make your flowers perfect with custom ribbon rolls! Start at the top of the stems and simply wrap a ribbon around your bouquet or boutonniere stems from top to bottom. Yes, it’s just as easy as it sounds! Once you have the stems wrapped secure the ribbon with a simple tuck or glue it down. Wrapping stems is an elegant way to make your bouquet a bit more formal. This tying method is commonly used for wedding bouquets.

Integrated Ribbons and Flowers

Start this tying method by cutting strips from your custom ribbon rolls. Then, work these strips into the bouquet. Arrange them however you want to make your bouquet even more unique. Once you have worked in all the ribbon strips you want, secure the flower stems with another ribbon strip tied around them. Make this method even better with multiple colors or ribbon types. And, once you have the stems secured, tie multiple bows or weave the ribbons together around the bouquet.

using long streamers to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsLong Flowing Streamers

Currently, floral cascades are trending in the wedding industry. Try taking this lovely idea to the next level with long flowing ribbon streamers to match the length of your bouquet. From delicate ribbons such as organza to flowing lengths of satin faced ribbons, customize these rolls with dates, names and any other important information about your special day. They will make a stunning difference and truly make your bouquet perfect.

Make sure your ribbons match your bouquet!

No matter the method you choose for tying your perfect bouquet, make sure you choose the right color as well. Each ribbon roll option comes with multiple color choices that will match nearly any floral arrangement you can imagine. And, don’t forget to make sure you customization matches your needs as well!

Finishing Touches: Wedding Kissing Balls

Kissing balls, also known as pomanders, are perfect for an alternative bouquet for bridesmaids.

how to make kissing balls or pomanders with personalized ribbonsTraditionally, kissing balls came from England during the Middle Ages. They are a symbol of goodwill. They were hung over doors to welcome visitors and celebrate Christmas. However, these decorations eventually became a symbol of romance and eventually became a favorite wedding tradition.

Use these hanging floral arrangements to dress up the aisle at your wedding. Or, use them as an alternative bouquet for flower girls and bridesmaids. Some brides even opt for using pomanders as a bridal bouquet. They are also beautiful when arranged from a doorway or arch.

And, pomanders are easy to make with silk flowers, fresh flowers, or even from tissue paper.


First things first, make sure to have all your materials gathered! You will need:

Foam Ball
Flowers (you can use real or artificial)
Personalized Ribbon
Wooden Skewer or knitting needle
Hot Glue

how to make kissing balls or pomanders with personalized ribbonsNow, the assembly!

Gently push the skewer through the top of the foam ball. This action will cause it to go in one side of the ball and out the other. Once this is done, thread the personalized ribbon through the ball using the skewer or a knitting needle.

Next, gather all the flowers without stems together. You will need roughly 38 flowers to cover a 4 inch ball. Put a dab of hot glue on the base of the flower and gently push it into the foam ball. Repeat this step until you cover the ball in flowers.

Play with colors and layout with different flower types. We also added some extra ribbon among the flowers for a personalized touch. You can also add additional details like beads or crystals in between the flowers. Or add another decorative piece at the center of each flower. By using artificial flowers, these balls will last a very long time.

Kissing balls made with real flowers are just as easy to make. Make sure to use a floral foam ball instead of Styrofoam. Cut each flower with about a one-inch stem to insert into the ball. Be gentle so as not to damage the flowers. And, keep in mind when using fresh flowers that the pomander will not keep as long and should be used within a couple of days of making them.

4 Easy Ideas to Make Any Wedding Perfect

Using custom ribbons for wedding decorations favors and any other detailsPlanning a wedding?

Here are a few fun ideas to get you started or just put on the finishing touches.

Using custom ribbons for wedding decorations favors and any other detailsFlowers

Flowers and ribbons are pretty synonymous when it comes to weddings. Custom ribbon rolls are a perfect addition to any flower arrangement. Use them along with the flowers or use them as an accent. Whatever the use, make sure to customize the ribbon to match the wedding colors and theme. Add personal information such as names and dates to make the ribbons stand out.

Use custom ribbon rolls to wrap around the stems of flowers. Use these for decorations or bouquets for bridesmaids and the bride. Other ideas for ribbons with flowers can include a loop of ribbon incorporated into the boutonnieres for the groom’s men and groom. Try adding wrapping these colorful and unique ribbons around vases filled with wedding flowers for a personal touch.

Centerpieces and Decorations

From simple candle accents to more elaborate centerpieces with flowers or balloons, custom ribbons are a must for a personalized look. With tons of colors to choose from, we have something for everyone. Add unique wedding details to each custom ribbon such as names, dates and other bride and groom favorites.

And, don’t forget the decorations! From ribbon curtains at the welcome table and table runners to balloon streamers and quirky photo sharing ideas, personalized ribbons are definitely the way to go. Make this the wedding they all remember with all of your unique wedding ribbon ideas.

Using custom ribbons for wedding decorations favors and any other detailsGuest and Party Favors

Give your guests and attendees something special to take home with them. It will help them remember your special day. And, what better way to leave an impression than with personalized ribbons. Wrap ribbon rolls around small bags of goodies or a box with a special treat. Or, use other custom ribbons a bit more creatively. Use full-color classic ribbons for a fun keepsake. Add pictures or graphics to make these ribbons something special and give them to attendees, so they remember your special day.

Don’t forget the cake!

It doesn’t matter how many tiers are on the cake, what is important is that it is special to you. By adding some personalized wedding ribbon around one, two or more layers of the cake, you can bring out the special meaning of your day. Make sure to order ribbon in your wedding colors and add personalized information such as the date, names and maybe a fun phrase that means something special to both the bride and groom.

No matter what you choose, make sure the color and message for your ribbons are special enough for your day!