How To: Christmas Parties & Ribbon Awards

Give award ribbons to winners and outstanding employees at your office Christmas parties.

Spice up your office Christmas parties with holiday-themed games and recognition awards. Hand out custom ribbon awards to winners and high-achieving employees. Rosette ribbons bring quality and holiday cheer to any office party. Whether you use award ribbons as game awards or as office awards, they are sure to make your next holiday party extra special.

use custom rosette award ribbons for christmas parties and other holiday events

Tired of white elephant gifts? Here are some fun ideas for contests and awards to liven your office Christmas parties.

Games & Competitions

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest: Shop for the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find, or choose one somebody gave you. Then wear it to your company party.

Christmas Movie Trivia: Test your knowledge of classic Christmas movies like “Miracle on 34th Street,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Home Alone.”

Ornament Guessing Game: Put a Christmas tree in the office and guess how many ornaments there are on it.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph: Wear a blindfold and spin three times. Then see if you can pin Rudolph’s nose in place.

Stocking Guessing Game: Put your hand in a Christmas stocking and guess what objects are inside.

Name That Christmas Carol: Guess the name of a Christmas carol from a few lines of lyrics.

Christmas A-Z: Come up with a holiday-related word for each letter of the alphabet.

Santa Limbo: Do the limbo with a pillow under your shirt.


Biggest Risk Taker: Commend employees for their leap of faith.

Outstanding Innovator: Spotlight those creative geniuses who improve your company.

Marvelous Multitasker: Applaud colleagues who can juggle many tasks at once.

Fast Learner: Congratulate your newest employee for starting on the right foot.

Great Problem Solver: Recognize employees who find a way around every problem.

Excellent Organizer: Thank those who keep files from getting lost.

Rosette Ribbons

Reward game winners and recognize associates with custom rosette ribbons. Our quality ribbons have one to three streamers with one-color printing. The center button is customizable and comes in cello, gold-rimmed or satin. Choose the title and achievement for each award using a custom or stock design so that the award meets the occasion.

Custom Shaped Name Tags

Had a lot of turnovers lately? Does your company have a large number of employees? Name tags ensure everyone knows each others’ names at office Christmas parties, so there is no awkwardness. Order custom shaped name tags in the shape of a snowman, a reindeer or a Christmas tree. Or, almost any shape you want!

Product Highlight: Blank Badge Ribbons

Decorate your own blank badge ribbons to meet any need!

Sometimes you just need a plain, flat, colored ribbon. This is where custom blank badge ribbons come in handy. These ribbons can be used in most any way, and here are a few suggestions.

blank badge ribbons have many uses - use them for branding during conferences and conventionsWith the abundance in color variety, these badge ribbons can be used to differentiate between attendees at a convention or students in a classroom. Give orange ribbons to volunteers at a conference and purple to attendees. Use the different colors for different assignments in a classroom. Or stack the colors for different achievements in any setting.

Blank badge ribbons are perfect for crafts and scrapbooks. DIY projects may need a little extra color and these ribbons are a great way to add it in! Use the adhesive to attach the ribbon to a scrapbook page. And then write on them with a permanent marker to personalize it in any way. Attach ribbons to picture frames for a bright embellishment. Use your imagination and get as creative as you need to!

One of the most obvious use for badge ribbons is name badges and badge holders.

blank badge ribbons have many uses - use them for parties and other events and gamesUse these colorful ribbons to help your brand stand out from your competitors. Use the adhesive strip to attach them to the bottom of your name tag at a conference or convention. Or just use around the office. Each ribbon is useful for handing out to employees or customers. Use these ribbons in contests or give-a-ways that your company might have.

From family reunions to summer work parties, another great use for these blank badge ribbons is party games. Use the different colors for different games or organization during the festivities. Design your own game using badge ribbons and either focus on the colors or write on them with a permanent marker.

Whatever your use, blank badge ribbons are the perfect solution. And the best part is that you can order yours today! Choose from over 30 colors and 2 orientations at Personalized Ribbons.