Greeting Cards with Unique Flair

From holidays to weddings, personalized ribbons are your best friend!

Custom ribbon rolls and greeting cards are the perfect pair when it comes to any event. They are great for a birthday party invitation or a thank you card. And, with just the right message, these ribbons will make any recipient feel how special you think they are.

So, whether you’re throwing the party of a lifetime or need a way to express your feelings, let’s figure out some ways to incorporated those custom ribbons into your greeting card needs.

Weddings and Formal Events

weddings invitations and menus are perfect with personalized ribbons

Most people look forward to hearing that their favorite couple is finally tying the knot. And, if you need a way to make those invitations a bit more inviting, add a bit of ribbon flair. Try tying a length of ribbon roll around the stack of the announcement, the RSVP card, your photo and anything else you want in your invitations. Don’t forget to customize the ribbon with your wedding date, names and choose the perfect color to match your special evening.

Even if it isn’t for a wedding, formal events are a great place to get some incredible use out of custom ribbons. Use that ribbon roll again for tying around menus. Or, use them for place holder cards at a formal family reunion. Everyone is sure to be happy to sit where you want them with such a fancy place card on their plate.

custom top ribbons can make a unique wedding announcement or greeting cards

Another fun idea is to use custom top ribbons as your event invitation. Add fun and colorful graphics and images along with names, dates and other essential details. Slip these ribbons into envelopes and get them in the mail. People are more apt to appear at an event when they know you put some real thought and effort into the invitations.

Birthdays and Other Holidays

We’ve all seen those super cute birthday greeting cards with ribbons sticking out everywhere. Now, picture those with personalized ribbons! How cute is that? And, with our custom ribbon rolls, you can now make your own. Forget about spending all that money at the store. Buy some high-quality card stock and design any holiday card your heart desires.

badge ribbons on greeting cards for mother's day and father's day

And, don’t limit it to ribbon rolls. Custom badge ribbons are a fun accent to any card. Make an award ribbon for that special mother or father in your life. Then, attach it to the front (or inside) of your handmade greeting cards. You will get the best hug you have ever had by giving such a thoughtful gift.

Or, go all sorts of fancy with big, beautiful bows on Christmas and other holiday cards. Even if you don’t want to design a card, find some inexpensive cards and add to them with strips of ribbon rolls or bows made from custom ribbons. Don’t forget the most important part: personalization! Add a festive message to your color choice, and people are sure to know how much you care.

The Feeling of Greeting Cards

From congratulations to a simple missing you, expressing your feelings is what greeting cards are all about. So, learn how to say thank you, congratulations, good luck and so much more with your personalized ribbons.

Express gratitude, say you’re sorry or give condolences with personalized ribbon cards. No matter your emotion, you can make a greeting card with personalized ribbons that says it all.

Lace and Ribbons

While it may seem an especially effeminate topic, ribbons and lace go hand-in-hand quite often.

From ribbon pieces, leftover lace, scrapbook supplies, and other items that we think we’ll use eventually, most craft rooms aren’t complete without a collection of odds and ends. Instead of collecting piles and mounds of these leftovers, throw them into your next project! From hair ribbons to party invitations to jewelry, ribbons and lace are great for any project.

In an attempt to follow the trend of last week’s post, here are some ideas to use up that scrap lace and ribbon rolls.

ribbon rolls and lace for party or shower invitations

ribbons and lace for hair bows, head bands and jewelry items like necklaces and bracelets

ribbons and lace on wedding cakes also use for baby showers and other events

ribbons and lace pew decorations wedding and party decorations

Use them as clothing embellishments

Have an old t-shirt that you can’t seem to get rid of because, “I’ll wear this again someday.”? Try updating the look with ribbon, lace and whatever other embellishments you have on hand. Form a collar using lace pieces and weave a colorful ribbon through the ends. Or, take that ribbon roll and form a fun and flattering pattern over the front, or back, of the shirt. Don’t stop at shirts, update pants, skirts and any other clothing item you might want to experiment on.

Use them as jewelry or hair accessories

Chalk it up to traditional or basic, but ribbons and lace look fabulous in your hair or worn around your neck. Braid a small ribbon into your hair, wrap either one around a head band for a quick and cute look for your evening out. Or, find some beads and create a one-of-a-kind statement jewelry piece to match that shirt you just updated!

Use them for gift wrap or cards and invitations

What a classy way to dress up any party invitation or wrapping paper. Whether for a bridal shower or just a friendly gift, tie it up with a piece of lace and some brightly colored ribbon. Need it to be extra special? Order custom ribbon rolls with names, dates or other wording to really hit home how personalized this gift really is. The receiver will be ecstatic about the gift or invitation!

Use them in decorating

Here’s an idea that is as traditional as they get. Ribbon rolls are great for decorating windows or using for wall hangings. They are perfect to wrap around candles or other items for centerpieces for weddings, parties or other fun festivities. Or, wrap that ribbon delicately around the base of each tier on a cake. And make it even more special by adding pieces of lace throughout all the decorations!

Whatever your idea, simple or complex, ribbons and lace is a classic look that is always welcome!

101 Ways To Use Personalized Ribbon Rolls

Ribbons can be used in a wide variety of ways. Many people have made lists of what one can do with a personalized ribbon, so here is our version. And, while this list doesn’t actually reach 101, it is sure to provide inspiration to reach that mark!

Getting Creative

ribbon rolls personalized ribbon wedding invitations party invitesCreate personalized ribbon with names or dates for an event, such as a birthday or wedding, and wrap an invitation. You can also wrap this personalized ribbon around wedding or other programs.

Create small tags with a single letter forming a title and use narrow ribbons to attach to a scrapbook page.

Use ribbon to tie tags onto presents or party favors, or wrap presents.

Make a flower with loops or scraps of ribbon and attach a button in the middle.

Use to decorate a yard for a party; tie onto a tree or branch, a porch railing, etc.

Tie up a group of skeleton keys for decoration for a scrapbook or to simply hang on a wall.

Personalized Ribbon Decorations

personalized ribbons candles centerpieces vasesGlue or tie personalized ribbon to a candle or a vase for centerpieces at a wedding.

Use it to tie silverware together for a table setting; even add the napkin underneath the silverware.

Use for embellishments for scrapbooks, smash books or other hand made items.

Use personalized ribbons to hang a locket holding something special or a charm/pendent that has a special meaning. This can be worn as a necklace or hung on a wall for decoration.

Use personalized ribbons with names or a date, and fold around the corner of a photograph to personalize it; secure the ribbon with a paperclip or double sided tape.

Ribbon Wands

personalized ribbon wands for weddings or partiesMake ribbon wands using a dowel and tying ribbon strips to the top. These are great for a little girl’s birthday party; simple and so cute!

Make a ribbon wreath from leftover ribbon scraps. All you need is a wreath form and simply start tying pieces of ribbon all the way around the form. Slide the ribbons together or spread them apart slightly, but make sure that there isn’t any of the wreath form that is visible. Use as many ribbons as you like to create your own look.

Make a ribbon chain for holiday or party decorations. String these on mantles, doors and even a Christmas tree.

Tie personalized ribbon around cinnamon sticks or bags of potpourri for party favors. These can then be placed anywhere that someone would like to smell nice, such as a sock drawer or on a mantle.

Simply put, use personalized ribbons as shoelaces.personalized ribbon rolls for shoe laces

Personalized Ribbon Greeting Cards

If you’re like many people, you may want to get a jump start on your gift purchases for the year. And one of the most important things is the need to keep the cost down, after all, we’re not made of money. This comes into play when you’re trying to personalize the gift to each person, and what better way to personalize than to make a card that comes from the heart. After all, it isn’t the gift they will remember, it’s the way they felt knowing it was from you.

So, why not make your gifts personal? Choose from a wide variety of our ribbon rolls and create your own home made cards! We have anything and everything (seriously, we have an actual “ribbon room” in our building)! Check out everything we have to offer on our website:

Don’t set yourself short by limiting this to only birthday cards. Cards can range from birthdays to thank you’s and even include wedding invites and baby shower invites. We can print almost anything on our wide stock of ribbons. We also have several different ways of printing on them.

woven ribbon custom made note card
custom made thank you card using ribbon accents
custom made happy birthday gift card using custom ribbons

Use scraps of ribbon to create shapes for each card. These possibilities are endless; create Christmas trees, snowflakes, bunnies, hearts and anything else your heart desires. Use snippets from a ribbon roll with a personalized message. Messages can include happy birthday, thinking of you, happy holidays, and so forth. Each card becomes an individualized way to express yourself. Say you’re sorry, send best wishes for a special occasion, or just simply personalize the card just because you can.

When you add personalized ribbon to a card as an embellishment, it creates a 3D effect and makes everything stand out. Show your friends and family members that you really care by mixing in ribbons on your homemade greeting cards. Not only have you now created your own personalized cards, but you should still have plenty of the personalized ribbons to wrap any presents that coordinate with the card!