Creative Ribbons: Hair Accessories

Ever wonder what people really do with all those ribbon rolls?

Here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing! Hair Accessories!

Time to bring out all those ribbon rolls again, and the project this time is hair bows and other accessories. While most of these don’t require a personalized ribbon roll, it doesn’t hurt to have them on hand. So, grab whatever you can and let’s get started.

ribbon rolls and hair accessories and bowsFirst, and probably the easiest idea is the hair tie. Grab a length of ribbon that will wrap at least twice around a pony tail. This length may vary depending on how much hair you intend to tie up in this ribbon. Secure the pony tail in an elastic. Once this is done and the pony tail is to your liking, simply wrap the ribbon around the pony tail to cover the elastic. Finish this look by securing the ribbon with a simple bow, much like a shoelace.


ribbon rolls and hair accessories and bows

This next idea will only take about five minutes to complete. You will need to hair elastics and a long piece cut from a ribbon roll. Simply join the two hair elastics with a simple knot. Once this is done, take your ribbon and measure the length needed. This is done by gently, but securely, wrapping the ribbon roll around your head where you will wear the headband once. Add one to two inches to that length and give it a snip! Singe the ends of the ribbon to avoid fraying. Then just wrap one end of the ribbon through one end of the hair elastic knot and sew it in place; hot glue is also an option to secure the ends. Repeat this process with the other side of the knot and the other end of the ribbon. And, you’re done!

ribbon rolls and hair accessories and bowsAnother super easy idea is to take approximately the same length of strips from a ribbon roll and secure them with a knot around a single hair elastic. Variate the colors on this project for a unique look, or use color combinations that go with holidays or specific outfits that are in your closet. These are super cute for little girls and they typically love the frilly look of this simple hair accessory.


ribbon rolls and hair accessories and bowsThe last idea is super cute and also really easy! Cut three to four 5-6 inch pieces off a ribbon roll. Find the center of each strip and fold the ends in to meet each other at this point. Hot glue the ends to the middle of the ribbon strip. Repeat this process for each strip. Lay each ribbon on top of each other and fan out into a flower shape. Once this is done, carefully pull each layer up and secure them with a dab of hot glue. Line an alligator clip using another strip of your ribbon roll. Glue the flower onto the clip and add a colorful button to the center of the flower to complete this cute project.

While there are only four ideas here, there are hundreds other out there. Do you have a unique idea for hair accessories that you would like to share?