Business Ribbons: Holiday Use Guide

Did you know that business ribbons benefit all companies during the holidays?

Whether you own a small, online business or are a manager at a large chain store, holiday business ribbons are a great tool to keep around. But, finding the right ribbon can be a challenge sometimes. From tying bows to decorating your office or store, holidays are meant to be synonymous with ribbons! And, we are here to make your business ribbons a bit easier to use.

While it may seem easy to come up with ideas for ribbon use, some holidays can be a bit daunting, especially when it comes to business ribbons. When thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays toward the end of each year, here are a few quick ideas to get your creativity going.

business ribbons can include award ribbons for corporate halloween partiesHalloween

From fun greeting ribbons at the front door to goodies for trick-or-treaters, personalized business ribbons are perfect for any store or office on Halloween. Use badge ribbons as gift tags on treats for employees, customers and other visitors you might have. Or, use custom top ribbons to announce your Halloween office party. Is your company having a costume contest? Rosette ribbons are perfect for that first prize winner.

Veterans Day

Use your business ribbons for remembrance and awareness ribbons on this unique holiday. While most people don’t think about how a business can use ribbons for Veterans day, here are some great ideas. Hold a sale for those who have served. Give everyone a badge ribbon as they enter your store with information on how to get a veteran’s discount on your goods or services. Or, give a gift to each veteran shopping today that is tied with your custom business ribbons.


From potluck labels to being thankful for a job well done, personalized ribbons are perfect for Thanksgiving. Use rosette ribbons for awards around the office and to show how much you appreciate your colleagues. Custom ribbon rolls are perfect to decorate your office or store and keep everyone in a festive and happy mood.

business ribbons can include custom badge ribbons for corporate holiday sales and promotionsBlack Friday & Cyber Monday

Whether you’re an e-commerce company celebrating with a sale or a storefront with a larger on-site event, these two days are probably your most significant events of the year. And, business ribbons are here to help with these celebrations. Give gifts to the first 100 customers in your store or on your website that day and tie them shut with a personalized ribbon bow. Or attach a badge ribbon with your logo as a reminder of where they got their product from. If you have a storefront, hold a raffle using blank badge ribbons the customers can write on.

Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanzaa

Do you have a goody basket sitting on the receptionist’s desk for anyone who walks in the front door? Give your visitors an extra special treat with a gorgeous ribbon bow tied to the basket. Pick out a ribbon color that matches your office decor, or choose one that goes with your corporate logo.

But no matter how you use ribbons for this holiday, one thing should always be on your mind. Keep it light and festive, and make sure to include everyone. From office and corporate gifts to company parties, ribbons are perfect for these occasions.

business ribbons can include personalized ribbon rolls for corporate giveawaysNew Years

Celebrate your employees and the new year with custom business ribbons. Give personalized awards to colleagues who have outstanding job performance. Or, have people write on blank ribbons to make predictions about what will happen in the coming year and then read them aloud in each department.


No matter where and when you use your business ribbons, always remember to keep them simple and keep your branding on point!

Halloween Ribbons & Holiday Parties

use personalized halloween ribbons to make any holiday party the best everDress up your party with Halloween ribbons and designs and have a spooky holiday!

Use any personalized Halloween ribbons to make your holiday more fun. From ribbon rolls to rosettes, we are sure to have what you need to spice up your party and make things enjoyable for everyone in attendance. And, with personalization and a spooky message, your party will be the best one in the neighborhood or building.


Ribbon rolls are sure to be a big hit on any custom treat you give to trick-or-treaters. Wrap up baked goods in a baggie and add some colorful and festive ribbons to secure any coveted treat. Kids are sure to tell their friends that your house is the best one on the block. Before you know it, with the use of these personalized Halloween ribbons, you’ll be treat-free!use halloween ribbons for decorations, your costume and so much more

From hanging signs around your home to adding a final touch on a table decoration, ribbon rolls are one-of-a-kind! And, when it comes to the spookiness of the holiday, Halloween ribbons can add a little fun too. Go with traditional colors of white, black and orange. Or be a bit more colorful with purple, red and green. But, whatever ribbon you go with, make sure to personalize it with your special holiday message.


Give Halloween ribbons for personalized awards for the best costume you see. Add themed graphics or icons to each ribbon such as a spider or pumpkin to make them more fun. Make sure your party attendees know just how original their costume is with this one-of-a-kind prize. Everyone at your party is sure to covet one of your award ribbons.halloween ribbons are perfect for costume awards

Blank badge ribbons are perfect for holiday party games. And, they even work for unique decorations. Use them as table scatter for your party or a company potluck.

Or, give your name badge at work a spooky turn with a fun and festive title. Again, add logos and graphics to show off your fun side. Use titles such as: Have A Spook-Tacular Day, Happy Halloween or BOO! But no matter what, make sure to have fun with it. Choose a ribbon in your favorite Halloween color or a color that matches your costume.

Use your imagination and create Halloween ribbons that are sure to wow this holiday!

Festive, Fun and Spooky Halloween Ribbons

From ribbon chains strung around your house to a ribbon wreath on your front door, let’s make your Halloween festive and fun with personalized ribbons!

It doesn’t take a lot to decorate for Halloween these days. Find some cobwebs and a witch’s hat, and you’re pretty much set. But, let’s go a bit beyond the norm and find a use for all those festive and fun holiday ribbons you have laying around your house.

ribbon rolls make fun and festive bats and other decorations for HalloweenHere’s a fun decorating idea! Do you have potted plants or scraggly trees? Tie a simple black ribbon around a branch or twig and add little white dots for eyes. It’s an instant bat!

Treat tags made from badge ribbons. Choose a spooky color to make your trick-or-treat bags festive. Just add text with a Halloween message, and you’re all set. Wrap up caramel apples, candy treats or other homemade goodies in a bag and secure them shut with the badge ribbon.

Needing a decoration that will stand out? This ribbon topiary is sure to do the trick (pun intended)!

using ribbon rolls to make your Halloween decorations festive and funRibbon topiaries are fun to decorate with as well. First, choose several different, festive ribbon colors. Find a foam or floral ball and dress pins. You will also want a small dowel, or a pencil works well. Finally, you will need a base such as a vase or other stand that can hold the topiary upright.

Cut each ribbon piece into approximately four-inch strips. The more strips you have, the larger the topiary will look. Then start rolling the ribbons, so the ends meet. Secure these together with a pin and push it securely into the foam ball. Cover the entire ball with these ribbon rings. Make sure to stagger the ribbons and colors and alternate directions the ribbons are being placed to give it a fluffy look. Add a finishing touch with a bow on the dowel that has a spooky message.

using ribbon rolls to be festive this halloween with hair bows and clipsAnd, don’t forget your costume!

Use a rosette ribbon to state you have the best costume ever. Or, make festive hair bows with clips and personalized ribbons. From ghosts and witch hats to spiders and pumpkins, use your imagination and create something that is sure to wow this holiday!

Happy Halloween from Coller Industries!

Trick-Or-Treat and Happy Halloween from Coller Industries!

happy halloween from coller industries

Not only do we make and sell the best Halloween name tags, signs and ribbons, but we also know how to celebrate! Every year our company looks forward to our annual employee costume contest and potluck. And each year the costumes and food get better!

In past years employees have dressed as werewolves, cartoon characters and more. This year no two costumes were alike. And we had outstanding participation! From a gnome to a banana and even our own resident Forest Gump, the costumes were well chosen and planned out. Some of the costumes were incorporated to fit exactly to the person. Our social media manager came as a social butterfly and an employee named Rainbow came as Rainbow Brite! And, as always, we love to share our festivities with our customers. So, here are all of the costumes!

happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries


Thank you to those who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

happy halloween from coller industries
1st place – Rainbow
happy halloween from coller industries
2nd place – Crystal
happy halloween from coller industries
3rd place – Eboni

Every employee cast their vote for their favorite costume. And, each winner received a stock place award ribbon for their efforts. The first place winner also received a gift card in celebration of their hard work!

The company potluck this year was a build-your-own taco bar. Employees participated by bringing taco toppings such as lettuce, cheese, olives, tomatoes and even jalapenos. We all had a choice of taco shells, tortillas and even taco bowls for a salad. Of course, there were sides such as healthy black beans, chocolate covered marshmallows that looked like Frankenstein’s Monster, homemade peanut butter cheesecake, and a wonderful red drink concoction that bubbled and fizzed. No one went hungry!

We also had a reverse trick-or-treat from our marketing department to all our employees. Treats were passed out to everyone, even a couple of visitors. Coller Industries had no shortage of fun and sweets this year!

Holiday Ribbons: Halloween Edition

With the holidays quickly approaching, ribbons are becoming more and more important. So, let’s start this season off with an explosion of black, white and orange!

Halloween is a fun and festive tradition in many homes and businesses. With costumes of fairies and cartoon characters everywhere, you might be in need of prizes for the best one. Or what if you’re celebrating this holiday by throwing a party? Use these festive ribbons for decorating your home or party venue. And don’t forget the treats! What would Halloween be without candy?

Ribbon rollspersonalize any of these ribbon rolls for your halloween fun and festivities can be customized to meet all your holiday needs. From choosing the perfect color to forming the best phrase, all our ribbon rolls can be personalized. Create holiday wreaths or simply drape these ribbons along banisters, stairs or walls for your holiday decorations.

Use ribbon rolls to tie up goody bags. From cookies to candy, your treats are sure do to the trick especially when personalized with your own festive ribbon.

And, no Halloween party is complete without a few prizes.

personalize any of these rosette ribbons for your halloween fun and festivities Use classic ribbons or rosette ribbons to create your own, one-of-a-kind awards! Use titles such as Best Costume, Most Creative or Scariest Costume. No matter your choice for awards, these personalized ribbons will be perfect for each and every winner.

While orange and black ribbons are the typical colors for Halloween, we have a giant color selection to choose from. Choices include: Torrid Orange, Poppy, Tangerine, Black, White, Maize, Red and Scarlet. Or, go with colors a little less traditional: Regal Purple, Pastel Green or Smoke Blue.

Hand out badge ribbons for party games, given as a bookmark to students, or given as a prize for a costume contest. Use them as recognition of that special costume or person during a meeting or at a school event. These also make great keepsakes for your guests to take home with them.

Dress up your Halloween party with Halloween designs on personalized ribbons and have a Happy Halloween!