Holiday Party Hosting with Ribbons

Not every holiday party is the same, especially when it comes to using custom ribbons!

Start your holiday party off right with personalized ribbons. From ribbon rolls to rosettes, not only do we have the right ribbon for you, but we also know the best ways to use them. Decorations, wrapping presents and party games are just a few quick ideas, and here are some more!

How to use Ribbon Rolls at your Holiday Party

use custom ribbon rolls personalized with names, dates or festive messages for your holiday party

First is the most obvious use: wrapping presents. By adding names, dates or festive messages to a ribbon roll, you can create truly unique gift wrapping. Let someone special know just how you feel with a brightly colored ribbon wrapped around the perfect gift. Or, tie a bow around their favorite spirit or hard to wrap present.

Ribbon rolls can go a long way. Use them to brighten up your Christmas tree with ribbon streamers or hanging each ornament with ribbons instead of paper clips. Or, make a festive and holiday party door wreath. These ribbons are perfect for decorating a holiday party table too!

Badge Ribbons are Great for Nearly Anything!

custom badge ribbons are great for presents or any holiday party need

From badge ribbons to custom top ribbons, these flat fabric pieces are great for any party need. Use them as unique gift tags for presents and door prizes. Or, use a custom top ribbon for a different ornament look on your holiday tree.

Blank badge ribbons are also quite useful for dinner parties. Ideas for using them include labeling the buffet table and providing seating assignments for each guest. Choose holiday party colors or theme them to fit your party needs.

custom rosette ribbons are a great prize at any holiday partyEveryone Needs an Award

Whether your holiday party has games or fun contests, everyone loves a great award. And, that’s where rosette ribbons come in handy. Award someone for the ugliest holiday sweater. Or, use a rosette as a first, second and third place prize for a game of holiday trivia.

These custom ribbon awards are perfect for any holiday get-together. Another unique idea is to use the rosette as a game piece. Or attach them to a present or door prize. But, no matter where you use them, these rosettes are sure to be the hit of your holiday party.

So, from decorations to prizes, find your perfect custom ribbon for your holiday party this season!

A Holiday Guide for Ribbon Use

When you think about holiday ribbons, don’t just think about Christmas!

Finding the right ribbon can be a challenge sometimes. But, we are here to make holiday ribbon use a little bit easier. From tying bows to decorating your home, holidays are meant to be synonymous with ribbons!

And, while it’s easy to come up with ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, here are a few quick ideas to get your creativity going for the summer holidays.

use green holiday ribbons for earth dayEarth Day

The phrase, “Reduce, reuse and recycle” is something most know about this holiday. So, go green with some ribbons and show your support for this day. With special messages on badge ribbons or recognizing the date on a ribbon roll, green ribbons go great with everything. Use badge ribbons for bookmarks or awards for people who make an extra effort to keep your life green and running smoothly.

Administrative Professionals Dayred thank you ribbon for administrative professionals day and other holidays

Wrap up a quick and thoughtful gift for the one in your business life that makes everything a little bit easier. Personalized ribbon rolls with a name or a nice quote are perfect for administrative professionals. Trust us, they know the importance of branding for your company and they will appreciate a little branding for themselves. So, whether it is an entire ribbon roll or a small bit of ribbon wrapped around a pencil holder, they will appreciate the thought.

celebration ribbons and holiday ribbon for celebrating any holiday like may dayMay Day

Ribbon tassels on trees and long ribbon rolls for maypoles provide a splash of color for this exclusive day. While May Day traditions vary with each culture, ribbons will help enrich the festivities. From baskets of goodies to festive outfits, ribbons are perfect for this summer day!

Mother’s Day

Wrap up her favorite flowers in a simple, or complex, bouquet. Whether you put them in a vase, or give them in a bundle, those Mother’s Day flowers are sure to look even better with a long strand of personalized ribbon wrapped around them. Make the ribbon her favorite color and customize the ribbon roll to say something special!

Memorial Day

Red, white and blue are superb colors for this holiday. From decorations to awareness ribbons, you are sure to find a way to use most any ribbon for this celebratory day. Table runners, centerpieces and door wreaths will all benefit from colorful ribbon rolls. Use badge ribbons to designate veterans and others at your holiday party.

use father's day holiday ribbons rolls for giftsFather’s Day

Men like ribbons too! There are many ways to use ribbon rolls for Father’s Day as well. Use the holiday ribbon to make your father a special tie card, or wrap up a present with your specialized message of love.

So, no matter which of the holidays you are celebrating, let a little color and ribbon into your day!

Unique and Simple Holiday Gift Tags

Make your corporate packaging just as unique as the gift itself with ribbon gift tags!

use badge ribbons for gift tags for your corporate gifting this holiday seasonPresentation is everything, right? Well, whether it’s a company brand or a personal style, custom ribbons are sure to make the best impression. From ribbon rolls to rosette ribbons, any ribbon choice is sure to impress. And, these custom ribbon gift tags are no exception.

Choose a festive holiday color or a company specific color. And then tell us what you want!

From personalized messages to adding names and titles, these ribbons are easy to customize. Unique gifts and wrapping keep your name in the recipient’s mind, so why not make it personalized? The best presents are heartfelt and show it. Custom wrapping helps to convey your intentions and sincerity to the recipient.

While paper tags are likely to be thrown away, these unique ribbon gift tags are sure to be treasured for a long time. Some recipients may even use them as bookmarks or display them on office and cubicle walls as holiday decorations. And, as they upgrade a package from drab to classy, these ribbons are a great way to show off your unique brand.

Use holiday badge ribbons as your “TO/FROM” tags for all those colorful presents sitting under the Christmas tree. Customize each ribbon in several different colors and then imprinted with the simple text of “TO” and “FROM.” Merely tape these beautiful tags to your presents and use a permanent marker to give the recipient a unique identifier.

using Custom Badge Ribbons as holiday gift tags for Corporate GiftingExchanging secret Santa gifts?

These tags are perfect for office parties for these gifts. Instead of the “TO/FROM” message, use a unique phrase or just the name Santa on your tags. Or, include your company logo or another holiday image such as a snowman, Christmas tree or reindeer, something that is sure to make your colleagues smile.

Badge ribbons aren’t just for name badges and badge holders anymore! Whatever you use your festive and holiday badge ribbons for, make sure they represent you and your style. Give it your flair and be as creative as you want! Remember that each ribbon needs to be great at drawing attention to a present or anything else it is attached to.

Red, Pink, White and Valentine’s Day

Soon we will all be seeing pink! Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?
Here at Personalized Ribbons, we’re always ready for any holiday!

happy valentine's day from coller industries use all of our personalized ribbons for your holiday festivitiesStarting with custom rosette ribbons, we have what you need for that special someone to help them realize just how special they are. Choose from a large variety of custom ribbons and colors as a unique gift for your significant other. Personalize these beautiful ribbons with names, dates and other important things that pertain to your relationship. Give them to your mother or father to show them just how much they mean to you. And don’t discount what an impact it would have on your spouse! They will be astonished at how much you love them when they sees their special award ribbon!

happy valentine's day from coller industries use all of our personalized ribbons for your holiday festivitiesNext, we have our classic and badge ribbons. Grab these up by the dozens for your school aged children. Choose from holiday colors such as neon pink, rose, fuchsia, maroon or even peach. They make beautiful Valentine’s Day card exchange gifts. Customize each ribbon with a special message directly from your child to his or her classmates. The kids in that classroom will feel truly unique!

If you’re feeling adventurous or creative, use any of these ribbons for a homemade gift. Decorate a special Valentine’s card for your someone special. Or, use them in a gift idea like a homemade bag of goodies or a woven frame for one of your favorite pictures.

happy valentine's day from coller industries use all of our personalized ribbons for your holiday festivitiesAnd finally, we have our fantastic ribbon rolls. There are so many things that you can do with these ribbons. Choose from an abundance of colors and ribbon types to match a party theme or maybe just that special, quiet dinner at home. Leave a special message on a ribbon roll of your choice and wrap flowers for that special lady in your life. Wrap your presents with a little bit of flair that only you can design. Or, maybe just choose a blank ribbon and go nuts with your decorations.

Whatever your choice, we’re sure to have the right ribbon for you!

Valentine Ribbon Uses

You might be saying to yourself, “Wait! I thought the holidays were over!” But, here comes another one! And what a great way to use some of that left over red and white scrap ribbon! So, pull yourself together and gather all your creativity onto the table. Bring it on… bring on Valentine’s Day!

Simple projects for just about anyone.

ribbon roll used to wrap valentine flowersLet’s just get this idea out of the way. Super quick, grab a good length of leftover ribbon roll (red or white to match the season) and wrap that perfect gift for your special someone. This could be a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a quick box of chocolates. By adding the ribbon, it shows how much you really care.


Got kids? Do they need Valentine cards for classes at school? Here are a few quick ideas to use up those ribbon scraps.

Idea one – While this doesn’t really use ribbon scraps, it could still be fun! Order badge ribbons with a cute phrase and your child’s name. Then when the time comes, each recipient child will have a unique memoir.

ribbon roll used with paint chip sample cards for valentine cards and bookmarksIdea two – At some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all ended up needing paint for something. Remember those paint chip sample cards? Go grab a bunch of those and either punch hearts into them or buy stickers to simply decorate for the kids in your child’s class. Once decorated, use that scrap ribbon roll to tie streamers to the top of the paint chips. These fun and unique Valentine Cards can now be reused as a bookmark.


ribbon rolls and cupcake liners used to make rosette ribbons for valentine's dayIdea three – When was the last time you really used all of the baking cups for cupcakes or muffins? Have any left over? Stack a couple of these together, cutting and trimming some of them, to create a stacked look. Use a fun sticker for the middle of this fun rosette ribbon. Once completed, each rosette still needs the streamers. Use those ribbon roll scraps and attach a couple to the bottom of each rosette. These can now be attached to a piece of card stock or given as is.


While these ideas are to use leftover ribbon pieces you might have, don’t hesitate to order new ribbon rolls, rosette ribbons or badge ribbons to meet your needs. Be creative and, most importantly, have fun!