How To: The Best Ribbon Cutting Ever

Have you ever wondered where someone in charge of a grand opening or ground breaking gets that GIANT “Grand Opening” ribbon for the ribbon cutting?

Summer is here which means construction is all around us. This can only mean one thing: there will be new businesses in your area soon! And what comes with these new businesses is grand openings and all the pomp and circumstance that goes with them. From a ribbon cutting to free stuff, we’ve all been guilty of attending at least one of these in our lives.

ribbon cutting using continuous event ribbon rollsThese ribbon cutting ceremonies can be anything like a store reopening after a remodel, an open house for new residential areas and even a groundbreaking at a local park or other public recreation area. No matter the event, these larger ribbons are a great item to have around.

So, now the question remains, where did they get that ribbon? This makes your first step to find that ribbon!

Full Color Ribbon Rolls are probably the best way to get this accomplished. While there are several other choices in multiple ribbon colors and imprint colors, full color will come with the widest option. While most ribbon rolls are typically an inch or less in width, Coller Industries does offer four inch to six inch ribbons as well. These ribbon rolls can be formed into bows, wrapped around gifts, used as table decorations, or pretty much anything else as there are so many uses for them.

event ribbon rolls for grand openings and ribbon cuttingEach grand opening ribbon roll typically is printed onto a color that corresponds with the colors of the company, location or event. From blues with imprint that simply reads “Grand Opening” to this full color option that can be printed with images, logos and text, the sky’s the limit! Choose to print the company’s logo or name on the ribbon, or be a little more creative and make the ribbon as unique as the event.

Now the only thing you need is a pair of those gigantic scissors!

greenline bluffdale utah grand opening ribbon cutting Photo Credit Alisha Copfer 2011

Baby Shower Ribbons

Planning a baby shower shouldn’t be a daunting task, and it should be fun and exciting for the new mommy.

personalized ribbons for a baby shower custom ribbon rolls it's a boy it's a girlBaby shower planning should be fun and stress free. It doesn’t matter if the shower is for a large group of friends or a small family gathering. Make sure to pay attention to the following details for a smooth planning experience.

The first and most important detail is the baby shower guest list. Always consult the mommy-to-be about whom she would like to invite. She probably already has the whole list in her head. However, if the shower is meant as a surprise party, ask her closest friend or mother for help. Once the guest list is finalized and a date has been set, make sure that the invitations go out in plenty of time for those invited to make the shower part of their schedule and also to get an RSVP back to you.

baby shower invitations using personalized ribbon custom ribbon rollsThe next few planning areas can be done out of order, just make sure to have the invitations out before really getting in to these areas. Food should be at least a small portion of your planning. Again, check with mommy-to-be on what she wants. The menu can consist of items that pertain to the shower theme, but they do not have to. The best thing to plan for the menu should be several dishes and many of those should be finger food. Try having small finger sandwiches and a fruit tray. By having small, finger foods, there will be less clean up after the shower.

Once a baby shower theme has been decided upon, start planning the decorations and entertainment. Decorations can include a color theme. This is where the planning can really be fun. Order custom ribbon rolls in the theme colors and add text that indicates the baby’s name or gender. Ribbon rolls can be used to make wall decorations, hang them from the ceiling or attach to balloons. They can also be used to wrap around seating at the baby shower. Whatever you choose, make sure to be as creative as you like.

baby shower ribbons badge ribbons for guest favorsDon’t forget the best part of any shower! Creative favors for each of the guests are an absolute must for any shower. Make your shower favors extra special with personalized ribbons. Use those custom ribbon rolls to tie onto your favors, place cards or packages. Order badge ribbons to create special tags that can be tied to each favor. Each badge ribbon can be customized with a date, a name or anything else to send home as a thank you to each guest for coming.


No matter what you choose, make sure to have fun! And make sure the shower is done according to the mommy-to-be so she has fun too!

Idea of the Week: A Ribbon Curtain

ribbon curtains custom personalized ribbon rollsHow about an easy project for this week?! A ribbon curtain can be used for almost any occasion and it is easy to set up and make! Just choose a ton of your favorite ribbon rolls, customize them if you wish, and make this fantastic project!

There are multiple ways to make these, but here are a few quick ideas.

The first way is to simply take the desired length of ribbon and run it the full way down the desired wall. Attach the ribbons to a string to create the curtain. Repeat this process until the curtain is the desired width. Once this is all done, simply secure the string or bar into place. These are great for weddings and other formal parties. And don’t forget to customize the ribbon rolls with the wedding details, such as the date or the bride and groom’s names.

The second way is to use a bar that can either be hung or placed in a doorway. These are great for birthday parties and photo booths. Use the same technique described above. The fun part about using a bar is that it can be hung outdoors or used on a party table or as a photo booth for fun pictures.

Our final suggestion to creating your own ribbon curtain is to actually use a curtain and either permanently affix the ribbon rolls or using tape, or another removable adhesive, temporarily place the ribbons along the curtain. This creates a unique and fun way of displaying the customized ribbon rolls and will add character to any function.

A Couple of Extra Ideas

Tie the curtains on the backs of chairs for a unique detail at a formal party or wedding, use shorter ribbons for a fun picture accessory, or tie the ribbon rolls around a curved bar or hula hoop for hanging decorations at a birthday party.

Our ribbon rolls come in a variety of types and sizes. From Grosgrain to Floral Satin Acetate and even Organza, we can meet any need you might have. Can’t decide which will work best for your project? Try browsing our Idea Gallery to help with your ideas.

101 Ways To Use Personalized Ribbon Rolls

Ribbons can be used in a wide variety of ways. Many people have made lists of what one can do with a personalized ribbon, so here is our version. And, while this list doesn’t actually reach 101, it is sure to provide inspiration to reach that mark!

Getting Creative

ribbon rolls personalized ribbon wedding invitations party invitesCreate personalized ribbon with names or dates for an event, such as a birthday or wedding, and wrap an invitation. You can also wrap this personalized ribbon around wedding or other programs.

Create small tags with a single letter forming a title and use narrow ribbons to attach to a scrapbook page.

Use ribbon to tie tags onto presents or party favors, or wrap presents.

Make a flower with loops or scraps of ribbon and attach a button in the middle.

Use to decorate a yard for a party; tie onto a tree or branch, a porch railing, etc.

Tie up a group of skeleton keys for decoration for a scrapbook or to simply hang on a wall.

Personalized Ribbon Decorations

personalized ribbons candles centerpieces vasesGlue or tie personalized ribbon to a candle or a vase for centerpieces at a wedding.

Use it to tie silverware together for a table setting; even add the napkin underneath the silverware.

Use for embellishments for scrapbooks, smash books or other hand made items.

Use personalized ribbons to hang a locket holding something special or a charm/pendent that has a special meaning. This can be worn as a necklace or hung on a wall for decoration.

Use personalized ribbons with names or a date, and fold around the corner of a photograph to personalize it; secure the ribbon with a paperclip or double sided tape.

Ribbon Wands

personalized ribbon wands for weddings or partiesMake ribbon wands using a dowel and tying ribbon strips to the top. These are great for a little girl’s birthday party; simple and so cute!

Make a ribbon wreath from leftover ribbon scraps. All you need is a wreath form and simply start tying pieces of ribbon all the way around the form. Slide the ribbons together or spread them apart slightly, but make sure that there isn’t any of the wreath form that is visible. Use as many ribbons as you like to create your own look.

Make a ribbon chain for holiday or party decorations. String these on mantles, doors and even a Christmas tree.

Tie personalized ribbon around cinnamon sticks or bags of potpourri for party favors. These can then be placed anywhere that someone would like to smell nice, such as a sock drawer or on a mantle.

Simply put, use personalized ribbons as shoelaces.personalized ribbon rolls for shoe laces

Event Branding with Ribbon Wristbands

We are always looking for new ways to use custom ribbon rolls.

Here’s what we found this week:event wristbands ribbon rolls ribbon wristbandsEvent Ribbon Wristbands!

Order customized ribbon rolls with a school’s name, a program name, a company or even an event name. Once you receive the ribbon rolls, simply cut them to the desired length and secure these ribbon wristbands around attendee’s wrists. Ribbon wristbands are easy to attach by either tying or with double sided tape. Save time by attaching a piece of double sided tape or some Velcro to each of the wristbands prior to your event.

Ribbon wristbands are great for school events. Ordering ribbon rolls is easy and is an inexpensive option compared to locating tickets and other paraphernalia needed to monitor attendance or security at an event. When imprinted with school information, these wristbands become a fun keepsake for students and other attendees. Wristbands are even great for fundraisers, used for school spirit, or corporate events.

security wristbands event wristbands ribbon rolls ribbon wristbandsCustom ribbon wristbands can also boost a corporate brand or image. Give any brand or sponsor the attention they need and deserve by adding a small logo or text to any custom ribbon roll. When event guests and attendees wear these matching wristbands, you will reach maximum exposure. Often these wristbands are worn for days, if not weeks, after any event and continue to be word-of-mouth advertising and marketing for long after the actual event.

Recently there has been a surge toward wristbands that are more versatile than the typical plastic, one time use, or paper wristbands. Ribbon wristbands are a great replacement for these temporary ones. Wristbands can be custom imprinted with most any message or small logo and will continue to bring in revenue and advertising after your event. Wristbands provide event planners with a more attractive accessory for any event that will double as a keepsake for any attendee.