Custom Ribbon Definitions: Part 1

Defining our business helps our customers to fully understand what we do.

While our FAQ pages are full of your questions, we thought we’d get down to the nitty-gritty for you. Here are some definitions of how our business runs. From what personalized ribbons actually are to all the fun and fabulous details of ordering, we want to make this process as easy as possible.

So, what are personalized or custom ribbons?

definitions of personalized and custom ribbons for personalized ribbons All personalized ribbons can be customized with logos, text and other designs. These are anything from ribbon rolls that are used to wrap presents or for decorations during a party to ribbons that are attached to a name tag or worn as a type of identifier. They include badge ribbons, classic ribbons, ribbon rolls and rosette ribbons.

Now let’s get some of the more technical definitions out of the way.

Need By Date

We often reference a need by date on our website when a customer is placing an order. This phrase might be confusing. A need by date is the exact date that a customer needs to have the product in hand. While we do our best to match everyone’s need by date, this date is not a guarantee.

Ribbon Titles
We often refer to ribbon titles for our pre-imprinted ribbons. A title is the word(s) that is imprinted on a ribbon. They are available as stock items on our website. Titles are words such as sponsor, president, staff, visitor or member. Each ribbon type we offer comes with varying available titles that can be found on the order pages. These ribbons are ready to ship the same day you place your order.

Custom Text
Most ribbons are also available with custom text. This means that instead of using pre-imprinted titles, you can provide your own text. This text can range from titles that you don’t see on the list to names or other messages. You can choose your own font and color to match your ribbon choice. Each of these ribbons can also be designed with or without a logo.

Die (not dye*)
A die is required for all imprinting on ribbons. These dies are engraved stamps for impressing a design or text onto a ribbon. (*Dye refers to the process of using a color to stain fabric or other material such as hair.) Using foils and a heat transfer process, your design or text is stamped directly onto a ribbon with a polymer or metal die. A polymer die is a less expensive way of imprinting simple designs. However, a metal die will always create a better imprint due to its ability to transfer heat more effectively.

Do you have any questions regarding these definitions?

There will be further articles with more definitions, but help us by letting us know what you need. How about anything of which you’re unsure? Please let us know what else you need help with as we’re here for all of your questions!


State and County Fair Ribbons

From pies and other baked goods to award wining hogs and horses, no state or county fair is complete without great fair ribbons!

It’s that time of year again when the harvest is starting and the state and county fairs are showing off their wares. From shows and games to baked goods and larger-than-life vegetables, everyone deserves some sort of ribbon. Here are few suggestions if you don’t already have fair ribbons to call your own.

state and county fair ribbons for all award types and contestantsClassic Ribbons

These wonderful, flat ribbons are just perfect for that pie eating contest! Or they can be given for prize winning livestock, animal trick shows or other baked goods that are out of this world. Choose from a variety of titles and award positions, or create your own. With fun, vibrant colors, these ribbons are sure to please even the pickiest of winners.

Badge Ribbons

While these ribbons are simple, when customized to meet your needs, they can provide the recognition someone yearns for. Badge ribbons also provide instant recognition to those who are running the show. With stock and custom names and titles available, this simple solution is one of the best.

state and county fair ribbons for all award types and contestantsRosette Ribbons

This classic ribbon is always a great standby for the fair! With the beautiful tops and long streamers, everyone covets one of these beauties. Again, these are perfect for that prize winning livestock. And those pies and cakes that are to-die-for are all longing for the recognition that one of these special rosette ribbons gives.

Rosette ribbons are seen everywhere at the fair. From giant pumpkins to those cute little baby piglets, they are truly the classic touch at your local state or county fair. There are plenty of titles and stock ribbons to choose from. Or, make your own custom fair ribbons. They can have any title or honor imprinted to meet all of your needs.

Have you ever won state or county fair ribbons? If so, what was it for? We’d love to hear your story!