Beyond The Office & Classroom

From ribbon rolls to rosettes, nothing says office fun quite like a ribbon. There is never a dull moment when ribbons are in play. And why should the kids be the only ones to play for back-to-school? Bring some of that fun into your office with custom and stock ribbons. From award ribbons to badge ribbons, every office can benefit from some of these bright promotional tools.

Give Yourself That Well Deserved Award

give an office award for a job well done with these rosette ribbons

Choose from a wide selection of rosette and classic ribbons for any reward type which you might need. It doesn’t even have to be for an event. Just reward yourself for a job well done when finishing up your back-to-school shopping. Rosette ribbons are a great way to give yourself that pick me up you need. Or, go with an award ribbon that is so colorful your kids are going to get jealous!

And, don’t forget your coworkers. Get them in on some of this ribbon fun, too. Give out prizes for your favorite coworkers and your boss. Or, surprise everyone with a splash of color on their desk for no reason at all.

Get Creative with Ribbon Rolls

ribbon rolls are perfect for gifts and decorating around the office

From decorating a coworker’s desk to creating fun whiteboards in the break room, ribbon rolls are the perfect answer for any decorating your office may need. Choose from tons of colors and several ribbon types to find the ideal match for whichever need you have. Or, combine different ribbon rolls for a unique look.

You can also make fun gifts for those in your office who have children returning to school. Ribbon bookmarks are great for adults too. Or tie up a bag of goodies to say welcome back from the weekend. Everyone in your office is sure to enjoy your thoughtfulness.

But, no matter your ribbon choice, remember that even though the kids are going back to school, you deserve a treat for your office!

Creative Ribbons: Getting Kids Involved

From kindergarten to high school, kids everywhere are claiming they are bored this summer!

Here are a few ideas to keep them busy and out of trouble.

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growAre there any book clubs in your area? Reading helps intellect and imagination grow. And reading can be fun when choosing the right books. Help get your kids excited about reading by using creative ribbon bookmarks.

This project doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. But make sure to tailor it to your child’s age. A simple version of these ribbon books marks is something as basic as finding a paper clip and wrapping or tying some colorful ribbon to the end. Scrap ribbon rolls are perfect for this activity. See more bookmark options here!

Add some whimsical ribbons to your next kid’s event. They’re colorful and fun for everyone!

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growDo you have a summer birthday in the family? Or even just a get-together for the kids in the neighborhood? Try dancing ribbon rings or ribbon wands as a fun way to use up some of those brightly colored scrap ribbons you might have on hand. Making this craft is easy. Either paint Popsicle sticks or get some that are already colored. And then either glue or tape the ribbons to the end. These are sure to be a hit with the younger children at any party!

Award Ribbons

Choose from our wide selection of rosette and classic ribbons for any reward type that you might need. It doesn’t even have to be for an event. You can give a kid a ribbon as a way of saying thank you. Give one as a self-esteem booster to a child feeling lonely or out of sorts. And, keep one for yourself if you want!

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growWhen giving award ribbons to kids for a job well done, there are many different ribbon styles from which to choose. Ribbons come printed with in a wide array of accolades, including “Outstanding,” “Star Speller,” and “Happy Camper.” We’re sure to have the title you’re looking for, and if we don’t, tell us what you want, and we’ll be happy to work with you to create it.

Any of these ribbons are sure to let a child know that someone is noticing their hard work and is proud of them.

Valentine Ribbon Uses

You might be saying to yourself, “Wait! I thought the holidays were over!” But, here comes another one! And what a great way to use some of that left over red and white scrap ribbon! So, pull yourself together and gather all your creativity onto the table. Bring it on… bring on Valentine’s Day!

Simple projects for just about anyone.

ribbon roll used to wrap valentine flowersLet’s just get this idea out of the way. Super quick, grab a good length of leftover ribbon roll (red or white to match the season) and wrap that perfect gift for your special someone. This could be a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a quick box of chocolates. By adding the ribbon, it shows how much you really care.


Got kids? Do they need Valentine cards for classes at school? Here are a few quick ideas to use up those ribbon scraps.

Idea one – While this doesn’t really use ribbon scraps, it could still be fun! Order badge ribbons with a cute phrase and your child’s name. Then when the time comes, each recipient child will have a unique memoir.

ribbon roll used with paint chip sample cards for valentine cards and bookmarksIdea two – At some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all ended up needing paint for something. Remember those paint chip sample cards? Go grab a bunch of those and either punch hearts into them or buy stickers to simply decorate for the kids in your child’s class. Once decorated, use that scrap ribbon roll to tie streamers to the top of the paint chips. These fun and unique Valentine Cards can now be reused as a bookmark.


ribbon rolls and cupcake liners used to make rosette ribbons for valentine's dayIdea three – When was the last time you really used all of the baking cups for cupcakes or muffins? Have any left over? Stack a couple of these together, cutting and trimming some of them, to create a stacked look. Use a fun sticker for the middle of this fun rosette ribbon. Once completed, each rosette still needs the streamers. Use those ribbon roll scraps and attach a couple to the bottom of each rosette. These can now be attached to a piece of card stock or given as is.


While these ideas are to use leftover ribbon pieces you might have, don’t hesitate to order new ribbon rolls, rosette ribbons or badge ribbons to meet your needs. Be creative and, most importantly, have fun!

Badge Ribbons: Top 5 Reasons To Use Them

Badge ribbons share helpful information, open the way for conversations to begin, and add identifying information to any badge. Plus, they can be fun to wear. 

Badge ribbons are satin acetate ribbons with your custom text imprinted on them. They are sometimes called name tag ribbons or convention ribbons. Usually, they are attached to the bottom or sides of event badges.

Badge ribbons are inexpensive, so they are perfect to use in many different ways. In addition, they are available in various ribbon and imprint colors, so you will always find that ideal combination. Their uses are extensive, but we have chosen to share our five favorite ways to use them in this post.

Badge ribbons with stock titles

1. Identification at Events

A badge ribbon with a title such as staff, council member or sponsor is easy to see when attached to a badge holder. The titles also allow attendees to quickly recognize and identify exhibitors, judges, speakers, honorees and other important figures at a conference.

Examples of ribbons used for networking at events

2. Event Networking with Badge Ribbons

Unique ribbon titles are frequently used at conventions and other events to create buzz over an idea or theme. Offer a variety of ribbon titles with creative thoughts, a fun idea or personalized titles. One or more ribbons can be attached to the name badge and attendees can share their unique personalities and have fun while networking.

Use badge ribbons to promote activities and sales

3. Use Badge Ribbons for Promotional Advertising

Inexpensive promotional tools are hard to find, but ribbons are a great option. Many retail establishments use them during sales to promote them to their customers. Employees with a ribbon attached to their name tag become walking billboards. Because they are customizable, you can add a logo or business name and choose from various ribbon and imprint colors.

Acknowledge achievements with badge ribbons

4. Ribbons Reward Good Work

Recognizing achievement is a great way to have fun identifying and celebrating accomplishments. Highlight how your people have made a difference at your next meeting and award them with a small gift and a bright ribbon announcing their achievement. Or, provide a colorful ribbon for every participant at your next event to take home and remind them of the wonderful time they had.

share an important message on a ribbon

5. Share an Important Message or Reminder

Custom ribbon bookmarks are a great way to share an important message or reminder for visitors, members or special events. For example, have custom ribbons imprinted with suggested readings, an event schedule or a favorite quote.

Do you have a creative way to use badge ribbons? We would love to hear about your crafty idea, no matter how crazy or zany.

Shop Now!

Get what you need by mixing and matching ribbon colors and titles to meet the low minimum quantity. 

  • Custom Badge Ribbons:  You can choose the ribbon color and foil. Provide your custom wording. Logos and artwork are also a possibility.
  • Stock Badge Ribbons:  Select from over 50 titles imprinted onto colorful badge ribbons. 

Company Branding with Personalized Ribbons

company branding corporate branding personalized ribbonsWhat is company branding?

A company’s brand is what they are, what they want to be, and what they aim to become as a whole. It can be a promise of quality, trust or service. A brand is what makes a company or organization truly unique. Branding should make any company stand out from its competitors and lets the consumer know what to expect from that company.

Branding is one of the most important parts of any business, whether it be large or small. Building a strong brand helps a company or organization be financially strong. Product marketing is really where this process all begins.

In order to be successful in marketing a company’s brand, one must have a strong branding or marketing strategy. To determine the brand of a business, one must identify a target market and the product or service distribution means. By doing so, the organization can communicate the brand to this target market. And with the use of personalized ribbons, a company’s brand will truly stand out. Personalized ribbons are truly a great tool in company branding.

A few things to consider when working with an organization’s brand:

logo personalized ribbon corporate ribbon rolls company brandingBrand Identity: This is the customer’s knowledge of and ability to recognize the brand.

Brand Meaning: This is the character of the brand beyond the image, and includes product or business features, reliability, value and experience.

Consumer Relationship: This is the attitude of the customer toward the brand.

Remember that a brand is the means to communicate with a chosen market. Each brand needs to be visually stimulating, thereby encouraging product loyalty. Carefully designed branding leads to a secure business or organization. An organization’s brand should posses the above characteristics.

Most of our personalized ribbons can be printed with a company logo and each ribbon has its own value. Ribbon rolls are great for corporate gifting and event decoration. Badge ribbons can be used not only on badge holders and name tags, but for awards, bookmarks and other recognition pieces. Rosette ribbons are commonly used for awards and can be used to highlight accomplishments in an office or business setting.

An organization’s brand serves as a promise to the consumer. Whether this promise is of services or product, remember that the brand will be used in a marketing strategy and requires copious research. Consumers must understand a brand to increase the effectiveness and value for the company.