Saying Thank You During the Holidays

Expressing appreciation and saying thank you doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when it comes to ribbons.

saying thank you with personalized ribbonsHow often do we take advantage of all the tools we are given? And, do we realize the importance of each of these tools? But, here’s the real question: how can you use personalized ribbons to say thank you?

Using personalized tools such as ribbons and name tags doesn’t always need to be in a setting such as an office or store. Custom ribbons are so much more than that!

And, to prove this, here are four fun ribbon types that let someone know just how much your care.

Custom Rosette Ribbonsrosette ribbons are a great way to say thank you

These fancy ribbons aren’t just for awards, you know! Grab one today to let someone special know just how much you care about them. Add a graphic to the center button and a unique thank you message to the streamers. Each rosette can be customized to meet any need.

And, you don’t have to have a specific reason for giving one of these rosettes. From a simple thank you to recognizing a job well done, these ribbons are sure to please any recipient. And, with a variety of styles, colors and other customization options, you’ll love them too.

Custom Badge Ribbonsrosette ribbons are a great way to say thank you

If you need a quick and cost effective way to say thank you, try these flat ribbons. Badge ribbons are perfect if you need a whole bunch of ribbons to express your thanks. Choose a specific color for each person and add your custom text. These flat ribbons are easy to hand out at an event or other holiday party for favors or awards. Or, give them as a bookmark or other memorabilia to take home.

Each badge ribbon is sure to grab the recipient’s attention and let them know just how much you care. And, with such a large variety of imprinting and other ribbon options, these are sure to go over well.

Blank Ribbonsblank ribbons are a great way to say thank you

Need something that you can write on? How about a blank badge ribbon! With these easy-to-use ribbons, you can add just about anything you need by simply using a permanent marker or other label. From drawings to handwritten messages, the only limit is your imagination!

Custom Top Ribbonscustom top ribbons are a great way to say thank you

These custom ribbons are nearly perfect for anything. But saying thank you is a great way to use them as well. With the available full-color printing options, you can make these just as unique as your recipients.

Each custom top ribbon is perfect for any holiday event or party. And everyone will treasure this thoughtful way of saying thank you for a very long time!

How else can you say thank you with ribbons?

4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You

We’ve had another great year here at Coller Industries. 2016 brought a few changes, but they were all needed, and we have benefited from them greatly!

To start with, 2016 has seen our website go mobile and provide access to so many others that may have not seen it before. We are still working on getting our order pages live, but those are very short in coming!

there are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and sometimes that is with new productsNot only have we seen growth in our name tag inventory, but we’ve also seen it with our ribbon product line. These additions include some necessary ribbon color changes that seem to take place every year. We have also introduced a new stock badge ribbon with INTERN as the title. This is available in both horizontal and vertical formats. We had specific requests for this title, and we have been pleased with the results. We hope you are too!


As with previous years, we have also seen growth inside of our company. We have a new Customer Service Manger and a Senior Account Manager. Hannah and Aimee (respectively) are here to serve our customer’s every need. Of course, we still have the best customer service around to help anyone with their personal identification needs.

Due to some of our new products, our production and shipping department has seen an increase in our machinery. This includes a laminator as well as a new, fancy printer for our name tags. Production and shipping also do a fantastic job with making sure all customer orders are produced and shipped appropriately and promptly.

there are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and we guarantee all our productsIt was also recently announced at our annual employee Christmas party that our error rate is still under 1%! Here’s a quick review of our current year-to-date statistics:

Since January 1, 2016, Coller Industries has had a total of 122 errors coming from 31,694 orders total. Our overall error rate is 0.393%. This means that 1 in about every 255 orders may contain a mistake; great news for our customers!

Coller Industries would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for an outstanding year! You are the reason we are in business, and we want to acknowledge that. And with that thank you, we also wish you a wonderful and happy New Year!

there are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and we love our customers

Giving Back: Personalized Ribbons Edition

Giving back is what it’s all about!

From giving time and money to those in need, each year Coller Industries strives to give back to our local community. And, each year, we like to show the appreciation we receive for these generous gifts. It’s like a thank you for a thank you!

Annual Donation: Granite Education Foundation (from Name Tag Experience 12/15/15)

Every year Coller Industries makes an effort to recognize its employees during the holiday season. Part of this recognition tends to extend into the surrounding community. And, in turn, this translates to donations to various parts of our community. For the past six years, Clyde and Gary Coller, the CEO and President, respectively, of Coller Industries Incorporated have generously donated monetary benefits to The Granite Education Foundation.

“It makes us more responsible in the community,” said Gary Coller. “Hopefully our customers appreciate when they see that we give back to our own community.”

Coller Industries Incorporated started donating to the GEF in 2009 and to day has donated over $37,000. We are happy to continue our annual support of this wonderful foundation. And as employees here at Coller Industries, it is a pleasure knowing that our employer is so generous with their time and money.

The Granite Education Foundation provides educational opportunities for Granite School District students. They educate students, teachers and members of our community on positive ways to impact the community.

The Granite Education Foundation has kindly supported our business by giving us these wonderful notes and thank yous. And now here they are for you, as our reader, to enjoy!

valentines from the granite education foundation giving back to our community valentines from the granite education foundation giving back to our community


Included with thank yous from students and parents was a wonderful letter from the Foundation:

“This year, Granite Education Foundation and students from throughout Granite School District wanted to express our heart-felt thanks for your continued generosity and support. Enclosed you will find hand-made Valentine’s Day cards that our students created with YOU in mind.

In our opinion, YOU’RE AWESOME SAUCE, Valentine! Thanks for believing in our mission and for the extra boost you give students. We couldn’t accomplish what we do without YOU. You are O-‘FISH’-ally our favorite!”

Thank You and Happy New Year Wishes

As we come to a close of this great year, Coller Industries has to send a thank you to the most important aspect of our company: you, the customer.

custom rosette ribbon empire triple streamerWe have seen growth in our company in many ways, and we have many people to thank for that. First, we have made several changes to our website and as such it has made ordering even easier. And to aid in those changes, we have also seen growth in our inventory. We have started offering more fonts for our customers this year. These fonts have made ordering badge ribbons easier and give a better variety to meet everyone’s needs. We have also added several new rosette ribbons to our product line. Rosette Ribbons are a great way to show appreciation for someone’s hard work.

We have seen growth inside our company as well. We have a strong Customer Service Department who is ready and available to assist in any need a customer may have. They are a wonderful addition to our company. And, as customer service is our main goal, we want and need to make sure that our customers are happy with our products and that they match to the customer’s needs. Our Customer Service Department sees to that need and fulfills it with flying colors.

Production and Shipping also do a wonderful job with making sure all orders are produced and shipped appropriately and in a timely manner. Again, they assist with making sure that our customer’s needs are precisely met.

We have also seen growth in our Marketing and other departments. Marketing has made our name tag and name badge website fully mobile and is working on our other sites to make sure that you, as our customer, are highly satisfied with our quality and selection. And, as our first goal is to see that our customers are happy and satisfied with our products, we want to make sure that all needs are met when you are seeking personal identification products.

personalized ribbon rolls for thank you giftscustom ribbon rolls and wishing a happy new yearWe would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for an outstanding year! You are the reason we are in business and we want to acknowledge that. And with that thank you, we also wish you a wonderful and happy New Year!