How We Show Gratitude & Appreciation

These are big words: gratitude, appreciation, community. And their meanings are even more significant!

these special valentines show how much gratitude and appreciation comes from our annual GEF donationEvery year around this time, Coller Industries receives a special package. Inside this package are not only handwritten thank you Valentines, but also lots and lots of love. We receive these cards every year due to our annual donations to the Granite Education Foundation. And every year, our hearts are filled with gratitude and appreciation for those in our community.

Enclosed in the package is also a letter from the board of Granite Education Foundation:

Hey, Valentine!

Exchanging heartfelt messages on Valentine’s Day is a well-loved tradition. While the earliest Valentines were little more than hastily scribbled notes, today we can choose from thousands of varieties, each designed for a specific relationship in our lives. A hundred years ago, only sweethearts exchanged Valentine’s Day cards, but the practice has spread to encompass friends, family, colleagues and supporters.

This year, Granite Education Foundation and students from throughout Granite School District want to express our heartfelt thanks for your continued generosity and support. Enclosed you will find hand-made Valentine’s Day cards that our students created with YOU in mind.

Each board member signs this letter as a token of their gratitude and appreciation for all our donation does for teachers, students and the school district.

these special valentines show how much gratitude and appreciation comes from our annual GEF donationGranite Education Foundation (GEF)

Federal and state funds do not meet the immense needs of our students, teachers and schools. The Granite Education Foundation provides access to resources that improve educational outcomes.

We provide educational opportunities for students of Granite School District.

We educate students, teachers and members of our community on ways to impact our community. Together, we CAN make a difference! We gather and give resources the GRANITE way. We impact children and teachers in public education. We advocate, inform and promote learning for students and their families.

The lessons we learn from helping in our community teaches us how to be grateful for what we have. And when we realize what we have, we give even more back to those around us.

these special valentines show how much gratitude and appreciation comes from our annual GEF donation

these special valentines show how much gratitude and appreciation comes from our annual GEF donation

Coller Industries is known for their impact in the community through product donations. But the annual contribution to GEF is the one donation that we deem the most poignant. We are giving to the schools, the children, and most importantly, we are providing for our future.

These actions we make each year fill our hearts with gratitude and appreciation for those around us. Those who strive every day to make a difference in the world. So, yes, we receive thank you cards, but we feel that we are the ones who should be the most grateful. And that, in essence, is why we give donations.

Valentine Ribbon Uses

You might be saying to yourself, “Wait! I thought the holidays were over!” But, here comes another one! And what a great way to use some of that left over red and white scrap ribbon! So, pull yourself together and gather all your creativity onto the table. Bring it on… bring on Valentine’s Day!

Simple projects for just about anyone.

ribbon roll used to wrap valentine flowersLet’s just get this idea out of the way. Super quick, grab a good length of leftover ribbon roll (red or white to match the season) and wrap that perfect gift for your special someone. This could be a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a quick box of chocolates. By adding the ribbon, it shows how much you really care.


Got kids? Do they need Valentine cards for classes at school? Here are a few quick ideas to use up those ribbon scraps.

Idea one – While this doesn’t really use ribbon scraps, it could still be fun! Order badge ribbons with a cute phrase and your child’s name. Then when the time comes, each recipient child will have a unique memoir.

ribbon roll used with paint chip sample cards for valentine cards and bookmarksIdea two – At some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all ended up needing paint for something. Remember those paint chip sample cards? Go grab a bunch of those and either punch hearts into them or buy stickers to simply decorate for the kids in your child’s class. Once decorated, use that scrap ribbon roll to tie streamers to the top of the paint chips. These fun and unique Valentine Cards can now be reused as a bookmark.


ribbon rolls and cupcake liners used to make rosette ribbons for valentine's dayIdea three – When was the last time you really used all of the baking cups for cupcakes or muffins? Have any left over? Stack a couple of these together, cutting and trimming some of them, to create a stacked look. Use a fun sticker for the middle of this fun rosette ribbon. Once completed, each rosette still needs the streamers. Use those ribbon roll scraps and attach a couple to the bottom of each rosette. These can now be attached to a piece of card stock or given as is.


While these ideas are to use leftover ribbon pieces you might have, don’t hesitate to order new ribbon rolls, rosette ribbons or badge ribbons to meet your needs. Be creative and, most importantly, have fun!