Wedding Ribbon Ideas As Easy As 1-2-3

From flowers to backdrops, personalized ribbons are perfect for any wedding!

Custom ribbon rolls are the most commonly used ribbons and are great for nearly every event or occasion. From the perfect color choice to a personalized message, we will produce each ribbon roll for anything you need. And, they are a magical addition to any wedding.

Each ribbon is Single Face Satin. The red is Scarlet in 7/8 inch with the couple’s names imprinted in metallic silver. The yellow is Baby Maize in 3/8 inch with the wedding date imprinted in metallic red. Here are some great time and money saving tips for decorating with your personalized ribbons.

It’s All About the Flowers

All of the flowers at this beautiful wedding were accented with these personalized ribbons. From the corsages to the boutonnieres, the smaller floral arrangements had either the yellow or the red ribbon wrapped around the stems. Some, such as the mother’s corsages, had little ribbons poking out from the flowers as well. The bride’s maid bouquets matched closely to the bride’s bouquet with the stems wrapped together using both the red and the yellow ribbons.

satin face ribbon used for a corsage at a wedding
satin face ribbon used for a corsage at a wedding

Centerpieces and Table Decorations

use custom ribbon rolls for your wedding as table decorations and centerpiecesWhile the main decorations were bright red and yellow paper flowers, the groom had the fun idea of incorporating the ribbons alongside. The ribbons were quickly cut from the roll to display the imprinted information. Using these snippets, they were placed on each table and the display tables as decorative scatter. Several of the guests complimented the couple on this grand idea!

The centerpieces were vases full of fun, colored popcorn that was part of the refreshments for reception guests. Each vase was tied with a length of ribbon roll to display the color theme for the occasion.

scarlet red and baby mazie satin face ribbon rolls on a wedding cakeAnd Don’t Forget the Cake!

Keeping with the color scheme was important for this couple. So, not only did the flowers have to match, but so did the ribbon. And it was flawlessly displayed on the three-tiered cake! Both ribbon colors were wrapped around the base of each layer. The baker was careful to make sure that the names and date showed nicely without any overlap.

Most of these ideas were crafted by either the bride or the groom; some on the day of the wedding and reception! So, no matter how simple, or how ornate, you want your wedding to be, personalized ribbons are always a great way to go.

Product Highlight: Chiffon Organza

Create something unique using chiffon organza ribbon rolls.

Not all ribbon rolls are created equal. Often overlooked because of their sheer quality, chiffon organza ribbons are just as useful as any other ribbon.

chiffon organza ribbon rolls for weddings and other events

From celebrations to awards, all ribbon rolls are extremely versatile. Customize a ribbon roll with a personalized message such as names, dates or a special sentiment. Use them for gifts, decorations and other fun DIY projects for your next party.

While this chiffon organza ribbon is a bit harder to work with than other ribbons, the sheerness makes it a unique choice. The lightweight, open weave of this ribbon looks fantastic when used for wrapping gifts and creating decorations.

This ribbon roll type is lightweight and translucent. These ribbons are one hundred percent nylon and are a unique choice for ribbon rolls. Due to its lightweight quality, it provides an elegant, iridescent finish.

“A solid color layered under can make the color stand out. A darker color of satin under the sheer makes the color pop a lot better,” says Traci, our Assistant Customer Service Manager.

Using a lighter color satin ribbon under a sheer organza ribbon is perfect to show any and all imprinted text. The sheer nature of this ribbon allows what is behind the ribbon to show through softening the customized printing.

These paired ribbon combinations are ideal for presents, floral arrangements and wedding decorations.

For each of these options, a personal touch of names or dates is perfect. One of the best uses for this ribbon type is wrapping gifts. Use bright, off setting colors of wrapping paper to set off these ribbon rolls.

Chiffon organza rolls are perfect for weddings as well! From kissing balls to guest favors, match almost any color scheme with these unique ribbons. Pair them with centerpieces, floral arrangements and other decorations at any event.

Whatever your use, chiffon organza ribbon rolls are a great solution for any need.

Finishing Touches: Wedding Kissing Balls

Kissing balls, also known as pomanders, are perfect for an alternative bouquet for bridesmaids.

how to make kissing balls or pomanders with personalized ribbonsTraditionally, kissing balls came from England during the Middle Ages. They are a symbol of goodwill. They were hung over doors to welcome visitors and celebrate Christmas. However, these decorations eventually became a symbol of romance and eventually became a favorite wedding tradition.

Use these hanging floral arrangements to dress up the aisle at your wedding. Or, use them as an alternative bouquet for flower girls and bridesmaids. Some brides even opt for using pomanders as a bridal bouquet. They are also beautiful when arranged from a doorway or arch.

And, pomanders are easy to make with silk flowers, fresh flowers, or even from tissue paper.


First things first, make sure to have all your materials gathered! You will need:

Foam Ball
Flowers (you can use real or artificial)
Personalized Ribbon
Wooden Skewer or knitting needle
Hot Glue

how to make kissing balls or pomanders with personalized ribbonsNow, the assembly!

Gently push the skewer through the top of the foam ball. This action will cause it to go in one side of the ball and out the other. Once this is done, thread the personalized ribbon through the ball using the skewer or a knitting needle.

Next, gather all the flowers without stems together. You will need roughly 38 flowers to cover a 4 inch ball. Put a dab of hot glue on the base of the flower and gently push it into the foam ball. Repeat this step until you cover the ball in flowers.

Play with colors and layout with different flower types. We also added some extra ribbon among the flowers for a personalized touch. You can also add additional details like beads or crystals in between the flowers. Or add another decorative piece at the center of each flower. By using artificial flowers, these balls will last a very long time.

Kissing balls made with real flowers are just as easy to make. Make sure to use a floral foam ball instead of Styrofoam. Cut each flower with about a one-inch stem to insert into the ball. Be gentle so as not to damage the flowers. And, keep in mind when using fresh flowers that the pomander will not keep as long and should be used within a couple of days of making them.

4 Easy Ideas to Make Any Wedding Perfect

Using custom ribbons for wedding decorations favors and any other detailsPlanning a wedding?

Here are a few fun ideas to get you started or just put on the finishing touches.

Using custom ribbons for wedding decorations favors and any other detailsFlowers

Flowers and ribbons are pretty synonymous when it comes to weddings. Custom ribbon rolls are a perfect addition to any flower arrangement. Use them along with the flowers or use them as an accent. Whatever the use, make sure to customize the ribbon to match the wedding colors and theme. Add personal information such as names and dates to make the ribbons stand out.

Use custom ribbon rolls to wrap around the stems of flowers. Use these for decorations or bouquets for bridesmaids and the bride. Other ideas for ribbons with flowers can include a loop of ribbon incorporated into the boutonnieres for the groom’s men and groom. Try adding wrapping these colorful and unique ribbons around vases filled with wedding flowers for a personal touch.

Centerpieces and Decorations

From simple candle accents to more elaborate centerpieces with flowers or balloons, custom ribbons are a must for a personalized look. With tons of colors to choose from, we have something for everyone. Add unique wedding details to each custom ribbon such as names, dates and other bride and groom favorites.

And, don’t forget the decorations! From ribbon curtains at the welcome table and table runners to balloon streamers and quirky photo sharing ideas, personalized ribbons are definitely the way to go. Make this the wedding they all remember with all of your unique wedding ribbon ideas.

Using custom ribbons for wedding decorations favors and any other detailsGuest and Party Favors

Give your guests and attendees something special to take home with them. It will help them remember your special day. And, what better way to leave an impression than with personalized ribbons. Wrap ribbon rolls around small bags of goodies or a box with a special treat. Or, use other custom ribbons a bit more creatively. Use full-color classic ribbons for a fun keepsake. Add pictures or graphics to make these ribbons something special and give them to attendees, so they remember your special day.

Don’t forget the cake!

It doesn’t matter how many tiers are on the cake, what is important is that it is special to you. By adding some personalized wedding ribbon around one, two or more layers of the cake, you can bring out the special meaning of your day. Make sure to order ribbon in your wedding colors and add personalized information such as the date, names and maybe a fun phrase that means something special to both the bride and groom.

No matter what you choose, make sure the color and message for your ribbons are special enough for your day!

6 Reasons: Ribbon Rolls for Decorating

Are you planning an event and need ideas for decorating? From weddings to parties to most any event you can think of, ribbon rolls are the perfect answer for any needed decorations!

ribbon materials infographic for decorating usesSo, now you’re left with the unanswered question: what kind of ribbon do I want for my decorating? Here’s a quick guide to help you along your way to your perfect answer.

First things first, what do you need the ribbon roll for? Let’s look at all the things you can do with ribbon rolls. Tying them around things it a great use! Uses range from table decorations like candles and vases to the more traditional uses like gift wrapping and using them to wrap flowers into bouquets. Whatever you decide to use these ribbons for, that’s your stepping stone.

While most of these ribbon selections can be used for tying, some are prettier than others. But don’t discount ribbon types like grosgrain or organza quite yet. These ribbons have their uses too!

Satin and acetate ribbons are perfect for flowers and gifts. Tying bows is simple and they hold well. Tie them around your bouquets for that great looking bow. They hold their shape will so that the bow’s loops remain plush and open. These ribbons are also useful for decorating because of their shiny quality. They work great when hung with other decorations or used on centerpieces for tables.

(This ribbon) is heavily textured on both sides. Consequently, the imprinting will have lines running through it where the color of the ribbon will show through. This can lead to a more casual or “distressed” look in the final ribbon. (And,) the material itself is slightly thicker and heavier than (other ribbons).

Chiffon – Organza
(This ribbon choice) has an open, mesh-like weave that allows you to see through it. Because of this transparency, …organza has a very elegant look, making it a popular choice for weddings or other formal events. It has a stiff texture that works well for almost any size bow.

Whatever you decide to use for your decorating, make sure that your imprinting choices match your ribbon choice. Printing on satin versus grosgrain, and even organza, will always show up differently. Watch your text and image choices when selecting your ribbons.

To make it a bit easier, simply review this information every time you need to choose your ribbon style and you can’t go wrong.

View entire infographic by clicking on the image. (Infographic courtesy of:
Melanie Bunch, Graphic Artist, Coller Industries Incorporated.)