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Frequently Asked Questions

All the info you need to order confidently. See set-up fees, minimum order requirements, answers to your questions regarding designing your own ribbons, and more.

Rosette Ribbons

What is a rosette ribbon and what does it consist of?

Unlike name tag ribbons which are primarily used to provide information, rosette ribbons are most often used as award ribbons. Typically, rosette ribbons are awarded at competitions as prize ribbons, often as a place ribbon for a particular event or category. Our rosette ribbons consist of three primary parts: the outside ribbon folding pattern (style), the ribbon center and the ribbon streamer. We offer a variety of styles, center styles/designs and a number of streamers with varying lengths.

What is the easiest way to place an order?

We offer two convenient ways for you to place an order: by phone (1-800-272-5729) or online. Due to the complex nature of the rosette ribbons, ordering by phone is most likely the easier method of the two. By phone, you can speak with one of our customer service representatives who can answer your questions, help you put together an order and can provide you with an accurate quote. Online, you can view various samples, check out the prices and production times, as well as place an order. Please note, online orders will not generate a price.

Why does an online order not generate a price?

Unlike our other products, rosette ribbons can be modified significantly and still be counted as the same set, which allows you to maintain your quantity discounts. Due to these vast number of customization possibilities, along with specific pricing that may or may not be associated with each of these options, we've removed the price quote function from our online ordering forms to avoid overpricing your order. While the online order forms won't generate a price, the forms do list the various costs associated with each option, providing you with an idea of what the price will be. After you've completed the online order form, we'll receive an internet invoice of your exact order, which will allow us to contact you with an accurate quote.

What is a set? How many may I have on my order?

By default, every rosette order includes one set; this set is where you put together your first rosette design. A new set is needed anytime you need to make a change to this first design. Adding additional sets does not automatically add a cost; however, depending on the desired change, there may be an additional cost for that change. Our online ordering form allows up to six sets, but you may set up as many sets as you'd like; simply give us a call and speak with a customer service representative.

Do you have a list of stock rosette center images to choose from?

Yes, we have over 250 different stock images, with designs in categories such as sports, animals, religion, organizations and much more. In addition to our stock images, we also offer various printed titles, including: "CHAMPION", "BEST IN SHOW", "FIRST", "SECOND", "THIRD" and more. Any of these designs/titles may be used free of charge on your first set (There is a $3.00 charge to change the center design from set to set.)

Can I use my custom rosette center design? Is there a cost?

Yes, you may use your own custom text or logo/image on the rosette centers. Custom text has a $20.00 set-up cost if your order has less than a quantity of 200.
Custom images/logos can either be hot-stamped (Gold Rim Center) or full color printed (Button Center). Full color printed logos have no set-up costs or minimum quantities; hot-stamped logos have a $60.00 set-up charge and an additional $20.00 set-up cost if the quantity is less than 200.

What is a metal stamp and when is it required?

A metal stamp is an etched imprint of your design that is used to hot-stamp your logo or text when a custom image/logo or excessive text is needed for your rosette ribbon design. The cost of a metal stamp ranges from $60.00 to $220.00 depending on the size of your design and is required for a custom Gold Rim Center design and when the ribbon text exceeds 14 lines of print. Your stamp will be kept in our files for three years; each time you reorder using your stamp, the three years is renewed.

Is it possible to change the text form one rosette ribbon to another?

Yes, each set of text changes requires a new set. After you've designed your first set, you may replace up to four lines of text for each additional set. There is a $2.00 line change charge for each line that is replaced.

What color options are available for printing? Do yo PMS color match?

The default imprint color is gold foil, unless specified otherwise.
Our metallic colors include: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Bronze, Black, Teal, Pink, Gold, Silver and Rainbow. Our non-metallic colors include: Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Maroon and White.
We cannot match PMS colors in foil, but the Full Color process allows for close PMS matching on multi-color ribbons.

Can I see what my rosette ribbon will look like before I place an order?

Yes, a design proof is included with every rosette order. The design proof will provide you with a visual representation of your rosette design. If any changes to the design need to be made, you may make the revisions on the proof and resend/refax it to us. The standard proof creation time is two business days and production will not begin until we receive a signed proof from you, approving the design.

How much does a standard rosette cost?

The stock price of each rosette ribbon depends on the style and quantity. The base prices for the Ideal Style are (quantity of 10): three streamer: $4.16, two streamer $4.06, and one streamer $3.96. The Duxbury single streamer starts at $3.72. The base price includes a stock center design, one set and up to 10 lines of print.

What is the turnaround time on a rosette order?

The standard production time for a stock designed rosette ribbon is six business days. If a metal stamp is needed (Gold Rim Center) for a custom design or excessive text, an additional four business days are added to the total production time, increasing the total time to 10 business days. Expedite options are available to reduce production times; however, the four days to create a metal stamp can't be expedited. Production will not begin until you've signed and returned your design proof.

What are the dimensions/measurements of your rosette?

Currently, we offer two styles of rosettes: the Ideal Style and the Duxbury Style. The measurements are the same for each style, and are as follows:

Ribbon Dimensions:
Rosette Diameter: 4 Inches Streamer Length: 9 Inches Total Rosette Height: 12 Inches (Measured from Top to Bottom).

Imprint Dimensions:
Gold Rim Center: 1.65 Inches Button Center: 2 Inches Maximum Streamer Width Imprint: 1.75 Inches.

What are your set-up costs?

By default, there are no set-up costs for a rosette order. However, depending on your specific design, there may be additional charges that are required. Below is a list of the most frequent set-up costs:

  • $20.00 – Orders with a minimum quantity less than 25
  • $20.00 – Gold Rim Custom Text Design (If minimum quantity is less than 200)
  • $20.00 – Gold Rim Custom Image/Logo Design (If minimum quantity is less than 200)
  • $60.00 – Gold Rim Custom Image/Logo Design (Metal Stamp)
  • $60.00 to $220 – Metal Stamp (When lines of print exceed 14 lines)
Is there a minimum quantity requirement?

Yes ,there is a minimum quantity of 10 for each rosette order. However, if your order is below 25 ribbons (total), you will be charged a $20.00 small order fee. In general, it is less expensive to order 25 rosettes and pay the extra per unit cost than paying the $20.00 set-up cost for ordering less than 25 ribbons.

Imprinted Badge Ribbons

What different types of Imprinted Badge Ribbons are available?

Personalized Ribbons offers two types of Imprinted Badge Ribbons:

  • Stock Ribbons: 40+ pre-imprinted titles ready to be shipped within 24 hours.
  • Custom Ribbons: design your own ribbons, with or without a logo.
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Is there a minimum quantity required for each order?

Yes – there is a minimum total quantity of 25 for each order. However, you may mix and match multiple titles/layouts to reach this quantity.

What is the standard production time for Stock Ribbons?

Orders placed before 11:00 AM (MT) will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after the 11:00 AM (MT) deadline will be shipped the following day.

Can multiple Stock Ribbon titles be combined for quantity discount pricing?

Yes! You can order as few as one of any title, and we'll sum up the total number of ribbons to provide you with a discounted rate for the total order.

Are there any set-up costs associated with the Imprinted Badge Ribbons?
  • Stock Ribbons: no set-up costs.
  • Custom Ribbons: $9.50 set-up fee for each unique ribbon layout.
What constitutes a unique ribbon layout change?

The $9.50 set-up fee applies when a ribbon design has any of the following changed from one layout to the next:

  • Ribbon text
  • Ribbon color
  • Imprint color
How are imprinted ribbons created?

Using foils and a heat transfer process, your design is hot-stamped directly onto a ribbon with a polymer or metal stamp.

What is the difference between polymer and metal stamps?

A polymer stamp provides a less expensive way of imprinting simple designs; however, a metal stamp will always create a better imprint due to its ability to transfer heat more effectively and its stronger composition.

When is a metal stamp required?

While we recommend a metal stamp for every imprinting job, there are four instances it is absolutely required:

  • When your design has a logo
  • When your design has fine details or excessive text
  • Black or white imprinting
  • Quantities of 1,000 for each unique layout
What is the cost of a metal stamp and how long does it take to be manufactured?

The cost of a metal stamp is $30.00 per unique ribbon layout (includes the $9.50 set-up fee) and will add an additional two business days to the total production time.

What is the standard production time for Custom Ribbons?

The standard production time for custom ribbons is 2 business days. Factors such as the total number of titles/layouts and the total quantity may add additional days to the production process. For a complete list of production time combinations.

Will I get a proof of what my Custom Ribbon will look like, before production begins?

Yes. For all Custom Ribbons, a proof will be created and emailed to you within four business hours after your order has been processed. Please make any revisions, if any, on this proof and return it to us. The production of your ribbons will NOT begin until we receive a signed proof.

Ribbon Rolls

When printing on a ribbon roll, how do I get the imprint so that it is only on the ends of my bow?

STEP 1 - Make a Mock-Up:
Use a ribbon the width that you want, to create the shape that you need. If you will be tying it around something, use something of a similar size to tie it around to create your mock-up. Trim or mark the ends.

STEP 2 - Take Measurements:
Mark where you want the imprint to begin and end. Then untie the ribbon and measure as shown here:
Ribbon end measuring.
If you will be cuttin the tails off at an angle, be sure to measure from the longest point.

STEP 3 - The Final Result:
The ribbon will be imprinted with the long and short gaps that you specify. The final result will be a ribbon with two imprints, a big space, then two more imprints.
Ribbon end gaps.
Here is how you would cut it to achieve the same lengths seen in your mock-up:
Where to cut the ribbon ends.
You will then cut between the two imprints that are close together to create strips with an imprint on either end.

STEP 4 - Reading the Proof:
Before we imprint your order, we will send you a proof for your approval. Due to the limited space available and the lengths of the finished products, some adjustments have to be made to get all the information to fit. Here is an example of a typical Continuous Ribbon proof:
Ribbon end proof example.
A - Ruler depicting a length to-scale side-to-side.
B - Rough sketch of where the imprints will be in relationship to each other. Side-to-side distances are to-scale; height of imprints and ribbon have not been adjusted to match finished product. Use the ruler above to verify that the long gap, short gap, and imprints are all the length required.
C - Larger view of finished ribbon, showing the imprint to-scale and an estimation of the requested colors. The area of the imprints and the short gap can usually be shown. The long gap will not fit, so is represented by the spaces on either end.

Ribbon End Imprints Instructions (PDF)

Full Color Badge Ribbons, Award Ribbons & Promotional Ribbons

What different types of Full Color Badge Ribbons are available?

Personalized Ribbons offers six styles of Full Color Badge Ribbons:

  • Horizontal ribbons with taped front
  • Vertical ribbons with taped front
  • Pinked Top without a fastener
  • Pointed Top with eyelet, string and event card
  • Square Top with eyelet, string and event card
  • Hemmed Top with optional event card
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How are Full Color Badge Ribbons created?

Your design is printed in full color directly onto the ribbon, allowing for multiple colors, gradients, and detailed images. While the ribbon is printed on a white material, the background colors of your design may be extended (bleed) off the edges of the ribbon.

Is there a minimum quantity required for each order?

Yes, there is a minimum quantity of 100 for each order.

Will I get a proof of what my ribbons will look like before production begins?

Yes. A proof will be created and emailed to you within four business hours after your order has been processed. Please make any revisions, if any, on this proof and return it to us. The production of your ribbons will NOT begin until we receive a signed proof.

What is the standard production time?

Seven business days after your proof has been approved.

Are there any set-up costs?

Yes, the cost is dependent on the design provided:

  • Design Requested: $30.00 (We do it)
  • Customer Supplied Art: $15.00 (You do it)

For Designed Requested set-ups, there is a $30.00 charge that includes 30 minutes of art time to convert your preliminary design into a finalized design.

For Customer Supplied Art set-ups, where you already have a design that is ready to be printed, there is a $15.00 charge. Vector art with all text converted to curves or a high-quality (300 DPI) bitmapped file (.jpg or .tiff), with any required bleeds, is needed.

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