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Guarantee and Policies

Satisfaction guaranteed seel, with a smiling customer service agent.

Our Guarantee and Commitment to You

Personalized Ribbons strives to serve its customers by providing the highest quality products at great prices, backed by support from great customer service representatives and our satisfaction guarantee:

Quality Products

All of our products are guaranteed defect-free for one year (excludes accidental damage or improper handling/care).

Order Accuracy

If your order is incorrect, contact us within 60 days of the order's ship date and we'll take care of it for you, including all shipping costs.

Convenient Service

If you are worried about any part of your order not being what you need, request a First Article to see an example of your personalized order. If you do not order a First Article, and your order has been made to the correct specifications and/or is within Personalized Ribbons' tolerances, and you are not satisfied, you will receive 50% off the merchandise cost for your next order.

Returns & Exchanges


All non-customized (stock) items may be returned, and will be charged a 15% restocking fee unless the item is being exchanged. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

Custom items (any personalized items or those manufactured by an outside vendor) may not be returned or exchanged.

Return Authorization

Customers must obtain an RMA # before shipping any product back to Personalized Ribbons. For returns where Personalized Ribbons is to pay shipping costs, a UPS Call Tag will be issued.

Refund Process

Until the original products are received, refunds will not be processed, and in some situations, replacement products will not be shipped until the return is received by Personalized Ribbons.

Defective Products


Defective products, including custom items or those manufactured by an outside vendor, and/or those products not made within Personalized Ribbons' tolerances in regard to matching the signed proof, will be replaced or refunded at Personalized Ribbons option. Personalized Ribbons will pay shipping costs to send replacements and for return of the original product.


No refund will be given on an order if it has been produced according to the specifications of the signed proof.

First Articles

What are they?

A First Article allows the customer to see one physical sample of the product being ordered, made to the proof's specifications, before the entire order is purchased. *Highly recommended for customers with very detailed specifications.*


When ordering a First Article, the customer pays for the product itself, any appropriate setup fee, and shipping costs.

Once the customer approves the First Article, the setup fee is waived on the full order, but shipping costs are still charged on the full order.

Color Specifications

Color Matching

Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are the best way to let Personalized Ribbons know what colors are expected. We make reasonable efforts to match these colors, however we do not offer exact color matches due to limitations of the production process. Without acceptable specifications from the customer, we make no guarantee on color matching.

Our Recommendation

If color matches are important, we recommend the purchase of a First Article; a color sample may be sent in some circumstances. However, variations in materials, stamping foils, printer ribbons, equipment, and environmental factors preclude any guarantee of exact color consistency from lot to lot or even item to item within the same lot.

Product Tolerances

Due to the variable nature of customized products, especially those with color logos, we are able to define only certain specific tolerances - all other discrepancies not covered on this page will be handled on a case by case basis by Quality Control and Customer Service.

Product Sizing

Any customized item cut to order should be within 1/16" of the specified size.

Logo Placement

Logos are to be placed within 1/32" of the location specified on the proof.


Availability of Materials

Future availability of identical materials, stamping foils, printer ribbons, or equipment cannot be guaranteed. Personalized Ribbons will take all appropriate steps to ensure your products are as closely matched as possible from order to order.

Stamp Storage

Ribbon stamps may be kept for up to 18 months at customer request - small storage fee applies.

Proper Handling & Care


Store your products in a safe, dry place. Moisture and heat can warp or damage some of Personalized Ribbons' products.


Accidental damage, such as scratches, dings, dents, etc., are not covered by this guarantee.

Customer Supplied Layouts


Review all proofs for custom products and return the approved proofs to Personalized Ribbons in a timely manner. Proof approval must be received by Personalized Ribbons before production will begin. The product will be made to the specifications shown on the proof, if changes to the proof are required, an additional proof will be created and a customer signature required. Be sure to call if there are questions about the proof.

Report Problems Quickly

Notify Personalized Ribbons within 60 days after receipt of product if there are any problems/defects. If time is important, notify Personalized Ribbons immediately (IE, if an issue is recognized at 10:30 notify us at 11:00, not 4:00).

Notify Personalized Ribbons of any shipping problems as soon as the problem is recognized. Failure to do so may eliminate some remedies.

Mistakes made by customers such as incorrect name spelling, sending the wrong logo, or changes in product content are NOT covered by this guarantee.

Return Authorization

Never return a shipment to Personalized Ribbons without a Return Authorization # or Call Tag.

Legal Responsibilities

TRADEMARKS - Customers requesting tags with trade marked logos represent that they have the authority to use such trade mark. Personalized Ribbons will not be responsible for any fines or other legal actions due to misuse of trademarks.

Instructions and Templates

Company Policies

At Personalized Ribbons your complete privacy and confidentiality is paramount to us. Rest assured that your personal information will NEVER be shared with or distributed to anyone else.

Privacy Policy

Personalized Ribbons only collects information necessary for providing proper service to its customers. Information is never released to third parties, nor will your logo be used on any other products without your prior consent.


Customers authorize Personalized Ribbons to use images and samples of products made by Personalized Ribbons for the customer in its advertising and to be listed on lists of Personalized Ribbons' customers. Customer contacts will not be released without approval.

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