Education Continues To Celebrate Excellence

Due to Coller Industries Incorporated’s continual support and donations, we were able to be a part of the “Excel Evening of Honors” on April 13th. Granite Education Foundation presents awards each year to exceptional teachers and administrators working in their district.

It all starts with the smallest of donations: TIME.

Since Granite Education Foundation’s inception in 1988, educator recognition and support has been a key priority. The Excel Awards are a prestigious honor given to the top 10 educators of Granite School District and has been sponsored by Granite Education Foundation since the beginning. Students, administrators, parents and colleagues nominate educators that exemplify the values of Granite School District.

coller industries enjoys giving back to our community through donations to granite education foundation

“Watching the videos of each teacher and their stories and how they make a difference in the kid’s lives was the best part of the evening,” Hannah, Customer Service Manager and Coller Industries Incorporated, said.

Being a professional educator isn’t an easy job. Sometimes it can even be a thankless job. But, thanks to these amazing teachers and administrators, public education continues to excel.

Each year, GEF supporters gather to recognize outstanding teachers, administrators and community members whose personal commitment and contribution impacts 68,000 students in the Granite School District. The Excel Award is bestowed upon nine teachers and one administrator that have been nominated by school administrators, colleagues or students.

Here are the 2018 Excel Award winners.
Congratulations to these incredible educators!

the 2018 granite education foundation excel award winners(Top to bottom; left to right.)

Leah Tarrant – Taylorsville High School
Lori Lindford – Bennion Elementary
Jill Thackeray – Skyline High School
Jodi Larson – Upland Terrace School
Stephanie Varoz – Crestview Elementary
Amy Winder – Elk Run Elementary
Katie Pearce – Rolling Meadows Elementary
Brandon Kerby – Cyprus High School
Janice Wayman – Hartvigsen School
Archer Birrell – Hillside Elementary

These individuals are then put through a rigorous review and observation process by experienced education specialists who ultimately identify 10 teachers and administrators from all over the district. In mid April, up to 300 individuals from Granite School District, supporting businesses, community members, and local leaders gather to recognize and honor these 10 winners in the Night of Honors a dinner and award ceremony.

As Coller Industries makes generous donations each year to the foundation, we were able to attend this gala not only as distinguished guests but also as an award presenter. After explaining Coller Industries to the attendees, Hannah proudly presented Archer Birrell, a 3rd-grade teacher at Hillside Elementary, with his Excel Award.

While our role is small in comparison to each of these educators, we are beyond happy that we get to take part in this fantastic award opportunity. In a nutshell, “We donate money for clothes and shoes for the kids in the Granite School District. Then we get to honor these great teachers for their excellent work by presenting the award on behalf of Coller Industries and the Granite Education Foundation,” Hannah said.

customer donations coller industries and granite education foundation excel awards galaThe Granite Education Foundation Excel Award

Each Excel Award recipient received a sculpture, designed by local Utah sculptor Matt Glenn. This sculpture comes in two parts. The bottom portion has the four Granite Education Foundation hand icons from their logo. Each hand symbolized educate, give, volunteer and advocate. The top portion is a student’s hand reaching for a teacher’s hand. This piece is also reversible so that the teacher’s hand is extending up toward the student’s hand.

“Educational awards, such as the GEF Excel Award, are awesome because children are the future,” Hannah said. “Teachers are important and deserve this recognition for what they do for our children.”

And, we agree. These teachers are very deserving of this prestigious award. We want to thank these teachers and all the others who work endlessly for the welfare of our kids. You all make a huge difference!

How To Reward With Custom Ribbons

Custom ribbons are a great way to celebrate and reward a job well done.

It is that time of year when people begin looking for a way to say thank you. Whether it is for a school function, a sporting event or an office celebration, everyone loves receiving a reward.

From “Great Job” to “Student of the Month” and even “Most Improved,” ribbons are perfect for all your rewarding needs. Here are several ideas to reward those who deserve it most.

Guernsey Rosette Ribbons are perfect for an extravagent reward for a job well doneRosette ribbons are a perfect award for anyone.

These ribbons are available in stock titles and custom designs. Reward someone for an excellent performance on the job with a stock ribbon exclaiming what a fantastic job they did.

Quality designed award ribbons are sure to impress, and it will be a continual reminder of any achievement. Recognize the students, athletes and club participants in your life today These personalized ribbons are perfect for any accomplishment.

Need something a bit more custom? No problem. Design your rosette to meet your needs. Customize any of these ribbon options with text, logos and other personalized details. They are perfect for the office, your school room or any “Best of Show” award you need.

Don’t underestimate the power of a classic badge ribbon.

badge ribbons make great prize and reward ribbons for any event or conference

Yes, these ribbons are best known for their uses at conferences and conventions. They are great for using with name tags and name badges. And they designate speakers, visitors and others perfectly. However, did you know that they are an exciting and useful custom product?

Use these ribbons for their functional stock titles. Create unique badge ribbons for a fun change in title or reward. And what fun it is to order blank badge ribbons for a unique reward for your favorite person. Full color ribbons are perfect to use as an award for a student presentation.

value plaques are a new product and perfect for any reward for a job well doneNeed to go the extra mile?
We just started selling value plaques!

There are countless ways to use value plaques. And, with tons of custom options, you can give them your unique style. Value plaques make terrific awards for sporting events, baking contests, art competitions and so much more. And they are perfect for placement and academic awards.

So, no matter your reward needs, we’re sure to have it!

A Holiday Guide for Ribbon Use

When you think about holiday ribbons, don’t just think about Christmas!

Finding the right ribbon can be a challenge sometimes. But, we are here to make holiday ribbon use a little bit easier. From tying bows to decorating your home, holidays are meant to be synonymous with ribbons!

And, while it’s easy to come up with ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, here are a few quick ideas to get your creativity going for the summer holidays.

use green holiday ribbons for earth dayEarth Day

The phrase, “Reduce, reuse and recycle” is something most know about this holiday. So, go green with some ribbons and show your support for this day. With special messages on badge ribbons or recognizing the date on a ribbon roll, green ribbons go great with everything. Use badge ribbons for bookmarks or awards for people who make an extra effort to keep your life green and running smoothly.

Administrative Professionals Dayred thank you ribbon for administrative professionals day and other holidays

Wrap up a quick and thoughtful gift for the one in your business life that makes everything a little bit easier. Personalized ribbon rolls with a name or a nice quote are perfect for administrative professionals. Trust us, they know the importance of branding for your company and they will appreciate a little branding for themselves. So, whether it is an entire ribbon roll or a small bit of ribbon wrapped around a pencil holder, they will appreciate the thought.

celebration ribbons and holiday ribbon for celebrating any holiday like may dayMay Day

Ribbon tassels on trees and long ribbon rolls for maypoles provide a splash of color for this exclusive day. While May Day traditions vary with each culture, ribbons will help enrich the festivities. From baskets of goodies to festive outfits, ribbons are perfect for this summer day!

Mother’s Day

Wrap up her favorite flowers in a simple, or complex, bouquet. Whether you put them in a vase, or give them in a bundle, those Mother’s Day flowers are sure to look even better with a long strand of personalized ribbon wrapped around them. Make the ribbon her favorite color and customize the ribbon roll to say something special!

Memorial Day

Red, white and blue are superb colors for this holiday. From decorations to awareness ribbons, you are sure to find a way to use most any ribbon for this celebratory day. Table runners, centerpieces and door wreaths will all benefit from colorful ribbon rolls. Use badge ribbons to designate veterans and others at your holiday party.

use father's day holiday ribbons rolls for giftsFather’s Day

Men like ribbons too! There are many ways to use ribbon rolls for Father’s Day as well. Use the holiday ribbon to make your father a special tie card, or wrap up a present with your specialized message of love.

So, no matter which of the holidays you are celebrating, let a little color and ribbon into your day!

Creative Ribbon Flowers and Roses

Who needs a garden when you can have flowers all the time?

Spring is in the air, and flowers are blooming everywhere. But, if you’re like me, you want flowers all year long. So, here is a quick ribbon tutorial to make some bright, fun flowers that will last a very long time.

use grosgrain ribbon rolls to make creative flowers for your homeSimple Loop Daisies

These fun flowers can be as bright or as mellow as you want them. Choose anywhere from one to three or four colors when you create this masterpiece. These particular flowers were made from 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbons.

Cut each ribbon to your desired length remembering that exterior colors will need to be longer than the inside ones. Using a needle and thread, start sewing these ribbons into small loops. Start by stacking your ribbons with one end of each ribbon lined up square with the others. Once this is done, push your needle through. Then, line up the other ends to create your loop. Repeat this process until you have eight to ten loop sets finished.

Once you have these done, remember to tie off the ends of the thread. Then, apply a little dab of glue to connect the two ends to form the flower. If you want, add a button or other accent piece to the top of the flower to embellish it to your taste!

Knotted Chrysanthemums

use double face satin ribbon rolls to make pretty flowers for decorationsThis flower will use about 24 ribbon strips. How full your flower will be is dependent on the ribbon width and length. Start by placing a knot in the middle of each ribbon strip. You can make the knots as loose as you want. Remember that the tightness of the knots will make your flower vary in appearance.

Once each ribbon strip has a knot, form them into loops and either sew or glue them together. Sewing will allow for shaping once the flower is all put together. Continue sewing each ribbon strip to the others until you reach the desired look. And, when that is finished, add any center embellishment you wish.

Ribbon Roses

satin ribbons make pretty roses and other flowersOne of the easiest ways to turn a strip of ribbon into a flower is with this rose tutorial. Start with about two feet of ribbon roll. Use a running stitch along one end of the snipped ribbon and down one side of the ribbon the full length. Finish the stitch by running it along the other end and tie your thread off.

Once this is done, tie one ribbon end into a knot and carefully gather the ribbon together around this knot. Then, hold the knot in one hand and wrap the rest of the ribbon length around it. Arrange the folds and petal shapes into the desired effect and sew the bottom of the rose together so it will hold its shape.

Finishing Touches

Add stems to each of these ribbon flowers and put them in a decorative vase to display in your favorite place. Or, add a clip to the back and wear them in your hair or on a lapel. How about using them as table scatter? No matter your choice, each flower is sure to find its place in your home and your heart!

State, County and Local Fair Ribbon Guide

From produce to animal shows, any fair is all about the awards you get to take home.

Whether you live in the country, suburbs or city, most people enjoy a good time at their state or local fair. And why shouldn’t they? With superb bovines and delectable food dishes, a local festival is enjoyable for all ages.

So, you’ve attended the fair as an onlooker, but have you ever entered something into a contest? Do you have a favorite pet or livestock animal that you think might win a prize? What about your famous blueberry pie or cookie recipe for which everyone always asks? No matter what you enter into whatever contest, you know you deserve that big blue ribbon!

But, do you know from where those ribbons come?

Here at Personalized Ribbons, we sure do! From the traditional rosette ribbon to the simple badge ribbon, we not only have the blue ribbons for that precious pooch, but we have almost any other color you can think of or at least something to match it.

use custom rosette ribbons at your next fair or festival for awards of all sizesRosette Ribbons

This classic ribbon is always a great standby for a fair. With the beautiful tops and long streamers, everyone envies one of these beauties. They are perfect for livestock, edible goodies and every other coveted recognition.

Rosette ribbons are seen everywhere at a fair. From giant pumpkins to those cute baby piglets, they are the classic touch at your local state or county fair. There are plenty of titles and stock ribbons from which to choose or make custom fair ribbons. They can have any award or honor imprinted to meet all of your needs.

Ribbon Rolls

Are you selling something at your local fair and need to make sure people remember who you are? Try a custom ribbon roll to brand your wares. From mason jar products to homemade bread and pastries, a creative bow around each item is guaranteed to make your product stand out to your customers.

Ribbon rolls are great for creative decorating as well. Run several ribbons down the length of your show table in the pavilion. Or, create something a bit more unique to suit your needs. From table decorations to product displays, ribbon rolls are your go-to ribbon for all your needed decor.

Awards Ribbonsuse badge and other prize ribbons at your next fair or festival for awards of all sizes

Award ribbons can be a flat piece of ribbon, such as a badge ribbon, or a fancier use, such as rosette ribbons. Each ribbon is commonly presented as a prize or other mark of recognition to honor the recipient for an achievement. And these award ribbons come in all shapes and sizes.

So, no matter your ribbon choice, from badge to rosette, we’re sure to have a ribbon for what you need for your next fair or festival!