Creative Ribbons: Getting Kids Involved

From kindergarten to high school, kids everywhere are claiming they are bored this summer!

Here are a few ideas to keep them busy and out of trouble.

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growAre there any book clubs in your area? Reading helps intellect and imagination grow. And reading can be fun when choosing the right books. Help get your kids excited about reading by using creative ribbon bookmarks.

This project doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. But make sure to tailor it to your child’s age. A simple version of these ribbon books marks is something as basic as finding a paper clip and wrapping or tying some colorful ribbon to the end. Scrap ribbon rolls are perfect for this activity. See more bookmark options here!

Add some whimsical ribbons to your next kid’s event. They’re colorful and fun for everyone!

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growDo you have a summer birthday in the family? Or even just a get-together for the kids in the neighborhood? Try dancing ribbon rings or ribbon wands as a fun way to use up some of those brightly colored scrap ribbons you might have on hand. Making this craft is easy. Either paint Popsicle sticks or get some that are already colored. And then either glue or tape the ribbons to the end. These are sure to be a hit with the younger children at any party!

Award Ribbons

Choose from our wide selection of rosette and classic ribbons for any reward type that you might need. It doesn’t even have to be for an event. You can give a kid a ribbon as a way of saying thank you. Give one as a self-esteem booster to a child feeling lonely or out of sorts. And, keep one for yourself if you want!

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growWhen giving award ribbons to kids for a job well done, there are many different ribbon styles from which to choose. Ribbons come printed with in a wide array of accolades, including “Outstanding,” “Star Speller,” and “Happy Camper.” We’re sure to have the title you’re looking for, and if we don’t, tell us what you want, and we’ll be happy to work with you to create it.

Any of these ribbons are sure to let a child know that someone is noticing their hard work and is proud of them.

Using Ribbons: Dictionary & Glossary

A glossary is helpful when making your next ribbon choice!

With so many different custom ribbon types to choose from, selecting the perfect ribbon for your event or project can be difficult. This simple ribbon glossary is helpful when picking the perfect ribbon for your next ribbon project or event.

a simple and easy to use custom ribbon glossary and quick reference dictionaryMost of these terms refer to our custom ribbon rolls. However, some of them are for printing processes and other ribbon types.


This is a fabric made from a polymer which is usually formed by polymerizing a polyhydric alcohol with a polybasic acid. These fabrics are colorfast and will not shrink. They are the most durable.

Grosgrain (pronounced gro-grain):

This is a heavy ribbon which has a ribbed, or corded texture and appearance across the width of the ribbon, typically made of silk or rayon.


This is a sheer fabric of silk, nylon, or rayon in plain weave.


Also called acetate rayon. This is a synthetic filament, yarn, or fabric composed of a derivative of the acetic ester of cellulose. It differs from viscose rayon in having greater strength when wet and greater sensitivity to high temperatures.


A ribbon or fabric which has a smooth, shiny appearance, and often has a glossy face and a soft, slippery texture. The term “satin” is a type of weave which results in the shiny appearance on one side and “flat” appearance on the other.


Referring to a yarn or fiber made partly or entirely of metal or a reflective film or ink and having a metallic appearance. This is also in printing and makes lettering and logos slightly reflective to light.

Hot Stamp:

A dry printing method of lithography in which predried ink or foils are transferred to the ribbon surface. This is done at high temperatures and is efficient for quick runs and simple designs.

Hopefully, these terms will help you to understand what are the differences in our ribbon. And, as always, we’re here to help. And we are only a click or a phone call away!

Custom Ribbons: Full Color vs. Imprinting

The printing process for custom ribbons is one of its most important features.

While all of our custom ribbons have multiple uses, sometimes you have to know just the right ribbon to choose. And, with different printing options, at times you just need a helping hand to make that decision.

imprinted and full color custom ribbons are sure to make your next conference or event stand out
The first ribbon is imprinted with a standard die.
The second ribbon is imprinted with a metal die.
The last ribbon is printed in full color.
imprinted custom ribbons are perfect for any fair, sporting event or other achievement dayImprinted custom Ribbons

When a ribbon is imprinted, it means that a stamp is pressed onto a thin foil against the ribbon. Heat is applied and stamps this colored foil onto the surface of the ribbon. Because of this stamping process, imprinted ribbons will not hold fine detail. Keep your graphics and text a bit larger so that details don’t get lost in the printing.

A plus to imprinting is that you can have metallic printed onto your custom ribbons. This means that they will sparkle and shine. The metallic foils will help others to see what is imprinted on the ribbons. Imprinted ribbons are perfect for any fair, sporting event or other achievement days.

full color custom ribbons are a great way to promote a special day, promotion, sale or any other eventFull Color custom Ribbons

These custom ribbons allow for a multi-colored background instead of a solid color like imprinted ribbons. However, no metallic printing is available. But don’t let that discourage you. Print these full color ribbons with almost any design you want! And because of the printing, the ribbons capture detail finer than what imprinting will hold, so you can do whatever you need to with your text and graphics.

From prints that include a bleed to bright and eye-catching designs, these custom ribbons are sure to get your message out there! These ribbons are a great way to promote a special day, promotion, sale or any other event.

So, if your next custom ribbons project is something simple and plain to go with a name badge, imprinted ribbons are for you. These are also ideal for quickly identifying someone’s role during an event.

However, if you need something that will stand out in a crowd, make sure to choose a full color ribbon instead. With all the color and printing options of full color, your ribbons are sure to be the hit of your conference!

Birthday Parties and Custom Ribbons

Ribbons and holidays should be synonymous! And that is particularly the case for a birthday!

Ribbons have such a wide variety of uses when it comes to holidays. And birthdays are no exception to this. They are perfect for wrapping presents. Ribbons are also ideal for decorating. And don’t forget prizes and awards.

And, when it comes to your next birthday party, don’t forget your ribbons. Here are a few quick ideas on how to use your ribbons!

Using ribbon rolls:using personalized ribbon rolls for your next birthday party

Use these to wrap gifts. Hang decorations with custom rolls to make any party unique by adding messages of happy birthday, the person’s name, or even a date. Anther great thing to do with custom ribbon rolls is to decorate a table for a luncheon or other meal. Wrap the silverware with a cute bow. Use them in centerpieces. Or just drape them on a wall or other surface to brighten up the room!

Using rosette ribbons:using personalized rosette ribbons for your next birthday party

From playing games to giving awards and even just recognizing the birthday person, rosettes are perfect for almost anything! Try handing out a rosette to each attendee as they come into the party. These can be custom made with virtually any message or decoration. Use them as prizes for games and everyone will feel just as special as the birthday person.

Using badge ribbons:using personalized badge ribbons for your next birthday party

These ribbons are spectacular when it comes to decorating or parties! There are so many fun uses for these, such as prizes, handouts, decorations, bookmarks, and more! From custom to stock ribbons, these are perfect for any need.


Try using them at your next birthday party for the invitations to attend. They are sure to get remembered, and everyone will show up just because of your creativity.

No matter your ribbon choice, it’s great to go with your next birthday party! Get yours today!

Creative Embroidery Ribbons

Flowers, houses and hats are perfect subjects for the artwork created with this creative ribbon embroidery!

When most people think of ribbon rolls, they consider wrapping presents or decorating for a party or some other function. Some people, however, think “what can I do with this that will make it quirky?” Here’s another idea to get your creative juices flowing!

Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn.

The basic techniques or stitches on surviving examples of the earliest embroidery (chain stitch, buttonhole or blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch) remain the fundamental techniques of hand embroidery today.

The fabrics and yarns used in traditional embroidery vary from place to place. Wool, linen, and silk have been in use for thousands of years for both fabric and yarn. Ribbon embroidery uses narrow ribbon in silk or organza blend ribbon, most commonly to create floral motifs.

While the most common things embroidered are flowers, these twisted and folded ribbons are perfect to make any artwork piece come to life. And the best part is these ribbons look great as framed wall art or on throw pillows on your favorite chair.

embroidery using satin ribbons to make flowers and other art pieces
embroidery using satin ribbons to make hats and other art pieces
embroidery using satin ribbons to make houses and gardens and other art pieces

With so many different stitches available, each look and flower will be as unique as the person making the art piece. And remember not to limit yourself to your design. Flowers are lovely, but so is a lady wearing a hat. Try making a house with a garden. And what about birds and other animals?

If you try your hand at this beautiful form of art, don’t limit yourself. Try different ribbon types and also different stitches. Keep your imagination flowing!

We’re always looking for new ideas for your favorite creative ribbons. Send us a message with your favorite way of using custom and stock ribbons today!