Ribbons 101: Presentation and Branding

From a family-owned bakery to a national retail chain, your brand presentation is a must!

Logos should be a fun way to express yourself, but branding with your logo should also be a continuous presentation goal. Most of us have heard, “you get what you give.” And that sentiment is entirely true when it comes to promoting a business.

First things, first; let’s talk about branding.

using custom text and corporate logos on presentation brandingA brand is a particular characteristic that serves to identify a specific product, a trade name or trademark, or a particular kind or variety.

Let’s break it down a bit farther to make it a little easier. The act of branding is the process involved in creating a unique name or image for a product, person or idea. This action is done mostly through advertising and other similar means. It is also the action of building a unique presence in a consumer market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

So, in layman’s terms, corporate branding is the process of promoting the logo and name of a company for marketing and advertising purposes. Branding helps to expand a business and get the word out about the company’s goal.

Ribbon Presentation and Logos

Let’s take that family-owned bakery into account here. Without a brand, presentation is nothing; with a developed brand, that small bakery goes from a nobody to a large community somebody. It’s amazing what adding personalized information to a ribbon can do for a company.

From ribbon rolls to classic ribbons, customize most of our options to fit any brand. Adding your brand to a ribbon roll may not seem like an easy way to get the brand recognition you want. But, consider what you can do with all of those ribbons.

From decorations at your next event to product packaging, these ribbons are truly versatile. Bakeries can add them to cookie boxes for a little bit of pick-me-up, while larger retail stores can strategically place them around their building with logos and slogans for all customers to see and remember.

using custom text and corporate logos on custom ribbons for presentation and branding

Now, let’s not forget that unique message!

From a simple “made with love” message to a “built tough” slogan, all text should be significantly weighed before sending in to print. Does your message match your logo? And what about your end-game? Make sure that you are sending the right vibe with your custom ribbons.

A well-designed logo is a mark of a well-run business. And adding a logo to custom ribbons helps associate that company with a brand image.

And don’t forget that a ribbon staple is color!

No matter your business, keep that color stable. And what we mean by that is to make sure your brand is immediately recognizable with your color choice. From Ford blue to Target red, colors make brands better. And your personalized ribbons need to reflect that!

So, whatever you decide your brand should be, remember that presentation is everything!

Custom Awards and Personalized Ribbons

From motivation to simple recognition, custom ribbons make great awards.

It’s the age of rewarding everyone for a job well done, so why not celebrate individuals with personalized items. From name tags to lanyards, prizes and awards are more meaningful with someone’s name on them.

And personalized ribbons are no exception.

rosette ribbons are a perfect way to recognize achievements and present awardsRosette Ribbons

These ribbons are the most popular for awards. Their very nature suggests something extraordinary. And with them being such unique ribbons, anyone is sure to enjoy the attention they will receive after getting such special recognition.

With an abundance of color and room for a personal message, these award ribbons are perfect for nearly every occasion. From spelling bees to equestrian events, rosettes are guaranteed to make the crowd go wild! Personalize each ribbon to fit your need.

classic and badge ribbons are a perfect way to recognize achievements and present awardsClassic Ribbons

Don’t underestimate these fun ribbons! Badge and classic ribbons have their specialty. Reward someone at your next event with a badge ribbon for their name tag. Or, give away a full color classic ribbon as an award for a student’s excellent presentation.

No matter your choice with these flat ribbons, they are sure to draw the attention they deserve. And most importantly, each recipient will feel like they worked hard and earned what they got!

ribbon rolls are a perfect way to recognize achievements and present awardsRibbon Rolls

Another under-appreciated award ribbon is the simple ribbon roll. While they don’t seem to be much at first, a closer look at this personalized ribbon choice reveals an abundance of use. From awareness ribbons to decorations and even to personalized gift wrapping, ribbon rolls are one of your most significant assets for recognition.

Use these ribbon rolls for wrapping a special award. Or use them for added personality to a custom award of your choice. These custom ribbons not only show how much you care but can be reused or kept as a token of your recognition.

No matter your ribbon choice, remember that custom ribbons are perfect in every way for any great award!

Flower Bouquets and 4 Easy Ways to Tie Them

From school dances to weddings, personalized ribbons and flower bouquets are almost synonymous.

No matter the occasion, flowers wrapped with ribbons are a great accessory! Adding flair and dressing up bouquets may seem like a daunting task. However, with these simple ideas, you can make any floral arrangement even more elegant than you thought possible. From tying simple bows to wrapping long stems together, these ideas are perfectly paired with personalized ribbons.

using single face satin ribbon to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsSimple Knot or Bow

It’s amazing what a simple bow can accomplish! From a simple floral arrangement with only a few flowers to an abundance of flowers and other additions, a small bow will make any bouquet perfect. And, there are multiple ways of presenting this simple bow. Use a small and simple ribbon tied around the bulk of the bouquet stems. Or, layer several ribbons together. Organza and satin faced ribbons are great for this effect.

using custom ribbon rolls to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsWrapped Stems

Make your flowers perfect with custom ribbon rolls! Start at the top of the stems and simply wrap a ribbon around your bouquet or boutonniere stems from top to bottom. Yes, it’s just as easy as it sounds! Once you have the stems wrapped secure the ribbon with a simple tuck or glue it down. Wrapping stems is an elegant way to make your bouquet a bit more formal. This tying method is commonly used for wedding bouquets.

Integrated Ribbons and Flowers

Start this tying method by cutting strips from your custom ribbon rolls. Then, work these strips into the bouquet. Arrange them however you want to make your bouquet even more unique. Once you have worked in all the ribbon strips you want, secure the flower stems with another ribbon strip tied around them. Make this method even better with multiple colors or ribbon types. And, once you have the stems secured, tie multiple bows or weave the ribbons together around the bouquet.

using long streamers to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsLong Flowing Streamers

Currently, floral cascades are trending in the wedding industry. Try taking this lovely idea to the next level with long flowing ribbon streamers to match the length of your bouquet. From delicate ribbons such as organza to flowing lengths of satin faced ribbons, customize these rolls with dates, names and any other important information about your special day. They will make a stunning difference and truly make your bouquet perfect.

Make sure your ribbons match your bouquet!

No matter the method you choose for tying your perfect bouquet, make sure you choose the right color as well. Each ribbon roll option comes with multiple color choices that will match nearly any floral arrangement you can imagine. And, don’t forget to make sure you customization matches your needs as well!

5 Ways to Make Creative Ribbon Wreaths

Learn to make fun, creative wreaths with all types of quality ribbons.

Wreaths made of rosette ribbonsRibbons are perfect for making your own wreaths; they are versatile, easy to use and come in different colors and patterns. There are countless ways to use ribbons to make a wreath so you can bring your own personal style to the table. And, that’s what makes it fun!

Bring more of your personality to wreath-making with custom ribbon rolls. Include a personalized message for your friends and neighbors to see.

Hanging a wreath on your door or in inside your home adds charm and color. Wreaths can be for a specific holiday or  for year-round decoration. Either way, they bring quality to your home.

Here are five different ways to use ribbons to make a wreath.

Rosette Ribbon

Make a unique wreath out of rosette ribbons. Hot glue the rosettes to a Styrofoam, straw or wooden wreath in whatever pattern you want. The ribbons can be spread out or close together, depending on your personal preference.

Wrapped Ribbon

The easiest way to make a wreath with ribbon is to wrap a ribbon roll around the circle until it is fully covered. Wrap the wreath in one ribbon roll or two, or as many as you want, to give it more color. Add a fancy bow on the top or bottom and let the streamers flow down in beautiful waves.

Wreaths made of ribbon stripsRibbon Strips

Here are three ways to use ribbon strips to make a wreath. Tie the strips around the wreath in simple knots. Make each strip into a pretty bow and glue each bow onto the wreath. Or take each strip and make it into a circle, then pin each circle into a Styrofoam wreath. Pieces of ribbon rolls or badge ribbons cut in half will work for all these styles.

Folded Ribbon

Unwind a spool of ribbon roll, fold it in half and hot glue the ends together so the ribbon looks double sided. Then poke a wire through the ribbon, about 1.5 inches from one end. Accordion fold the ribbon, poking the wire through every 3 inches of ribbon. Once all the ribbon is on the wire, glue the ends together to make the last fold and connect the wire ends with electrical tape. Use any ribbon to hang.

Star-Shaped Ribbon

Wrap a wreath in ribbon roll or leave it bare. Then connect one end of a ribbon roll to the wreath using tape, pins or a twist tie. Stretch the ribbon across the wreath to create another point of the star. Do this until you have made all points of the star and are back to where you started. You can form two triangles to make a Star of David or make whatever star you want with as many points as you want.

Ribbon rolls to make wreaths

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but there are many more ways you can use ribbons to make your wreaths. Just remember quality ribbons make quality wreaths, so be sure to get top-notch ribbons for all your hand-made projects.

A Holly, Jolly Coller Christmas Party

Coller Industries enjoys spoiling their employees!

And we all love accepting it, especially at the annual Christmas party!

Each year, every employee at Coller Industries is privileged to be included in an annual Christmas party. This event includes a luncheon that is catered by a local hotel. There are games, presents and of course wonderful conversations.

enjoying our annual holiday christmas coller industries party 
enjoying our annual holiday christmas coller industries party
enjoying our annual holiday christmas coller industries party

Because we love name tags so much, every year, each employee receives a personalized gift. This year the gifts were monogrammed with the traditional CI logo and adorned with a custom Christmas tree tied with a festive personalized ribbon with each name engraved into it. The mugs were also filled with delicious goodies.

santa came to our annual holiday christmas coller industries partyWe played bingo, had raffles and there was even an award for naming a new reindeer for Santa’s sleigh. Her name is SparkleDream! We also received a very nice duffle bag with the CI logo printed onto it. And every child who came to the party received a hand-chosen gift just for them.

And this year, for the first time ever, we had a special guest show up: Santa Claus! All of the children loved sitting on his lap and singing with him about reindeer and snowmen.

Gary Coller (President): “The best thing about the Christmas party is celebrating the season with my employees and their families. For many of them, this is the only time I see their spouses and children. Year after year I get to see their families grow and it’s a great feeling to think that I play a small part in their success.”


enjoying our annual holiday christmas coller industries partyAs employees, we would like to give a special thank you to Coller Industries.

And especially the Coller family and our office manager, purchasing agent and receptionist, Eboni, Audra and Kylie N., for providing such an enjoyable activity for their employees. And here’s how we say that thank you!


CreelaBelle (Content Writer): “There was definitely a feeling of camaraderie. I could tell everyone there had a huge amount of love and respect for the company, and as a new employee, that means a lot.”

Slim (Quality Control): “This year’s Christmas party was awesome! The food was better. I thought the venue was much better this year too. I had a great time!”

Melanie (Graphic Artist): “I really enjoyed the food at this year’s party, especially the fish. The company gifts were very nice, and I liked the overall atmosphere of the event – ‘formal’ but relaxed. This year’s party ran very smoothly, and I look forward to enjoying another one next year!”