Unique and Simple Holiday Gift Tags

Make your corporate packaging just as unique as the gift itself with ribbon gift tags!

use badge ribbons for gift tags for your corporate gifting this holiday seasonPresentation is everything, right? Well, whether it’s a company brand or a personal style, custom ribbons are sure to make the best impression. From ribbon rolls to rosette ribbons, any ribbon choice is sure to impress. And, these custom ribbon gift tags are no exception.

Choose a festive holiday color or a company specific color. And then tell us what you want!

From personalized messages to adding names and titles, these ribbons are easy to customize. Unique gifts and wrapping keep your name in the recipient’s mind, so why not make it personalized? The best presents are heartfelt and show it. Custom wrapping helps to convey your intentions and sincerity to the recipient.

While paper tags are likely to be thrown away, these unique ribbon gift tags are sure to be treasured for a long time. Some recipients may even use them as bookmarks or display them on office and cubicle walls as holiday decorations. And, as they upgrade a package from drab to classy, these ribbons are a great way to show off your unique brand.

Use holiday badge ribbons as your “TO/FROM” tags for all those colorful presents sitting under the Christmas tree. Customize each ribbon in several different colors and then imprinted with the simple text of “TO” and “FROM.” Merely tape these beautiful tags to your presents and use a permanent marker to give the recipient a unique identifier.

using Custom Badge Ribbons as holiday gift tags for Corporate GiftingExchanging secret Santa gifts?

These tags are perfect for office parties for these gifts. Instead of the “TO/FROM” message, use a unique phrase or just the name Santa on your tags. Or, include your company logo or another holiday image such as a snowman, Christmas tree or reindeer, something that is sure to make your colleagues smile.

Badge ribbons aren’t just for name badges and badge holders anymore! Whatever you use your festive and holiday badge ribbons for, make sure they represent you and your style. Give it your flair and be as creative as you want! Remember that each ribbon needs to be great at drawing attention to a present or anything else it is attached to.

How To: Christmas Parties & Ribbon Awards

Give award ribbons to winners and outstanding employees at your office Christmas parties.

Spice up your office Christmas parties with holiday-themed games and recognition awards. Hand out custom ribbon awards to winners and high-achieving employees. Rosette ribbons bring quality and holiday cheer to any office party. Whether you use award ribbons as game awards or as office awards, they are sure to make your next holiday party extra special.

use custom rosette award ribbons for christmas parties and other holiday events

Tired of white elephant gifts? Here are some fun ideas for contests and awards to liven your office Christmas parties.

Games & Competitions

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest: Shop for the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find, or choose one somebody gave you. Then wear it to your company party.

Christmas Movie Trivia: Test your knowledge of classic Christmas movies like “Miracle on 34th Street,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Home Alone.”

Ornament Guessing Game: Put a Christmas tree in the office and guess how many ornaments there are on it.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph: Wear a blindfold and spin three times. Then see if you can pin Rudolph’s nose in place.

Stocking Guessing Game: Put your hand in a Christmas stocking and guess what objects are inside.

Name That Christmas Carol: Guess the name of a Christmas carol from a few lines of lyrics.

Christmas A-Z: Come up with a holiday-related word for each letter of the alphabet.

Santa Limbo: Do the limbo with a pillow under your shirt.


Biggest Risk Taker: Commend employees for their leap of faith.

Outstanding Innovator: Spotlight those creative geniuses who improve your company.

Marvelous Multitasker: Applaud colleagues who can juggle many tasks at once.

Fast Learner: Congratulate your newest employee for starting on the right foot.

Great Problem Solver: Recognize employees who find a way around every problem.

Excellent Organizer: Thank those who keep files from getting lost.

Rosette Ribbons

Reward game winners and recognize associates with custom rosette ribbons. Our quality ribbons have one to three streamers with one-color printing. The center button is customizable and comes in cello, gold-rimmed or satin. Choose the title and achievement for each award using a custom or stock design so that the award meets the occasion.

Custom Shaped Name Tags

Had a lot of turnovers lately? Does your company have a large number of employees? Name tags ensure everyone knows each others’ names at office Christmas parties, so there is no awkwardness. Order custom shaped name tags in the shape of a snowman, a reindeer or a Christmas tree. Or, almost any shape you want!

Holiday Custom Ribbons for Corporate Gifting

Make your corporate gifting memorable this holiday season with custom ribbon rolls.

Holiday celebrations are something we all share; that’s why the holiday season is the perfect time to build connections and strengthen relationships through corporate gifting. Corporate gifts go hand-in-hand with the holiday tradition of gift giving. Not only do corporate gifts show your company’s holiday spirit, but they also serve as a marketing strategy.

Make your corporate gifting memorable this holiday season with custom ribbon rolls.Why corporate gifting?

The purpose of corporate gifting is to strength company ties. Use it to thank customers for their business or reward employees for their hard work. Corporate gifts usually go to significant clients, employees, sponsors and prospective clients. Recruiting and retention are also reasons for corporate gifting.

So while you shop for those perfect trinkets and make a list of who you want to send them to, think about how you’ll turn these holiday presents into useful marketing tools. One way is to personalize your ribbon wrapping, so the recipients know who to thank for the generous gifts.

Why personalized ribbons?

Gift wrapping requires ribbons, so why not add a personal message to a custom ribbon roll? Include your company logo with a holiday greeting. People love receiving presents, and having them wrapped in custom ribbon rolls adds a fun flair. The unique gift wrapping will help clients remember you. It’s the perfect marketing tool for the holiday season.

Corporate gifting shows how much you value your associates. So, by putting the extra money and effort into ordering custom ribbon rolls, you are showing your clients, employees and sponsors how much you care. They will feel special when they see your present wrapped in ribbon with a personal message.

How to use ribbon rolls

Wrap your gifts in a personalized ribbon roll with a holiday greeting or your company logo. Decorate baskets or gift bags. Are you holding a company Christmas party? If so, then use them to tie bows around napkins, utensils or centerpieces. These are just a few creative ways to use ribbon rolls for corporate gifting. The possibilities are endless! And the important thing is that your customers and clients remember you.

Don’t wait! Our ribbon rolls come in many different widths and colors with print on ribbon ends and continuous printing. Ribbon rolls take six to eight business days to make, so don’t wait until the last minute. Order your holiday ribbon rolls today!

Red Ribbon Week and 3 Ways to Participate

What is Red Ribbon Week?

use custom and personalized ribbons during red ribbon weekThroughout the year, people wear colored ribbons for numerous reasons. During the final week of October, people wear them for Red Ribbon Week. The wearing of red ribbons started in 1988 to raise awareness of the destruction in America that is caused by drugs.

Many schools across the US participate in Red Ribbon Week. This event started with the help of Nancy Reagan, has become the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation. During the week, schools have developed programs and games to help school children be aware of the dangers of drug use.

From brightly colored hair to silly outfits, schools are filled with excited kids participating in these fun festivities. Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate this week with them by wearing red ribbons.

use custom ribbon rolls and personalized badge ribbons for your red ribbon week

Badge ribbons are perfect for supporting Red Ribbon Week. Many people wear name tags and name badges at work, so it is easy to attach these ribbons to the bottom of an existing uniform piece. Wear these badge ribbons with a name tag too! From blank badge ribbons to custom classic ribbons, design something that helps to get out that “Just Say No” message.

Rosette ribbons are a fun way to sport the color red this week. Add these fancy ribbons to your clothing, notebooks or backpacks to show your support. From a simple place ribbon to a custom rosette, these bright ribbons are sure to pledge awareness to this particular cause.

And then there were ribbon rolls!

Here is a simple tutorial on how to create any color awareness ribbon that might be needed.

Step 1: Begin the awareness ribbon by cutting a section of personalized ribbon that includes the entire text. Make sure that when ordering personalized awareness ribbons that the words are appropriately spaced. In this case, a cut is made between Support and Troops. The finish of the ribbon will also need to be taken into perspective at this point. If the awareness ribbons need to have a slanted end, make sure cut the section of personalized ribbon at an angle.

Step 2: Form a small loop in the ribbon making sure to leave each end hanging down so that the text can be seen at the ends without being covered by the crossover. Attach this crossover, or intersection, together by either using a small piece of tape or hot glue. This will secure the shape of the awareness ribbon. If the awareness ribbon needs to be kept for long-term use, hot glue is the best option.

No matter your ribbon choice, be sure to make your statement during this Red Ribbon Week. Sport your red and stand for awareness!

Festive, Fun and Spooky Halloween Ribbons

From ribbon chains strung around your house to a ribbon wreath on your front door, let’s make your Halloween festive and fun with personalized ribbons!

It doesn’t take a lot to decorate for Halloween these days. Find some cobwebs and a witch’s hat, and you’re pretty much set. But, let’s go a bit beyond the norm and find a use for all those festive and fun holiday ribbons you have laying around your house.

ribbon rolls make fun and festive bats and other decorations for HalloweenHere’s a fun decorating idea! Do you have potted plants or scraggly trees? Tie a simple black ribbon around a branch or twig and add little white dots for eyes. It’s an instant bat!

Treat tags made from badge ribbons. Choose a spooky color to make your trick-or-treat bags festive. Just add text with a Halloween message, and you’re all set. Wrap up caramel apples, candy treats or other homemade goodies in a bag and secure them shut with the badge ribbon.

Needing a decoration that will stand out? This ribbon topiary is sure to do the trick (pun intended)!

using ribbon rolls to make your Halloween decorations festive and funRibbon topiaries are fun to decorate with as well. First, choose several different, festive ribbon colors. Find a foam or floral ball and dress pins. You will also want a small dowel, or a pencil works well. Finally, you will need a base such as a vase or other stand that can hold the topiary upright.

Cut each ribbon piece into approximately four-inch strips. The more strips you have, the larger the topiary will look. Then start rolling the ribbons, so the ends meet. Secure these together with a pin and push it securely into the foam ball. Cover the entire ball with these ribbon rings. Make sure to stagger the ribbons and colors and alternate directions the ribbons are being placed to give it a fluffy look. Add a finishing touch with a bow on the dowel that has a spooky message.

using ribbon rolls to be festive this halloween with hair bows and clipsAnd, don’t forget your costume!

Use a rosette ribbon to state you have the best costume ever. Or, make festive hair bows with clips and personalized ribbons. From ghosts and witch hats to spiders and pumpkins, use your imagination and create something that is sure to wow this holiday!