3 Ribbons to Liven Up Fall Festivals

People are seeing red, orange and yellow trimmings now that fall festivals are here.

Promote your company, club, school or non-profit organization while hosting a harvest festival for the community. And make your fall festivals more upbeat with custom ribbons for prizes, awards, labels and decorations.

Start by customizing ribbons with your company or school logo and include a personal message for festival goers. If your harvest festival is an annual event, put the festival’s name and the year, so attendees remember to come back next fall.

There are countless ways ribbons enhance festivities. Here are three fun ribbons to get your creative ideas flowing.

using rosette awards and other custom ribbons for fall festivalsRosette Ribbons

Games and contests are at the heart of most fall festivals. Make festival goers feel special with custom rosette ribbons. Hand award ribbons to each winner for pie baking, pie eating, scarecrow building and pumpkin decorating contests. Children love receiving rosette ribbons for the first, second and third place for corn tossing, bobbing for apples, sack racing and other fun games.

using badge awards and other custom ribbons for fall festivalsBadge Ribbons

Badge ribbons are great for labeling items while also bringing more color to your event. Create labels for a cake walk with ribbons that specify which cake is which. For bigger events, designate festival workers, volunteers and vendors with color-coded ribbons to make their name badges. If your company is hosting a festival, spotlight employees and staff members with personalized ribbons with their names and job titles.

using badge awards and other custom ribbons for fall festivalsRibbon Rolls

Wrap giveaways and prizes with custom ribbon rolls. Tie a cute bow around utensils and napkins. Or, drape ribbon garlands on the walls to liven the room. If the event is outside, hang them from tree branches. Attendees can make their wreaths by wrapping and tying the fall-themed fabric around straw circles. Children can enjoy making ribbon wands. Another fun way to use ribbon rolls is to decorate the edge of tables or hang them on the back of chairs. You can also tie them around centerpieces, candle holders or glass jars filled with candy corns. Custom ribbons also make great photobooth backdrops. The possibilities are endless!

No matter how you use ribbons for your fall festivals, they are sure to add fun and excitement in ways festival goers won’t forget.

(Content courtesy of our new writer CreelaBelle Howard)

Harvest and Canning Using Creative Ribbons

Let us help you spruce up your canning this harvest season!

Why can’t your harvest and custom ribbons go hand in hand? With these simple ideas, personalized ribbons help your canning this year with going that extra mile. Whether you’ve won that first place award ribbon at a county fair or are just giving away a simple gift, custom ribbons are perfect for decorating your favorite, or famous, harvests.

personalized ribbons are the perfect way to spruce up your harvet and canning this yearThe easiest way to create a personalized masterpiece is an old canning jar and a quick piece of personalized scrap ribbon. Simply wrap your ribbon around the center or lid of your canning jar, and secure down with a bit of hot glue. Or, fasten the ribbon by tying a pretty bow. It’s that simple!

While your canning jars are not something spectacular to look at, by adding these personalized ribbons to compliment the canning jar’s contents, you can create something extraordinarily unique. Add a custom ribbon with your name or the date you canned the goodness inside. This personalization also makes for great seasonal and neighbor gifts.

rosette ribbons are a unique way to label your harvest and canning this yearUsing personalized ribbons is the perfect way to label your canning.

Another great way to make your canning jars recognizable is to use a rosette ribbon with the streamers cut off. Just attach the rosette to the top of jar’s lid and voilà: instant and personalized labeling!

Whatever your harvest is, from pickles and beets to peaches and jams, your jars are sure to stand out at your next county fair. Or, even on someone’s counter at home! And with the personalized ribbon, whoever receives, or purchases, your home-made goodies will remember who made them.

So, don’t forget to throw in your personal touch by adding embellishments to your canning jars. Create a personal flair while sharing your recipe and the joy of your homemade goodies with those around you. Go to it; decorate those canning jars however you want! Just don’t forget to use some personalized ribbons to make these beautiful gifts unique and memorable really.

Product Highlight: Chiffon Organza

Create something unique using chiffon organza ribbon rolls.

Not all ribbon rolls are created equal. Often overlooked because of their sheer quality, chiffon organza ribbons are just as useful as any other ribbon.

chiffon organza ribbon rolls for weddings and other events

From celebrations to awards, all ribbon rolls are extremely versatile. Customize a ribbon roll with a personalized message such as names, dates or a special sentiment. Use them for gifts, decorations and other fun DIY projects for your next party.

While this chiffon organza ribbon is a bit harder to work with than other ribbons, the sheerness makes it a unique choice. The lightweight, open weave of this ribbon looks fantastic when used for wrapping gifts and creating decorations.

This ribbon roll type is lightweight and translucent. These ribbons are one hundred percent nylon and are a unique choice for ribbon rolls. Due to its lightweight quality, it provides an elegant, iridescent finish.

“A solid color layered under can make the color stand out. A darker color of satin under the sheer makes the color pop a lot better,” says Traci, our Assistant Customer Service Manager.

Using a lighter color satin ribbon under a sheer organza ribbon is perfect to show any and all imprinted text. The sheer nature of this ribbon allows what is behind the ribbon to show through softening the customized printing.

These paired ribbon combinations are ideal for presents, floral arrangements and wedding decorations.

For each of these options, a personal touch of names or dates is perfect. One of the best uses for this ribbon type is wrapping gifts. Use bright, off setting colors of wrapping paper to set off these ribbon rolls.

Chiffon organza rolls are perfect for weddings as well! From kissing balls to guest favors, match almost any color scheme with these unique ribbons. Pair them with centerpieces, floral arrangements and other decorations at any event.

Whatever your use, chiffon organza ribbon rolls are a great solution for any need.

Blue Ribbons: Why They are so Iconic

Blue Ribbons are a symbol of high quality.
And, from politics to awareness, these ribbons have been around for a long time.

Throughout the year, colored ribbons, especially blue ribbons, celebrate and honor many occasions and holidays. Each ribbon, whether a badge ribbon, a ribbon roll, or a rosette ribbon, can stand for different things depending on colors.

But, unlike any other color, blue is prominent as being the most iconic. Just like every other color, blue ribbons represent many things. From first place at a county fair to showing support for the ACLU, these ribbons are spotted all around the world.

The blue ribbon is a symbol of high quality. The association comes from The Blue Riband, a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by passenger liners and, prior to that from Cordon Bleu, which referred to the blue ribbon worn by a particular order of knights.

blue ribbons are worn for awareness of many diseases and also for specific causesFrom New York Fashion Week to award shows like the Oscars, models, actors and other celebrities wear these blue ribbons to show their support. This support goes to not only causes but to groups and charities that support them.

Other ribbon colors have a part in this awareness. However, blue ribbons are the most iconic.


blue ribbons are given at state fairs and sporting events to recognize winners for achievementsBlue (*this comprises all shades): trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, protection, intelligence, tranquility, integrity, healing, understanding and devotion.

Meaning/Awareness: cancer, assault and abuse, natural disaster victims, drunk driving, dystonia, education, anti-tobacco, arthritis, free speech and water quality.

Receiving a blue ribbon is quite the honor. At fairs, those with the biggest crop or the best-looking livestock receive a ribbon to recognize their achievement. The same typically goes with winning at a sporting event. The winner receives a blue ribbon while runners up receive other colors.

And while blue remains the iconic winning color, other colors are sure to impress as well!

Personalized Ribbons Reinvented

Personalized ribbons are no longer just for wrapping presents!

From rosettes to badges, custom ribbons are a great tool to use at any time. While events, conventions and other parties are the most common usage of personalized ribbons, they are so versatile that you can use them almost anywhere.

Schools, sports teams and even wedding planners use custom and personalized ribbons on almost a daily basis. So, how can you reinvent something that is used so commonly?

reinventing personalized ribbons to meet almost any need

First things first, let’s define why you need all those personalized ribbons.

So, why do you need a personalized or custom ribbon? With so many available ribbon types, reasons to personalize them are abundant. Giving homemade gifts, recognizing someone for a high achievement, and providing decorations for a party are all perfect reasons to customize ribbons. Add dates, names and quotes to ribbons. Or add a logo or other graphic to send a particular message to the recipient.

No matter your need, we’re sure to have the ribbon to match!

So, what ribbon types are available for those needs?

Ribbon rolls are the most common type of ribbon due to how versatile they can be. From wrapping presents to making decorations and even to doing craft projects, ribbon rolls are easy to form to almost any shape.

Rosette ribbons are not just for awards. Try a color scheme to match your next party and use them as decorations. They also make great wreaths. Whether it’s your achievement ribbons or ribbons purchased specifically for a project, rosette ribbons are better than you think.

Classic and badge ribbons are ideal for just as many things. While commonly used with name badges, that doesn’t mean that is all they are good for. Try using them in ice breaker games at your next party. Or use them as classroom awards or other teaching tools

And lastly, here are a couple of ideas to use those ribbons in your daily routine.

Many professionals use ribbons daily. Event planners, sports teams and teachers all use these tools every day. Use them for almost any project in your office or school. They will keep children of all ages entertained. Personalized ribbons are ideal for gift giving. But, no matter your reason to incorporate them into your daily routine, remember that customized is the best way to go!