We strive to provide the highest quality products at great prices. Our products are guaranteed defect free; for more information, see our Guarantee.

Production Times

For answers to questions about production times, or if you require a firm delivery date please contact us at 1-800-272-5729.

Production times can be affected by many factors, including the complexity of the order and our current production volume. We make every effort to meet these production times. However, the times shown are estimates. If you have a deadline by which you must receive your order, such as an event or other function, please provide that date during checkout. Customer service will work with you to adjust your shipping method and production so you receive the order on time.

Production process.

Time to delivery depends on several factors:

  1. Time to proof approval (custom items only). We can not begin producing your custom products until you have approved, signed and returned your proof to your customer service agent. Failure to complete this step will delay your product.
  2. Production time, which varies for each product. Production times may need to be increased due to the quantity or complexity of your order and the limits of our production capacity.
  3. Production begins the following business day if all required elements of an order are provided after 4 p.m. Mountain time.
  4. The selected shipping method.

Production Schedules

EXPEDITED ORDERS: Expedited production may not always be available. If you need us to rush an order, place the order, then immediately call customer service. An additional fee may be required depending on the size of the order and our current production volume.

Production Times By Product

Ribbon Rolls

During our high volume months (October through January), please allow extra time for production.

Imprinted Ribbon Rolls: Once we receive your approved proof, your ribbon order will ship within six business days. If you need it quicker, we have select ribbon colors available for a four day production time (limit of three rolls).

Full Color Ribbon Rolls: 10 business days after proof approval.

Badge Ribbons

Stock Badge Ribbons: Orders of less than 250 ribbons normally ship within 24 hours. Add an additional day of production time for each additional 250 ribbons.

Imprinted Badge Ribbons: Production time for these ribbons is determined by either the Total Quantity or the Number of Titles on the order; look at both tables and use the chart with the longer time. If the production of your order requires a metal stamp, add an additional two business days.

RIBBON QUANTITY Standard* Expedited*
Up to 2,500 Ribbons 5 business days Call
More than 2,500 Ribbons 6 business days Call
NUMBER OF TITLES Standard* Expedited*
1 to 10 Ribbon Titles 5 business days Call
11 to 20 Ribbon Titles 6 business days Call
More Than 20 Titles Call for Production Times

*Call for availability. Times are estimated and additional fees may be required.

Full Color Badge Ribbons

All production times listed are estimated and not guaranteed. May, June and July are busier than the rest of the year, so plan on longer (up to 8 to 12 weeks) and ORDER EARLY. Small orders during other months might be available quicker (about 10 to 12 business days). Expedited production options may be available to speed up the production and shipping process. Contact customer service if you have questions.

Rosette Ribbons

Stock: Your rosettes will ship within one to two business days after placing your order. For large orders, you may need to add at least one extra day.

Custom: Production times vary depending on quantity, variations and time of year. May, June and July are busier, so plan on longer (up to 8 to 12 weeks) and ORDER EARLY. Smaller orders during other months might be available quicker (about 10 to 12 business days). All production times are estimated and not guaranteed.

Prize Ribbons

One business day. Orders received before 11 a.m. Mountain time may be processed and shipped the same day.

Custom Top Ribbons

Eight business days. During May, June and July we may need up to five weeks to produce your orders, so ORDER EARLY. Expedited production options may be available to speed up the production and shipping process. If any expediting of your order is required, contact customer service for assistance.

Blank Badge Ribbons

Production times are based on the quantity and complexity of your order. Fewer than 10 ribbon colors and less than 2500 ribbons require about three business days for production. These times are estimated and not guaranteed; for questions, contact customer service.

Production Descriptions

Please provide your contact information when placing your order and be available to approve your proof and answer questions if needed. Your order will be on hold until we receive all the required information. This may include a correctly formatted list for personalized products, quality artwork files for your logo and returning the signed proof showing the layout of custom products.

Standard Production
Production begins when all required elements of an order have been received and processed by customer service. The production time is dependent on the quantity and complexity of your order. All times shown above are estimated and may change depending on our production volume.

Expedited Production
When your product is for an event or must be received by a specific date, we may be able to reduce the production time by expediting your order. The time to delivery is always a combination of production and shipping time. If changing the shipping method is not an option, expedited production might be available. Depending on our production volume and the size or complexity of your order, there may be an additional fee for this service. We will contact you before production begins if expedited production charges are required.

During our high volume months, when we are running at full capacity (which vary depending on product), we may be unable to expedite production. You may still request a need by date, but get your order in early, because orders are processed based on when they are received. If you have any questions regarding your order, contact customer service at 1-800-272-5729.

If any difficulties arise during the expedited production process, we will make every attempt to contact you. But production may continue even if we cannot make contact, in which case the order will be completed and shipped.