Summer Reading: Ribbon Bookmarks

Getting Your Kids Excited About Summer Reading

Now that all the kids are out of school, what are you going to do with them? While your kids may have a favorite book or genre they like to read, many kids don’t like to read during the summer. And for many parents, this becomes a concern. So, how do we get them excited for reading during the summer? We all like our kids to stimulate their minds while on summer break from school. And it entertains them so we don’t have to!

Personalize your child’s reading experience with fun, creative ribbon bookmarks using customized ribbon rolls and your child’s creativity!

paperclips and ribbons bookmarksPAPERCLIP BOOKMARKS

Paperclip bookmarks are probably the fastest and easiest personalized ribbon bookmarks. Only two materials are needed for this craft. Simply, ribbon scraps and colored paper clips. Each child can pick whatever color combinations they want. Use one or multiple ribbons for this idea! Once the child has selected a paper clip and their ribbon, simply take a paperclip and, on the opposite end of where you slide it onto the page, slide a piece of ribbon through so that the paperclip is in about the middle of the ribbon scrap. Tie this into a knot and repeat this process with as many colors as you want. Once complete, the paperclip can be securely fastened to the page once the child has finished their reading for the day. This craft is especially useful for younger kids and it also teaches how to tie knots.

BUTTON BOOKMARKSbutton and ribbon bookmarks using an elastic hair tie

Button bookmarks may take a little more time and creativity and are great for older, more DIY children. Material needed for this craft include buttons, needle and thread, ribbon, and an elastic hair tie. The first step on this craft is to measure your ribbon. Make sure that the ribbon is about twice the length of the book you want to use it for. Then place the hair tie on the inside of one end of the ribbon and fold the edge over enough to cover the band. Sew, or use glue for younger children, this down to secure the hair tie. One the other end of the ribbon, fold the fabric down the same way you did on the previous end. This step needs to be included to prevent any fraying of the ribbon. Place the button on the outside of the folded edge, making sure to leave at least a finger’s width from the edge, and sew together. Again, you can use glue for younger children or as a quicker option, just make sure that the glue holds down the fold as well as the button. Once this craft is finished, wrap the bookmark through the book and attach at the front wrapping the hair tie around the button. This is a great personalized look as you can mix colors and ribbon sizes.

braided ribbon bookmarksBRAIDED RIBBON BOOKMARKS

Braided bookmarks are great for keeping hands busy for a while. These crafts are especially fun and unique as they teach hand-eye coordination as well as giving children a creative way to express themselves. The only material needed for this craft is two pieces of ribbon that are equal in length. This bookmark can have two colors or one. Start by taking one ribbon by the end and fold it back on itself to form a loop. Take the second ribbon and wrap one end around the base of the first ribbon’s loop, then tie it into a secure knot. Make sure to leave a short tail on each ribbon for the end of the bookmark. Note that the tails should be on the same side of the longest tail on the first ribbon. This step should also leave the length of the first ribbon hanging down. You should be able to gently pull on this longer tail to adjust the size of the loop. Once the knot is secure, form the second ribbon into a loop (just like the first loop you made) and thread it through the first loop and pull the first loop’s tail down to secure the second loop. Make sure to leave this as flat as possible and not bunched. If it becomes bunched, you are pulling the loops too securely. Now that you have completed this, the rest of the project just repeats itself from left to right. So, at this point you should have a loop on the right side. Pull the right hand ribbon through this loop and secure it down with the ribbon on the left. Now you should have a loop on the left side. Repeat this process until you have created a the braid as long as you want. To finish the bookmark, instead of forming more loops, pull one side of the ribbon all the way through to create a free end. Pull the other end up to match this one and finish with a simple overhand knot. Make sure this isn’t pulled too tightly or it will smash the final braid.

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