Vertical Text Ribbons

Vertical Text Ribbons

With custom badge ribbons, the possibilities for text is nearly endless! Whether you use them for meetings, conventions or as a promotional announcement, your message will stand out on these fun and fantastic ribbons.

Add a graphic or logo to your Vertical Logo Ribbons to strengthen your message.

3.5 X 1.625 inch horizonal ribbon selected.
3.5 X 2 inch horizonal ribbon selected.
5 X 1.625 inch horizonal ribbon selected.
5 X 2 inch vertical ribbon selected.
6 x 1.625 inch vertical ribbon selected.
6 X 2 inch vertical ribbon selected.
8 x 1.625 inch vertical ribbon selected.
8 x 2 inch vertical ribbon selected.
Tape on ribbon front selected.
Tape on ribbon back selected.
Pin selected.
No fastener selected.
Arial Bold font selected.
Arial Rounded Bold font selected.
Avant Grade Demi font selected.
CAC Norm Heavy font selected.
GeoSlab 712 Bold font selected.
Handel Gothic Bold font selected.
Hobo BT font selected.
Seagull Hv font selected.
Souvenir Demi font selected.

Arctic White




American Beauty



Crimson Red



Antique Gold



Deep Gold

Lt. Green





Lt. Blue

Misty Blue

Marine Blue

Royal Blue







Neon Pink*

Hot Orange*

Neon Yellow*

Neon Green*

Red White Blue*


*Colors showing on your screen are not exact portrayals of true ribbon colors.

We recommend matte silver instead of white. The imprint will be sharper and more durable.

Metallic Gold

Metallic Silver

Metallic Copper

Metallic Rose Gold

Metallic Red*

Metallic Wine

Metallic Blue*

Metallic Teal

Metallic Cool Blue

Metallic Green

Metallic Lt Green

Metallic Purple*

Metallic Lilac

Metallic Pink*

Mini Rainbow



Matte Silver*


*These imprint colors require a metal stamp.


Total Minimum Order: 25 ribbons

$x.xx each
Subtotal: $x.xx
Additional Fees: $x.xx

Product Specifications

DESCRIPTION:Vertical custom badge ribbons in your selection of ribbon width, cut length, color, imprint color and a variety of fonts.

MINIMUM ORDER: 25 ribbons; colors, titles and quantities can be mixed to meet this minimum.

STAMPS – POLYMER vs. METAL: A stamp is used to imprint your custom information onto the ribbon. Polymer stamps work best for text 24 point font or larger, silver and gold imprint and rush orders. A metal stamp creates a better imprint and may be required in the following situations:

  • Text smaller than 18 points in size; such as ribbon titles with long words or over 20 characters.
  • Selecting an imprint color that requires a metal stamp.
  • More than 1,000 ribbons per title.

We do not recommend mixing metal and polymer stamps in the same order as the differences in the two products are noticeable.

MULTIPLE TITLES: If you are ordering more than 20 different titles, we require metal stamps and that you contact customer service to process your order.

SET-UP FEES: A set-up fee is charged for each ribbon set and includes the stamp production and machine setup.

  • POLYMER DIE: $10.50 for each change to text, layout, ribbon or imprint colors.
  • METAL DIE: $30.00 for each change to text, layout, ribbon or imprint colors.

PRODUCTION: This time will only begin after we receive your approved and signed proof. All times are estimated and are based on the order quantity and complexity. If a metal stamp is needed to complete your order, add two additional business days. See our Production Times page for additional information.

EXPEDITE FEE: If you select to have your order expedited, provide a need by date during the checkout process. If we cannot meet the requested date, customer service will contact you.


Price per ribbon$0.83$0.55$0.39$0.28$0.22Call


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