Organza Ribbon: Favor Printing

Organza Ribbon: Favor Printing

Organza is an elegant and delicate sheer ribbon with a slight shimmer. Bold imprints work best with the characteristic transparency of the ribbon. Your messages will be printed so that they will be on the ends of the ribbon. For example, to use the ribbon to complete a favor, you may choose to have your name printed on one end of the ribbon and a date at the other.
Favor Print: There will be gaps in the imprinting so that when cut from the roll, only the ends of each strip will have text and logos.




Special Order (6 business days production)

Shell Grey


Antique White

Lite Pink


Hot Pink


Dusty Rose

Rosy Mauve


Shocking Pink



Coral Blush


Dark Wine


Lite Blue


Capri Blue





Lite Navy


Lite Orchid

Purple Heather




Regal Purple


Spring Green



Spring Moss




Baby Maize


Old Gold


Peach Nectar

Torrid Orange





We recommend matte silver instead of white. The imprint will be sharper and more durable.

Metallic Gold

Metallic Silver

Metallic Copper

Metallic Rose Gold

Metallic Red

Metallic Wine

Metallic Blue

Metallic Teal

Metallic Cool Blue

Metallic Green

Metallic Lt Green

Metallic Purple

Metallic Lilac

Metallic Pink

Mini Rainbow



Matte Silver


It is important to accurately specify the length of the gap between the right and left imprints on the ribbon needed for your project. HOW TO MEASURE THE IMPRINT GAP

6 inches

7 inches

8 inches

9 inches

10 inches

11 inches

12 inches

13 inches

14 inches

15 inches

16 inches

17 inches

18 inches

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Yellow Tail font selected.
Ribbons w/ Text Only
Ribbons w/ Text and Logo
Ribbons w/ Logo Only
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$x.xx each
Subtotal: $x.xx
Additional Fees: $x.xx


Organza ribbon is translucent and light weight with a stiff texture. Because of the open weave of organza we recommend a strong contrast between the ribbon and the imprint colors. Stamped ribbon is not washable.
Description:100 yards (300 feet) 100% nylon ribbon. One color imprint on one side of the ribbon, additional imprint colors are available; call for a quote.
Imprint Gap: It is important to accurately specify the length of the gap between the right and left imprints on the ribbon needed for your project.
Complete instructions: Ribbon End Printing

  1. Using a ribbon that is the same width as the one you are ordering, tie or shape it as desired. If you do not have the actual item, select something of a similar size. Mark the location on each ribbon tail where you want the imprint. Untie or unshape the mock-up so that your ribbon is flat.
  2. Measure the distance between the markings showing the location of the left end and right end imprints. This is the imprint that that you will enter into the form above.

Ribbon Length: Before production begins you will receive a proof showing the placement of your imprint and the length of the cut ribbon. The complete length of your ribbon will include the imprint on the left tail, the gap between imprints, the imprint on the right tail and the small gap between ribbons where you will cut individual ribbons.
Proof: A proof will be provided for your approval showing the placement and spacing of your text and logo.
Production: We must receive your signed and approved proof before production can begin. As production times may vary per order, if you have questions, contact customer service. If you need your order quickly, consider choosing an in stock ribbon color (limit three rolls). See our Production Times page for additional information.
Note: The availability of ribbon colors is subject to change. Should the color you select become unavailable, customer service will contact you. Ribbon and imprint colors may not be consistent between dye lots.


Price Includes: 1 roll of organza ribbon (100 yards) with one color imprint on one side along the entire length.
Shipping: Available shipping methods are chosen during checkout. All packages are shipped via UPS.
Additional fee can include:
Small/Special Order Fee : $10.00 for each Special Order ribbon roll color when ordering less than 5 ribbon rolls.
Set-up fee: $30.00 includes the required metal stamp; the stamp will be kept for use on reorders (up to 18 months between orders).
Vector Artwork fee: $30.00 per image for our design team to do an artwork clean- up and conversion process on an uploaded file.

3/8 inch $56.70$48.20$42.53$39.12$37.42$36.29Call
5/8 inch $59.85$50.87$44.89$41.30$39.50$38.30Call
7/8 inch$63.00$53.55$47.25$43.47$41.58$40.32Call
1 1/2 inch$89.25$75.86$66.94$61.58$58.91$57.12Call