How To: 3 Ribbon Gift Bow Types

It’s that time of year again when gift giving at holiday parties and family events is a requirement.

While the gift itself sometimes isn’t very fancy, and sometimes a fun and goofy white elephant, we all like receiving (and giving) presents with flair and finesse. Here are a few suggestions for a gift bow using that personalized ribbon you ordered for all of your holiday gifts.

different uses for ribbon rolls when making holiday and gift bowsClassic Bow

The first bow, and probably the easiest to tie, is just a classic, go-to look. It’s the same type of bow we all know from when we learned how to tie our shoes as children. Start by taking the desired length of ribbon and create two loops. Most likely you will make this bow with the same ribbon you wrap around the present or gift box. Second, cross the loops, one in front and one behind. Bring one of the loops through the hole that has you created (almost a third loop, at the bottom). Pull both sides to form the bow.

Two-Colored Bow

different uses for ribbon rolls when making holiday and gift bows

The second bow is a two-colored gift bow. This bow will need to be made and then secured to the present or gift box. For this bow, you will need to sizes and two colors of ribbon; let your imagination go wild! Place the skinnier ribbon on top of the larger ribbon and secure into place, either by stitching or gluing it down. Now, you should have a solid, single piece of ribbon with which to work. Fold the two edges into the middle of the ribbon to create a continual loop and glue the edges together. To hide these edges, take a smaller length of either color ribbon around the middle. This action will also gather the center to help create the look of a bow. Tie this off, or secure with a small amount of glue.

different uses for ribbon rolls when making holiday and gift bowsClassic Pom-Pom Bow

The third bow is a classic pom-pom bow with tails. Again, make this bow and then secure it to the present or gift bow. Pom-pom bows are the fullest type of gift bows and so are typically used for larger gifts. To make this bow, you will need one very long piece of ribbon. Personalized or printed ribbon is a nice look for this type of bow. Also, the longer the piece of ribbon, the fuller and bigger the bow will be. Start by folding the ribbon in half to find the middle of the ribbon. Once you have the middle, twist the ribbon once and create a loop on one side. Do this for both sides until you have the same number of loops on each side with some ribbon remaining for the tails. Once you reach this step, take a smaller length of the same ribbon and tie it around the center of the bow (where you were twisting the loops) to secure the whole thing. Once it is secure, make sure the tails are the same length and then gently pull the loops apart to make the pom-pom.

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