6 Fun & Easy Easter Ribbon DIYs

From egg hunts to candy-filled baskets, Easter is a fun time of the year for kids and adults.

And decorating with personalized ribbons will make your holiday crafts just as fun.

Personalized ribbons come in many shapes, sizes and colors. For this Easter holiday, most ribbons will be pastel, such as pink, purple, yellow and white. However, custom make each ribbon choice to match whatever your project is. And here are a few quick ideas to get you started!

use holiday easter ribbons to create your own decorative wreathWelcome Visitors with a Wreath

Use plastic eggs, bunny ears, cotton ball tails and custom ribbon rolls to create a holiday-perfect door wreath. Choose colors that compliment your front door or go with a more traditional color choice of pastel. No matter your preference for color, remember the only thing holding you back on this fun DIY is your imagination. Make your wreath as big or as small as you want. Just don’t forget to add personalized ribbons to brand your unique look.

Easter Baskets

Try weaving custom ribbon into your baskets this year. Or, just add a big, bright bow to the basket handle. Choose someone’s favorite color and add a festive message to a personalized ribbon roll. Giving Easter neighbor gifts? Try a custom message letting those you care about know who loved them enough to leave them a bunch of goodies.

Egg Decorating

Traditionally, eggs are dyed in fun colors. Why not step up your game this year? Once eggs are colored, add a festive holiday bow or wrap. And, if you customize the ribbon, your recipients are sure to remember how thoughtful you were in your egg hunt planning.

use holiday easter ribbons to decorate candy and baked goodsTreats, Candy and Other Edibles

Whether it’s a cake or marshmallow treats on a stick, adding ribbons is sure to add to your Easter festivities. Are you a fanatic of those colorful sugared marshmallows better known as Peeps? Gently push a skewer into the bottom of a pink bunny or yellow chick. Then tie a ribbon around the base of the marshmallow. Then display these as your centerpiece or set them on a dessert table. Or use them as the top decorations on your holiday pastries.

Don’t forget the ham!

Many families have a traditional large family dinner. Use your custom and personalized ribbons in your table decorating. From custom wrapped candles to pretty ribbon table runners, your table is sure to sparkle with your personality with custom ribbons. Add festivity to the centerpieces with a small bit of ribbon roll wrapped around them. Or add badge ribbons as table setting name cards, so people know just where to sit.

holiday easter ribbons in pinks, greens and whites to make a festive topiary with ribbon and flowersFlowers

Use ribbon rolls around vases and other floral arrangements for a custom look for your decorations. Make sure to add a fun and holiday-themed message to your custom ribbons. A bouquet of tulips looks especially festive wrapped in a colorful pastel bow. Or, create a bright holiday topiary for your decorations.

So, from wrapping eggs to hanging decorations, holiday ribbons are ideal for this festive Easter occasion!

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