Promise Ribbons and Brazilian Wish Ribbons

Wear your wish ribbons, promise ribbons or fitas proudly!

Sharing the way people around the world use ribbons is always exciting! However, there is not a lot of new information that Coller Industries can add to using cultural wish ribbons. But we are always supportive of the different ways people in every culture and community use their custom ribbons.

Wish ribbonswearing promise ribbons and brazilian wish ribbons and making your own personalized ribbons have been around for a long time. Fitas, or Bonfim Ribbons, were originally made with silk and the printing was done by hand with ink or silver. They were worn around the neck and often had medallions and holy images hung on them. Today the ribbons are worn as good luck charms and symbolize a belief in miracles both big and small.

People all over the world still celebrate this tradition, but the tradition has extended to tying the Bahia Bands onto the church gates.

Secured with three knots and traditionally known as good luck charms, these ribbons are so much more than a simple accessory. Each knot corresponds to a secret desire until the bracelet breaks. At this point, the wishes will come true.

Wishing Protocol

  • Ribbons are given as a gift and tied by a third-party.
  • Worn on the left wrist and tied with three knots, making a wish with each knot tied.
  • When the ribbon naturally breaks down and falls off, your wishes will come true.

wearing promise ribbons and brazilian wish ribbons and making your own personalized ribbons

Each ribbon color has a symbolic meaning:

Yellow – Success and Intelligence
Dark Green – Money and Growth
Light Blue – Love and Peace
Dark Blue – Health, Comfort and Fertility
Red – Strength and Passion
Hot Pink – Friendship
White – Wisdom and Inner Peace
Purple – Spirituality
Orange – Courage and Energy

Recently, these wish ribbons became a bit more popular as promise ribbons. More and more people are using this ribbon tradition in new ways!

Borrowing from the Brazilian ritual of fitas, or wish ribbons, these colorful bands are tied to a person’s wrist in three knots. On the Komen 3-Day, we tie knots to honor the past, create hope for the future and celebrate the steps we’re taking today to end breast cancer.

Some people even use wish ribbons on athletic shoes, bags and even their car for protection and safety. These ribbons serve as a reminder of your wishes and promises. They are an excellent way to recognize ethnicity and support for each other!

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  1. Can you create personalized Bahia Wish Bracelets? Can you add any additional words to the ribbon? I’m creating a beachwear line of clothing and wanted to include my company name on the ribbon, so that I could sell them on my site.

    1. Thank you, Donnie, for your interest in our ribbon products. Please visit our website at for our full ribbon roll printing. You can choose from any available style and color, then add your own text and a company logo if you need it. Once you get your ribbon roll, it is easy to cut the ribbons to the length you need and form your bracelets. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department if you need any assistance when placing your order. Thank you again.

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