How To: Gift Bow Tying

Gift bow tied around a box for a thank you present.

Gift wrapping keeps the secret of what is in the package until the perfect moment of unveiling, and we all love that moment of surprise when a present is unwrapped. Whether the gift is for a wedding, a baby shower, a birthday or some other get together doesn’t matter. We all like receiving and giving presents with flair and finesse. So, here are a few suggestions for tying that perfect gift bow using personalized ribbons.

Classic Gift Bow

How to tie a classic gift bow

The first bow, and probably the easiest to tie, is a classic one seen on many gifts. It’s similar to the bow we all learned when we tied our shoes as children. Start by taking a length of ribbon and creating two loops. Second, cross the loops, one in front and one behind. Third, bring one of the loops through the resulting hole (almost a third loop at the bottom). Finally, pull both loops tight and adjust, forming the bow. You will most likely make this bow with the same ribbon you wrap around the present or gift box.

Two Colored Gift Bow

How to tie a two colored gift bow

The second bow is a two colored gift bow. Make this bow separately and then secure it to the present or gift box. For this bow, you will need two widths and two colors of ribbon; let your imagination go wild! Place the skinnier ribbon on top of the wider ribbon and secure it in place, either by stitching or gluing it down. When completed, you should have a solid, single piece of ribbon. Fold the two edges into the middle of the ribbon to create a continual loop and glue the edges together. To hide these edges, take a smaller length of either ribbon and tie it around the middle. Pulling this ribbon tight will also gather the center to help create the look of a bow. Tie this off, or secure it with a small amount of glue.

Classic Pom-Pom Gift Bow

How to tie a classic pom-pom gift bow.

The third bow is a classic pom-pom bow with tails. Again, make this bow and then secure it to the present or gift bow. Pom-pom bows have many loops and are typically quite large, making them perfect for bigger gifts. To make this bow, you will need one very long piece of ribbon. Two-sided (each side is a different color) or printed ribbon is beautiful when used for this type of bow. Also, the longer the piece of ribbon, the fuller and bigger the bow will be.

Start by folding the ribbon in half to find the middle of the ribbon. Once you have the center, twist the ribbon and create a loop on one side. Do this for both sides until you have the same number of loops on each side with some ribbon remaining for the tails. Once you reach this step, take a smaller length of the same ribbon and tie it around the center of the bow (where you were twisting the loops) to secure the whole thing. Once it is secure, trim the tails so they are the same length, and then gently pull the loops apart to make the pom-pom.

Personalized Ribbons for Your Bow Tying

Decorate your gifts with the perfect ribbons. Order these imprinted ribbons with your custom message for wedding and baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and so much more. You can also add logos for product branding, corporate advertising or retail packaging.

Personalized Ribbon Greeting Cards

If you’re like many people, you may want to get a jump start on your gift purchases for the year. And one of the most important things is the need to keep the cost down, after all, we’re not made of money. This comes into play when you’re trying to personalize the gift to each person, and what better way to personalize than to make a card that comes from the heart. After all, it isn’t the gift they will remember, it’s the way they felt knowing it was from you.

So, why not make your gifts personal? Choose from a wide variety of our ribbon rolls and create your own home made cards! We have anything and everything (seriously, we have an actual “ribbon room” in our building)! Check out everything we have to offer on our website:

Don’t set yourself short by limiting this to only birthday cards. Cards can range from birthdays to thank you’s and even include wedding invites and baby shower invites. We can print almost anything on our wide stock of ribbons. We also have several different ways of printing on them.

woven ribbon custom made note card
custom made thank you card using ribbon accents
custom made happy birthday gift card using custom ribbons

Use scraps of ribbon to create shapes for each card. These possibilities are endless; create Christmas trees, snowflakes, bunnies, hearts and anything else your heart desires. Use snippets from a ribbon roll with a personalized message. Messages can include happy birthday, thinking of you, happy holidays, and so forth. Each card becomes an individualized way to express yourself. Say you’re sorry, send best wishes for a special occasion, or just simply personalize the card just because you can.

When you add personalized ribbon to a card as an embellishment, it creates a 3D effect and makes everything stand out. Show your friends and family members that you really care by mixing in ribbons on your homemade greeting cards. Not only have you now created your own personalized cards, but you should still have plenty of the personalized ribbons to wrap any presents that coordinate with the card!

Holiday Ribbon: Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

holiday ribbon for wishing a happy father's dayholiday ribbon for wishing a happy mother's dayTwo of the year’s most important holidays are right around the corner. While commercialism has successfully capitalized on Christmas, Halloween, Easter (especially with holiday ribbon) and many other holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have yet to really hit that commercial mark. They have, however, given us a good sense of gifts that we can give to those we love and call our parents.

Finding that Perfect Gift

These gifts have such a large variety to them that the sky is the limit. We are here to help you wrap them. Grab up a custom ribbon roll and personalize it with your message. It can be a plain “Have A Great Day” to save from the actual specification of the day or, print a recipient’s name on it. The best thing about continuous holiday ribbon rolls is that they never seem to end. Your creative mind is the only limit here. We have combined several ideas into our “Idea Gallery” on our website; here we only offer a few.

Find your mom that perfect flower bouquet and make it extra special by wrapping the stems or vase with your custom holiday ribbon roll. Or give her a single flower for that simple statement of “I Love you, Mom.” A box of chocolates will look great when wrapped in a pretty bow that has the words “Happy Mother’s Day” printed on it. There are many ways to use holiday ribbon rolls for Father’s Day as well. Use the holiday ribbon to make your father a special tie card, or wrap up a present with your specialized message of love.

Holiday Ribbon for the Win!

Whatever your choice, remember to get your order in soon so that it arrives well before these holidays! This way, when it comes time, you’ll be ready with that wonderful, personalized surprise for that perfect parent in your life.