Full Color Ribbon Rolls

Full Color Ribbon Rolls

Add elegance to any event with Single Face Satin Ribbon Rolls. With continuous printing, your text and logo are sure to please every guest in attendance. Or are you looking for party favor ties? Use favor print ribbons to tie a bow around each goody bag.
Continuous Print: All imprinting (logos and text) is repeated the entire length of the ribbon.

1" Wide

2" Wide

3" Wide

4" Wide

6" Wide

The $30.00 set-up fee includes up to 30 minutes of design time. Additional work is $60.00 per hour. Learn More


200 Safety Pins (+$6)

400 Safety Pins (+$12)

600 Safety Pins (+$18)


Timed Stick On Card (+$10)

Swim Stick On Card (+$10)



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Product Specifications

Satin acetate full-color ribbon is custom printed with your text, logo or design. There is no limit to the number of colors and no stamp fee. Rolls may occasionally contain splices. The printed ribbon is not washable.

Description: 100 yards (300 feet) white 100% acetate ribbon with fused edges. Full-color printing on one side of the ribbon. The entire surface of the ribbon may be printed (edge-to-edge printing).

Print Set-Up:

  1. Bleeds: If any portion of your artwork will extend beyond the edge of the ribbon, it must be set up with a 1/8 inch bleed allowance along both sides of the ribbon.
  2. Live Area: A 1/4 inch margin is recommended between important text or images and the edge of the ribbon. This does not include the background or design elements that are designed to extend off the ribbon.
  3. Image Spacing: Space between repeated logos will be the same length as the image unless specified (e.g., an image or logo that measures 6 inches will have 6 inches of space between each repeated image).

Color Matching: Full color ribbons are printed using a CMYK printing process. PMS colors that are called out will be matched as closely as possible. Exact PMS or CMYK color matching isn't available. For best results, supply vector artwork and call out PMS Solid Coated colors. Art files that are submitted as bitmap, .jpg or files with gradients cannot be printed with PMS values.

Proof:A proof will be provided for your approval showing the placement and spacing of your text and logo.

Production: Once we receive a signed and approved proof, production will begin. Production times vary depending on quantity, variations and time of year. May, June and July are busier, so plan on longer, and ORDER EARLY. See our Production Times page for additional information.

Price Includes

One roll of white satin acetate ribbon (100 yards) with full-color printing on one side along the entire length. Ribbons will be cut to length by the consumer.

Set-Up Fee: $30.00. If you provide print ready artwork that does not need additional preparation for production, this fee will be reduced to $15.00 after review by a designer.

Shipping: Available shipping methods are chosen during checkout. Learn More

1 inch wide$206.00$186.00Call
2 inch wide$206.00$186.00Call
3 inch wide$302.00$282.00Call
4 inch wide$408.00$388.00Call
6 inch wide$557.00$537.00Call