Over 60 NEW Ribbon Colors!

Yup, that’s a lot of new ribbon colors! And it’s exciting to update and extend our product lines!

As ribbons continue to get more and more popular each year, the demand to keep up with trends is an ever-pressing issue. And, to keep up, we are always updating our ribbon colors.

Most of the time, these colors only change for our ribbon rolls, but sometimes it includes classic ribbons and rosette ribbons. For now, the color changes seem to only apply to our ribbon rolls.

updating and extending our product lines with a ton of new ribbon colors

Here is a short review of the all updates coming soon to the ribbon colors for ribbon rolls. (The added humor is from our talented graphic artist, Melanie Bunch!)

Single Face Satin: We added 21 new colors! And many of them are quite nice (a few are disgusting). None of the old colors went away, so we’re up to 123 glorious Single Face Satin ribbon colors! That quiet weeping you hear from our marketing department is Melanie trying to make the difference between “Mud Pie” and “Milk Chocolate” show up correctly on a computer screen.

Single Face Satin Fashion Colors: We added eight new colors! We removed four colors and upgraded them to the regular Single Face Satin color list. If you’re wondering what the difference is, “fashion colors” only come in 3/8″ ribbon width. Having those four colors move to the regular list means they are now available in the other widths as well. They must have been popular.

Double Face Satin: We added four neon colors and one bright blue!

All DYNA Satin colors will be staying the same.

Chiffon – Organza: We added 22 colors! This means they now have something known as “selection.” One thing to remember when looking at these color charts is that while that is the color, it doesn’t look like that. Since the ribbon is a fine see-through mesh, it generally will appear lighter in person than what you see on the chart.

Grosgrain: We added seven new colors! LaRosa, Blue, Copen, Neon Hot Pink, Neon Lime, Neon Yellow, Neon Tangerine.

Floral Satin Acetate: The shade of pink known as “Shock” is discontinued, but we added two new shades of purple! These new colors are “Purple” and “Plum.”

With ribbon colors constantly changing, we’ll keep this list as up-to-date as possible. Please always refer to the order pages on www.personalized-ribbons.com for ribbon color availability.

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