How To: Creating Custom Ribbon Ends

Printing on ribbon ends is great for awareness ribbons, wrapping gifts and using at most events.

Use these instructions if you would prefer your imprint to only appear at the ribbon ends of your project, rather than repeating over and over the entire length of your project (example: awareness ribbons).

how to create custom ribbon ends infographic from coller industries personalized ribbonDETERMINE YOUR LENGTH
The best way to ensure correct placement of the imprint is to create a “mock-up” using ribbon similar to the width that you will be ordering. Create the loop or bow the size that you want. If you will be tying a bow around an object, make sure you use a similarly sized object to create the mock-up. Longer words or logos will require a longer imprint area; you may need to lengthen the “tails” of your ribbon. Trim or mark the ribbon ends.

Mark where you would like the imprints to begin and end on the ribbon ends. Please note that if you are tying a bow it is harder to get the tails to hang with both imprints showing; one side tends to flip over and show the back of the ribbon instead. Once marked, untie your ribbon piece and lay it out flat. See diagrams below and left for measuring details.

LONG GAP – This is the area of ribbon where your bow or loop happens, above the tails.

SHORT GAP – This is the area of ribbon at the tip of the tail, below the imprint. If you will be cutting the ribbons at an angle (recommended to minimize fraying in most ribbons) measure from the longest point. You will then have to double that measurement to create the same distance on either side of your cut (see below).

We will be imprinting one length of ribbon with the long and short gaps that you specify. It can be difficult to visualize how the measurements you’ve requested will look end-to-end.

View entire infographic by clicking on the image. (Infographic and text courtesy of: Melanie Bunch, Graphic Artist, Coller Industries Incorporated.)

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