Easy Uses for Custom Ribbon Rolls This Holiday

Making your holiday traditions outshine others with personalized ribbon rolls!

With the holidays only weeks away, we are all turning our focus to the gift giving and the feasts with family and friends. Well, this year, why not make those traditions a bit more special with custom ribbon rolls.

From celebrations to awards, custom ribbon rolls are extremely versatile. Each ribbon roll selection can be customized to meet any need by adding text or logos. Ideal for weddings, holidays or other events for decorations and floral arrangements. Add your personalized message and tie them around bags and boxes when giving gifts. Ribbon rolls make great award or awareness ribbons. Customize a ribbon roll of your choice with your message and simply cut them to the length you like and present them to be worn or displayed.

Easy Uses for Custom Ribbon Rolls This Holiday include gift wrapping and decorations

Ribbon rolls are perfect for wrapping, decorating and so much more! We have several styles to choose from to match your needs.

Satin ribbon rolls are relatively inexpensive and are perfect for gift wrapping. Choose from single or double faced depending on how shiny and smooth you want them to look. And they are just simply lovely on those gifts under your Christmas tree this year!

DYNA floral satin ribbons rolls have a slight sheen and a supple, satin feel. This ribbon is easy to tie and knots very well. As such, they are perfect for bows, wrapping gift boxes and using on floral arrangements and table centerpieces.

Chiffon-Organza ribbon rolls are lightweight and translucent. These are 100% nylon and are a unique choice for ribbons. As this ribbon is lightweight, it is easy to work with and provides an elegant, iridescent finish. While these are ideal for offsetting colors of wrapping paper, don’t underestimate how versatile they can be! Try wrapping them around your Christmas tree for a quick, sheer decoration. Or simply hang them from your favorite wreath.

While these are only a few quick ideas, and we didn’t feature all of our available ribbons, we hope that they get your creative juices flowing! Personalize your custom ribbon rolls today before the holidays are over!

And, we always love hearing how you’ve been using your personalized ribbons! Please make sure to share your favorite holiday traditions below. And even better if you include ribbons in those traditions!

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