Custom Ribbon Definitions: Part 4

Defining our business helps our customers to understand what we do.

While our FAQ pages contain many questions, we thought about getting down to the nitty-gritty for you. Here is part four of our definitions series. Find out more about how our business runs! As we recently formatted our ribbons website to be accessible via mobile usage, let’s cover what ribbon types we offer!

Rosette Ribbons

definitions of personalized and custom ribbons for personalized ribbonsThis ribbon type is the best way to give as an award to any winner or event participant. With decorative tops and bottom streamer ribbons, rosette ribbons have an elegant look that will show recognition for doing well at anything. Rosettes are ideal for awards for businesses, sports events, educational needs, hobbies, animal shows and more. We offer both stock and custom styles of these ribbons. They range from stock titles and places to fully customized.

Classic Ribbons

definitions of personalized and custom ribbons for personalized ribbonsThis variety of classic ribbons refers to several ribbon options. Flat pieces of ribbon that can be either attached to a name badge or used as other promotional material are commonly known as badge ribbons. Order many of these ribbons can as custom or stock; both have their benefits. These ribbons can be printed with information that identifies speakers and staff or an assortment of other functions of people during conferences and other meetings. This ribbon type also includes imprinted ribbons and they prove to be valuable networking and marketing tools and are great for brand recognition. Full color ribbons, which are classic ribbons that are personalized with your custom text, a company logo or full color graphics.

Custom Ribbon Rolls

definitions of personalized and custom ribbons for personalized ribbonsFrom celebrations to awards, custom ribbon rolls are extremely versatile. Each ribbon selection can be customized to meet all your needs by simply imprinting your text or logos. These are perfect for weddings decorations or other events and floral arrangements. Add your personalized message and tie them around bags and boxes when giving gifts. Ribbon rolls also make great award or awareness ribbons. And, we have several types to choose from that will meet all your needs.

Same Day Ribbons

This section is incredible! It features all of our ribbons that will ship either the same day they are ordered or the next day. These same day ribbons include ribbons from each of the above categories.

Do you have any further questions about these ribbon types or definitions?

There will be more articles coming with even more definitions! Please help us by letting us know what definitions you need. Are there specific things you just don’t quite understand? Reply with anything that you might need help with! And don’t forget that we have definitions for name tags too!

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