Fall Wedding: Celebrating with Ribbons

Whether large or small, no fall wedding is complete without ribbons!

use fall wedding ribbons for cake servers and utinsels at the reception and dinnerWhat a beautiful time of year to have a wedding. With the cooler air and the crisp fall colors and smells, there is no better time to celebrate a couple’s love for each other. And, with the available dark-colored ribbons, decorating for any fall wedding has never been easier!

From reds and oranges to deep purples and greens, everything about a fall wedding will be a lot more fun with ribbons. Add them to invitations and RSVP cards. And, to keep with tradition, add them to the wedding or groom’s cake. Or, look for something a little less traditional and attach personalized ribbons to balloons.

Use fun, personalized ribbons to secure balloons to a table or other decorative spot. Run a ribbon from the base of each balloon to the table and secure it with a piece of tape or by tying it around a balloon weight. These ribbons should complement or match the balloons so as not to detract from the rest of the decorations. Use multiple strands per balloon for added fun. Or tie pretty bows to the base of each balloon.

Add ribbons into the lighting at the event. By draping ribbons with soft lights, the couple’s chosen colors will pop and dance around the room. Or, tie bows around candles to add to the decorations. But, no matter where the ribbons are used, make sure to include the pretty fall wedding colors to all of the decorations!

nave blue ribbon rolls and burgandy badge ribbons for a fall weddingRemembering Who Attended

Another idea is to incorporate personalized ribbons into the wedding guestbook. Use a ribbon roll and have everyone sign the back of the ribbon length. Or use blank badge ribbons and have guests sign the ribbons and leave special wedding wishes. Once these are signed, put them in a box or a basket for some added color on the table. And the bride and groom are sure to keep these ribbons sitting out in their new home to remind them of their special day.

Be Creative With Flowers

festive fall wedding ribbons for ribbon wandsInstead of giving everyone flowers to hold while standing in a traditional wedding line, make ribbon wands for the bridesmaids. Make them as big as needed, and the cascading ribbons are sure to get the attention they deserve. Ribbon wands are also a great way to send off the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony. Instead of rice or bubbles, have everyone wave these colorful ribbons as the happy couple departs from the venue. And then let each guest keep their wand as a memento of the joyous occasion.

using single face satin ribbon to tie flower bouquets for a fall wedding

Or, create a flower station for guests and the wedding party to make corsages to wear. Pick out flowers in the chosen wedding colors, or use the Autumn season as inspiration. From sunflowers to deep red roses, let everyone create a small corsage or hold a flower bouquet to represent the love surrounding them. Get super creative and have the wedding guests each hand the bride a flower to add to her bouquet as she walks down the aisle.


There are so many things to use personalized ribbons for at every fall wedding.

Here are some more quick ideas:

Chair Decorations and Table Scatter
Bridal Bouquet and Boutonnieres
Photo Booths and Party Favors
Announcements and Save The Dates
Centerpieces and Seating Places

A Brief History of Ribbons

The history of ribbons didn’t start with a bow; it started with money.

the history of ribbons doesn't start with a bow; it starts with money.Stemming from their almost exclusive use by nobility and the upper-class as a symbol of wealth, the history of ribbons is quite extensive. By the 17th and 18th centuries, ribbons had become a regular part of the fashion industry. Adornments of ribbon on men and women’s clothing became a popular trend.

However, this history reaches far beyond clothing and fashion adornments. Now, in the 21st century, ribbons are everywhere. From awareness tokens to holiday decorations, ribbons have become a staple in almost every household.

So, let’s start with the question, “What is a ribbon?”

A ribbon is a narrow, woven strip or band of fine material which is finished off on all edges. Different types of fabrics fashion each ribbon. The most common are organza, satin and polyester. These materials are frequently used for ornaments, decorations, bow-tying and accessories.

A History Lesson

As early as the Neolithic period, people wove narrow and dense strips of fabric on small portable looms. Impressions of warp-faced plain weave bands dating back to 6000 B.C.E. were excavated from the Turkish archaeological site of Catal Huyuk.

As early as the 11th century, St. Etienne, France made lighter-weight ribbons. This town remains the headquarters of the ribbon-weaving industry. While a ribbon’s primary purpose at this point was functional, there is some evidence which suggests a decorative use for these bands.

References to ribbons occur with increasing frequency during the 14th and 15th centuries as more tailored clothing developed. In the 16th century, ribbons became even more popular due to their usage and acceptance by French kings and nobility. Eventually, in the 17th and 18th centuries, male usage began to decline, and women were the only ones wearing these ribbon adornments.

The history of ribbons continues throughout the centuries. From the earlier usages on clothing and functionality to eventually taking on roles of a fancier use, ribbons are here to stay. They now hold medals in place as well as bestowing honor on those most deserving. Decorating and gifting are now a common use for ribbons.

Understanding Why the History of Ribbons is Important

While ribbons are still manufactured and can be found trimming hats and other clothing, they are no longer an important element of fashion. Their place as commemorative tokens and in the work of crafters has ensured the continued production of ribbons.

The history of ribbons is essential to us because we sell them, but it should also be important to you. Without ribbons, clothing, hats and other adornments would not have been so important to our history. And, without ribbons, gifts would be less exciting, decorations would be a bland and weddings wouldn’t be so fancy.

the history of ribbons includes decorations used at events like weddings
the history of ribbons includes awareness ribbons for all walks of life
the history of ribbons includes ribbon awards and recognitions

From donning an awareness ribbon to decorating for a corporate event, all ribbons are worth learning about. So, whether it is something personalized for a wedding or an award at a school event, all ribbons have a place in history.

Balloons & Creative Ribbons

Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding, no event is complete without balloons!

add personal details to ribbons and use them as streams for balloons while decoratingFrom simple accents to more elaborate centerpieces, custom ribbons and balloons are perfect for a personalized look. And, with tons of ribbon roll colors to choose from, we have something for everyone. Here are some creative ideas to get you started with decorating using your ribbons and balloons!

Ribbon Ties, Bows and Other Accents

use fun bright ribbon rolls to accent balloons you are decorating withUse fun, bright ribbons to secure balloons to a table or other decorative spot. Run a ribbon from the base of each balloon to the table and secure it with a piece of tape or by tying it around a balloon weight. These ribbons should complement or match the balloons so as not to detract from the rest of the decorations. Use multiple strands per balloon for added fun. Or tie pretty bows to the base of each balloon.

If you are hosting a wedding, add unique details to each custom ribbon such as names, dates and other bride and groom favorites. And, for birthday parties, use the recipient’s favorite colors to add accents to each balloon. But no matter what your event is, get creative in how you customize the ribbon rolls.

Get Creative!

Try draping sheer fabric over the top of the balloon and secure it to the base of the balloons with personalized ribbon. Or, wrap each balloon with a festive and personalized message. Need an elegant look? Layer two different ribbon types like organza and single face satin to make your colors and message pop.

use ribbon rolls and balloons to create unique decorations for your next eventDecorations can include a color theme. This is where the planning gets really fun! Order custom ribbon rolls in the theme colors and add text that indicates what your event is. Ribbon rolls can be used to make unique wall decorations by hanging ribbons from balloons to create a curtain effect. Or use this idea to accent a doorway or entrance to the party.

No matter how you use them, balloons are always a fun accessory for any party! And, now make them even more creative with personalized ribbon rolls.

Flower Bouquets and 4 Easy Ways to Tie Them

From school dances to weddings, personalized ribbons and flower bouquets are almost synonymous.

No matter the occasion, flowers wrapped with ribbons are a great accessory! Adding flair and dressing up bouquets may seem like a daunting task. However, with these simple ideas, you can make any floral arrangement even more elegant than you thought possible. From tying simple bows to wrapping long stems together, these ideas are perfectly paired with personalized ribbons.

using single face satin ribbon to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsSimple Knot or Bow

It’s amazing what a simple bow can accomplish! From a simple floral arrangement with only a few flowers to an abundance of flowers and other additions, a small bow will make any bouquet perfect. And, there are multiple ways of presenting this simple bow. Use a small and simple ribbon tied around the bulk of the bouquet stems. Or, layer several ribbons together. Organza and satin faced ribbons are great for this effect.

using custom ribbon rolls to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsWrapped Stems

Make your flowers perfect with custom ribbon rolls! Start at the top of the stems and simply wrap a ribbon around your bouquet or boutonniere stems from top to bottom. Yes, it’s just as easy as it sounds! Once you have the stems wrapped secure the ribbon with a simple tuck or glue it down. Wrapping stems is an elegant way to make your bouquet a bit more formal. This tying method is commonly used for wedding bouquets.

Integrated Ribbons and Flowers

Start this tying method by cutting strips from your custom ribbon rolls. Then, work these strips into the bouquet. Arrange them however you want to make your bouquet even more unique. Once you have worked in all the ribbon strips you want, secure the flower stems with another ribbon strip tied around them. Make this method even better with multiple colors or ribbon types. And, once you have the stems secured, tie multiple bows or weave the ribbons together around the bouquet.

using long streamers to tie flower bouquets for weddings and other eventsLong Flowing Streamers

Currently, floral cascades are trending in the wedding industry. Try taking this lovely idea to the next level with long flowing ribbon streamers to match the length of your bouquet. From delicate ribbons such as organza to flowing lengths of satin faced ribbons, customize these rolls with dates, names and any other important information about your special day. They will make a stunning difference and truly make your bouquet perfect.

Make sure your ribbons match your bouquet!

No matter the method you choose for tying your perfect bouquet, make sure you choose the right color as well. Each ribbon roll option comes with multiple color choices that will match nearly any floral arrangement you can imagine. And, don’t forget to make sure you customization matches your needs as well!

Unique Uses for Ribbon at All Weddings

Personalized ribbons make weddings absolutely perfect!

Gifts and invitations are as traditional as they come, but ribbons have numerous uses at a wedding!

Rolls are the most commonly used ribbon type. Use them party favors, for gift cards and presents, in decorations and accents, on corsages, cake decoration, and bouquet wraps. Personalize any of these ribbon types with wedding dates, names or other relevant information.

ribbon rolls are perfect for centerpieces and other important decorations at weddingsCenterpieces are a must for all weddings. Any flower choice will look lovely in a simple wine glass wrapped with your personalized ribbon. Each ribbon may have an imprint of the bride and groom’s names and dates on a ribbon color to match your wedding theme. Or match two or more ribbon colors for a unique look.

Satin ribbon is a gorgeous accent to any wedding décor. Wrap vases and flowers with personalized ribbons for centerpieces on tables. Create custom pieces by having names and dates printed onto the smooth ribbon. From the simple to the complex, your centerpieces should reflect your wedding colors and theme.

Candle holders are also a great, and easy, idea for a lovely centerpiece. Pair colors to match them to your wedding theme and tie a simple bow around a glass votive candle holder. Using a lighter color satin ribbon under a sheer organza ribbon is perfect for any text showing through. Give these cute candles as favors after the wedding.

While rolls are the most common, use all custom ribbons at all weddings!

Custom Full Color Ribbon are perfect for announcements and other important decorations at weddingsMake a unique save the date wedding invitation with custom imprinted badge ribbons. Choose a color to match your wedding theme. Imprint names, dates, places and times so that your guests are ready when you are! Remember to keep one for yourself and have it framed as a keepsake.

Another great idea for custom imprinted text ribbons is to use them for seating arrangements. From wedding party titles to a person’s name, choose colors that match your wedding decor. Send them home as a reminder of your special day. Those in your wedding party will enjoy these personalized favors.

No matter what you choose (full color ribbons, badge ribbons, imprinted ribbons and ribbon rolls) these celebration ribbons are sure to make your special day just as wonderful as you have been dreaming. Let us help you to make your day truly special.