Buying The Right Personalized Ribbon Type

You have the perfect logo and the perfect personalization, but do you know what ribbon type you need to buy? This simple guide might be just the ticket to help you figure out which ribbon type you need. While we do have an idea gallery available for several ideas, sometimes you just need to know which type of ribbon is best for what type of project you have.

The most important bit of information is to figure out what ribbon type is going to suit your project best. We have three main ribbon types: rosettes, badge/promotional ribbons, and ribbon rolls.

rosette ribbons award ribbons recognition ribbonsRosette Ribbons

Rosette ribbons are typically used to recognize achievements. They are perfect for fairs, festivals, contests, shows and more.

custom badge ribbons promotional ribbonsBadge/Promotional Ribbons

Badge ribbons help identify roles or rewards, or just break the ice when attached to a name badge. These are perfect for conventions, meetings and other events for which this type of identification is necessary.

Promotional ribbons are great for getting the word out for promoting a sale or event. Or you can use them for a “save the date” notification, bookmarks, gift tags or keepsakes.

ribbon rolls satin ribbon grosgrain ribbon organza ribbonRibbon Rolls

These ribbons are probably the most versatile of the bunch. Use these ribbon rolls to promote a sale or event, decorations for a party or convention, product packaging or gift wrapping, floral arrangements, and more. Ribbon rolls are also very flexible as they come in different ribbon types, colors and sizes. Each type of ribbon comes in four sizes and at least 30 different colors; some even have over 100!


satin ribbon roll double face single faceSatin Ribbon Rolls

This comes as single face, satin sheen on one side with matte finish on the other, or double face, satin sheen on both sides.

floral dyna satin ribbon rollDYNA Floral Satin Ribbon Rolls

A soft floral ribbon with a slight satin sheen which is great for flowers or decorations for parties.

grosgrain ribbon rollsGrosgrain Ribbon Rolls

These are a heavily corded, or ribbed, the texture shows through any imprinting creating a unique look.

organza ribbon roll chiffon ribbonOrganza Ribbon Rolls

Organza ribbons are translucent and light weight; these work well for product branding or wrapping.

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