Grosgrain Leftovers & Ways to Use Them

Leftover ribbons are great, aren’t they? Especially when they are of the grosgrain variety!

use grosgrain ribbon leftovers for all sorts of homemade crafts and DIY projectsThese unique ribbons are a great way to add some depth to any homemade confectionery. Due to their unusual ribbed design, grosgrain ribbons are super fun to work with. From scrapbook page decorations to adding some character to a table runner, here are some fun and creative ways to use these textured ribbons.

Preserving Your Memories

From photo borders to pretty little flowers, grosgrain ribbons are a fun addition to any scrapbook. Line pages with these ribbons to create a bit of depth and character to your memories. Or, create little embellishments to add to each page in a memory book.

Other ribbon rolls are fun additions as well. Use satin ribbons for a refined touch, or use full color ribbons to remember specific details about different events. Remember to be as creative as you want when adorning your scrapbooks. Uniqueness is where it all lies.

Home, Office and Party Decor

use grosgrain ribbon scraps for DIY projects in your home or officeWhether it is for use in your home or elsewhere, grosgrain ribbons are sure to add character to any event or party. Use scraps of ribbon to decorate lamps and other fixtures around each room. Small ribbon strips are perfect for hanging pictures and greeting cards. And, with the ribbed design on a grosgrain ribbon, any embellishments are sure to stand out.

Or, spice up your office decor with ribbon flowers or other trinkets made from this fun ribbon. Add them to picture frames, mirrors and anything else your heart desires. Hang strips of ribbons leftover from fun events you have attended to remind you of the good times. Or, tape them around your computer monitor for a creative look.

Homemade Awards and Identification

grosgrain ribbons are perfect for homemade awards and other identification needsMake awards using personalized ribbon rolls fashioned into a lanyard with a candy bar attached at the end for a medal. Or create a fun lanyard for your keys or a name badge with grosgrain ribbons. They provide a different look for your identification needs.

But, no matter how you decide to use these fun, unique ribbons, remember to keep your imagination active. The possibilities are endless!

Have you created something fun and useful with grosgrain ribbon leftovers? Let us know in the comments.

Wear An Orange Ribbon to Show Your Support

The color orange now has a new meaning. And here’s an orange ribbon to prove it!

orange ribbon in grosgrain for awareness of firefighters, volunteers and their familiesThroughout the year, colored ribbons celebrate and honor many occasions and holidays. Each ribbon, whether a badge ribbon, a ribbon roll or a rosette ribbon, can stand for different things depending on colors. And now there is a new meaning to an orange ribbon.

In order to shed a “positive orange glow” in Canada, Judy McPherson from Penticton, British Columbia, came up with the idea of wearing an orange awareness ribbon to support firefighters, volunteers and their families.

“People just want to do something, anything to show their support. There is never anything said negative about it when I approach people,” said McPherson. “There are so many people doing so many other things too, I just want to make sure the firefighters see it and know we are supporting them.”

McPherson moved to the Okanagan from the Coast and said it was while sitting at the beach watching helicopters filling their buckets as they dumped water on nearby fires that she decided she wanted to do something to show her support and gratitude to the firefighters. The idea of the orange ribbon was born and she started creating them and handing them out to friends, family and even strangers.

orange ribbon as awareness ribbons for supporting firefighters, volunteers and their familiesSo, put on your glow and make an awareness ribbon!

First, choose the ribbon color that best suits your cause. Then start by cutting a section of a ribbon roll that includes your entire text. This text can be the name of your cause or a person’s name. It can also be the date for an event you might be holding. Or, you can choose to have a blank ribbon and cut your ends to your liking.

Next, form a small loop in the ribbon. Make sure to leave each end hanging down so that any text shows at the ends without the center crossover covering it. Secure this together with either a small piece of tape or a dab of glue.

The final step is to choose a fastener for your awareness ribbon. (View the full tutorial.)

Creative Christmas Ribbons in July

It’s never too early to plan for your Christmas and holiday ribbons, and July is a great time!

Yes, we just said Christmas, but we also know how commonly ribbons are used during the holidays. From wrapping presents to decorating for a holiday party, ribbons are essential. And, although it may be only July, it’s always a good idea to get your ribbon order in early.

Add names, dates and many more details about your holiday plans to each customized ribbon choice. From ribbon rolls to rosettes, use all of our ribbons for Christmas and other holiday needs. And, here are some great recommendations for your ribbons.

using personalized ribbons for christmas trees and other decorations even in julyUse ribbon rolls for more than wrapping.

Yes, ribbon rolls are perfect for making every present under your tree sparkle with personality. However, there are so many other uses for these fantastic ribbons. Use them for decorating the tree to adding charm to any other decor around your home; personalized ribbon rolls are advantageous for many uses.

And, don’t just limit your ribbons to decorating for the holidays! Red, white and blue ribbons are perfect for July. So while it isn’t for your Christmas needs, July holidays count too. Then reuse those red and white ribbons for your holiday fun.

From rosettes to badge ribbons, everything can be just as festive as you are.

While rosettes are used for fair and festival awards during July, they are just as useful during the holidays. Rosettes are a unique way to decorate. Use them on your tree or for unique markers for stockings and table settings. Rosettes are a classy way to let someone know you care.

personalized ribbons for christmas and july celebrations

And, badge ribbons are perfect for almost anything! Use them as name tags on presents or make unique additions to a table centerpiece. And, blank badge ribbons are great for holiday parties and other events. Have guests write on them for games or have raffles with these fun ribbons.

But no matter what your July brings, don’t forget to get a jump start on your ribbon order!

Getting Your Ribbon Collection Organized

Is your craft room a mess and your ribbon collection an absolute disaster?

From Tic Tac containers to an old shoe box, people have been trying for a long time to control their ribbon collection. Short of actually buying a ribbon rack from the ribbon store (which typically are not available for purchase), here are some quick do-it-yourself tutorials to get you started on that path to organization.

store your ribbon collection in clear drawers and plastic binsDrawers and Plastic Bins

Most of us have a few boxes laying around with our ribbon collection trying to escape. Whether those are old shoe boxes or packing boxes, they still need some tender loving care. First things first, get those ribbons all out of their boxes and sort them. Go with colors, sizes or how much is left, it doesn’t matter at this point. And then, instead of slipping them back into the dark cardboard graveyard, give them a lovely new home with clear plastic bins. But, don’t forget to get our your trusty label maker and give those bins a bright, colorful reminder of what’s in them.

store your ribbon collection in Wire Baskets and CD OrganizersWire Baskets or Old CD Shelves

Whether you get new baskets from your favorite container store or you find something at a local yard sale, wire shelves and baskets are perfect for ribbon storage. And getting your ribbon collection organized is quick and painless with baskets. Just toss in all your ribbon rolls, and you’re good to go. Or use a DVD or CD wire rack to hold the slimmer rolls in place. Both options can either sit on a desk or attach to a wall.

store your ribbon collection on Rods, Rings and DowelsRods, Rings and Dowels

This old standby is a simple, yet effective way to organize any craft room. Use rods or rings and slip them through the middle of any ribbon roll and hang them on a wall or in a closet. Rings are perfect for displaying other ribbon types, such as badge ribbons or award ribbons.

Or, with a few basic supplies like foam craft board and small dowels, you can create a storage shelf. Using the same technique as the curtain rod, slide your ribbon collection onto these dowels and stick the box almost anywhere you have space.

store your ribbon collection in chip cans or oatmeal canistersPringles Cans

Needing a quick, yet fun way of getting those ribbons under control? Well, next time you finish that can of chips, make a slit down one side and stuff in your ribbons. Although, you may want to wipe out the can first, as to not get chip crumbs on all the pretty ribbons. Is the chip can not big enough? Use an oatmeal can or something similar instead.

store your ribbon collection using decorative molding shelvesDecorative Molding

Using pre-finished moldings, make little shelves for all of your ribbon and other crafting needs. While this project may take a bit more time, the effort is sure to pay off. The molding makes the shelf look like it’s part of your crafting room. And, paint them to match or accent the walls!


But, no matter what you decide to do, these ideas will be perfect or your ribbon collection storage!

Perfect Bows in 4 Easy Steps

From presents to pretty ribbons on centerpieces, ribbon bows are sure to make any event spectacular!

No matter what your use for ribbon rolls, whether it’s for a wedding or a corporate event, knowing how to tie a bow is extremely valuable. Here are a few easy-to-follow four-step ribbon bows to tie to meet any need you may have.

use single face satin ribbons for bows on candles and other centerpiecesClassic (or Traditional) Bow

The first bow, and probably the easiest to tie, is a classic, go-to look. It’s the same type of bow we all know from when we learned how to tie our shoes as children.

Step 1: Choose the desired ribbon length and form two loops.
Step 2: Cross the left loop over the right loop making sure that the ribbon tails stay in the back.
Step 3: Wrap the left loop around the right loop and pull it through the opening created.
Step 4: Adjust the tails and loops to the desired effect and tighten the knot.

Your bow is ready! Use classic bows for presents, candle centerpieces, utensils and other items that need to be held together, or that can fit into the opening created by forming this bow.

double face satin is perfect for dior bows and personalized ribbonsDior (or Layered) Bow

Not only are Dior bows extremely elegant, but they are also classic and useful. This bow works well with single face satin ribbons.

Step 1: Cut several pieces of ribbon from a roll making each strip two inches longer than the previous.
Step 2: Lay each ribbon piece face down and fold the ribbon ends to the center. Using double stick tape or glue, adhere these ends in place.
Step 3: Stack the looped ribbons one on top of the other starting with the largest on the bottom. Either use double stick tape or glue to hold them in place.
Step 4: Thread a long ribbon strip through the center loop and wrap it around whatever you are fastening the bow onto.

These bows are pretty attached to packages and presents.

satin acetate and organza ribbons for pew bows go great with personalizationPom-Pom (or Rosette) Bow

This bow is a classic pom-pom bow with tails. To make this bow, you will need one very long piece of ribbon. Personalized or printed ribbon is a nice look for this type of bow.

Step 1: Wrap the ribbon around your hand or another object 8 to 10 times.
Step 2: While holding the wrapped ribbon, use scissors to create a small notch on both sides of the center of the ribbon. Make sure to cut every layer.
Step 3: Secure the ribbon in the center by using florist wire wrapped in the notches.
Step 4: Spread out your loops to create a pom-pom effect. The longer the piece of ribbon, the fuller and bigger the bow will be.

This bow is fun and fancy! And, for an added touch, combine two pom-pom bows made from different ribbon types together for a pew or chair bow. The tails on these bows are great for accent pieces for presents and decorations.

So, no matter your ribbon, make sure to have fun with it. And now you can start creating perfect bows for anything.