Homecoming Mums: A Perfect Tradition

Ribbons and flowers are perfectly synonymous. And in Texas, mums are no different!

Have you heard of homecoming mums? While this is typically a Texas tradition, it is something we can see happening pretty much anywhere! With a simple creation made from chrysanthemums and custom ribbons, any dance or school activity would gain popularity.

use custom rosette ribbons for your next homecoming mum and garterTradition of Homecoming Mums

From China to Japan to Sweden, chrysanthemums have been around for centuries. Tracing the first recorded information about these flowers takes you to China about 3,500 years ago. Decorative mums traditionally consist of artificial chrysanthemum flowers, originally real chrysanthemums, surrounded and decorated with floor-length ribbon and little trinkets.

Now, mainly in Texas high schools, mums are worn to the homecoming dance after the football game. The tradition is that the boys create a personalized mum for their date to wear. Girls make garters for the boys which are similar to mums but shorter and worn on the guy’s arm rather than around their neck like mums.

Mums Today

use custom rosette ribbons for your next homecoming mum and garter
Photo by Jana D. Nelson

While it is still debated, the University of Missouri has been recognized as the official place of birth of homecoming. In 1911, the athletic director at Mizzou presented the incentive to attend the homecoming football game by having a huge celebration. In turn, these gatherings turned into homecoming dances. And, at some point, the tradition of a boy giving a chrysanthemum to his date as a corsage was born in Texas.

Around the 1980s, mums were usually about a maximum of three Chrysanthemum flowers and a few ribbons, but as the years have gone by, the size and expectations of mums have increased and have become more elaborate. The size of the mums and garters tend to grow along with the grade in which the person is that is receiving the mum.

For the longest time, homecoming mums were a Texas-only tradition, but in the last few years, it has expanded into neighboring states such as Oklahoma and Louisiana. A huge mum can be a source of pride for a girl in both her school and her homecoming date. Even though homecoming mums have cropped up in other states, like most things, they are still bigger in Texas.

How To Make A Mum

While there isn’t a specific way to make a mum, we recommend that you start with a rosette ribbon. Rosettes are the perfect base for small to large mums! Choose your favorite colors or go more traditional with school pride. Then just add your embellishments as you would like.

Just don’t forget to personalize the ribbons! Add names, dates and other school details that your date is sure to enjoy.

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