The 7 Types of Ribbon Rolls

Ribbon rolls are used in so many projects these days.

So today, we unravel our stockpile of ribbon rolls and explain the different types and how they might be used. Whether it is for tying gift bows or adding the finishing touch to an outfit or costume, ribbon rolls come in handy at every turn. And, with so many ribbon types to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which is best for the project at hand. Here is a simple guide to each type of ribbon roll we offer.

single faced satin ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsdouble faced satin ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsSINGLE FACED SATIN AND DOUBLE FACED SATIN RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type is one of our most popular choices for ribbons. And, believe it or not, our faced satin ribbons are actually 100% polyester. They are available in practically any color and four widths.

Single Faced Satin Ribbons are relatively inexpensive and is great for gift wrapping. They are smooth on one side and have a matte finish on the other.

Double Faced Satin Ribbons are smooth with a satin sheen and soft on both sides of the ribbon. Any printing of graphics and/or text will be printed only on one side of the ribbon roll. These ribbon rolls are great for use as decorations at parties and other functions.

dyna floral satin ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsDYNA FLORAL SATIN RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type has a slight sheen and a supple, satin feel. This ribbon is easy to tie and knots well. As such, they are great for bows for weddings, wrapping gift boxes and using as floral ribbons. They are made from 100% polyester and are available in 48 colors and a variety of widths.


grosgrain ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsGROSGRAIN RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type is heavily corded (ribbed texture) and sturdy. This cording shows through any imprinting that is done. Again, made from 100% polyester, these ribbons are woven with thick lengthwise fibers, and provide a bit of elasticity, making them the perfect material for trimming and edging. These are fantastic for both gift wrapping and decorations and add character to most any project. These are available in 79 ribbon colors and four ribbon widths.

floral satin acetate ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsFLORAL SATIN ACETATE RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type is made of a satin acetate and are quite stiff. These ribbons are woven from acetate thread into a satin weave making this ribbon choice a stiffer ribbon. They are commonly and traditionally used in floral arrangements, pew bows and packaging. They are available in over 60 colors and four ribbon widths.


organza chiffon ribbon rolls personalized ribbonsORGANZA-CHIFFON RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type is lightweight and translucent ribbons. These are 100% nylon and are a unique choice for ribbons. As this ribbon is lightweight, it is easy to work with and provides an elegant, iridescent finish. Best use for these ribbons is wrapping gifts. Use bright, off setting colors of wrapping paper to really set off these ribbon rolls.


multicolor full color ribbon rolls personalied ribbonsMULTICOLOR (SATIN ACETATE) RIBBON ROLLS

This ribbon roll type can be customized with all-over color for a truly personalized ribbon. Multicolored ribbons, also referred to as full color ribbons, are ideal for awards, advertising, gift wrapping, brand awareness and campaigning. They can be used as the entire ribbon roll or can be cut down to individual ribbons.

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  1. Hi was just enquiring how much is your ribbon roll? And would it be possible to get a print on these,also how long would it take for dispatch



    1. Hello, Clare. As described in this blog post, Coller Industries carries several different types of ribbon rolls. And, as such, our prices and turn times vary according to your ribbon choice. Please visit our website at for our ribbon roll options. Most pricing is available online as well. However, if you need something you don’t see, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-272-5729 for further assistance. Thank you.

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