Unique and Useful Event Ribbons

Everyone uses ribbons at an event, so don’t limit your thinking when it comes to using ribbons.

With an extensive range of personalized ribbons available (rosette ribbons, badge ribbons and ribbon rolls), conferences, conventions and any event are sure to find benefits and uses. And those who choose to use these event tools are guaranteed to come out on top.

From marketing and brand recognition to decorations and name badges, ribbons provide a way to make everything run at all events. Use the bright colors and custom options to make your ribbons work for you. With logos and personalized text, these ribbons will turn your conference into a party!

Effective communication is an essential key to successfully researching, designing, planning and coordinating any function. It pays to know all available resources and will help when delegating responsibilities in advance. Event planning can be an overwhelming task if the correct tools are not readily available.

Here is a short list of tasks ribbons are capable of performing.

badge ribbons are perfect at any event for providing attendees with titlesBadge Ribbons

Identify attendees, staff and others at events.

Promote a brand or image by offering a unique handout.

custom ribbon rolls are great at any event for decorations and awareness ribbonsRibbon Rolls

Extremely easy to use for decorations for any function.

Wrap product samples or branding promotional items.

award rosette ribbons are extremely useful at any eventRosette Ribbons

Useful as award ribbons for all events.

Perfect for making table decorations stand out.



While it has been said before, we are sure it needs to be repeated. Branding with personalized ribbons is important, especially at conferences and conventions. You need to make sure that people remember who you are. Accomplish this task with color matching to your company logo and adding text that will help any event goer more aware of you.

Consider each ribbon and the uses it will specifically provide for you. While badge ribbons typically provide titles and identifiers for attendees, they can also prove useful as unique branded handouts. Ribbon rolls are great for decorating, but you can also use them to promote a cause your company supports. And rosette ribbons are amazing awards. But consider them for a different way of providing name tags for staff at a convention table.

No matter your event, personalized ribbons will help brand, recognize and emphasize your goals.

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