Honoring a Special Olympics Coach

From brand exposure to product promotion, donations benefit our company in many ways. But the joy we get from them does not come from those benefits. It comes from knowing we have helped others in some way. Here at Coller Industries Incorporated, we take our responsibility to the community seriously. So, we are always looking for donation opportunities. Recently, we had the privilege of giving back to our local community here in Salt Lake County, Utah. Give a big cheer to our latest donation recipient: The Panthers Special Olympics Utah Team.

Examples of Coller Industries Incorporated products, including name tags, badge holder, name plate, award plaque, lanyard and rosette ribbon.

A Special Olympics team pays tribute to their coach a month after her passing.

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

Vertical Graphic Ribbons

A purple ribbon with a vertical orientation, imprinted with gold text and a heart graphic used for special olympics.

Made of quality satin, Vertical Graphic Ribbons are a popular choice for fundraisers, conventions and trade shows. While they are often used to promote products, services or sales, graphic ribbons can serve almost any purpose. And, they let you add a graphic or logo to go with your text. Customize the size, font, imprint and material colors to make these ribbons right for you. With different fastener options available, attach the ribbons to a piece of clothing or wear them with a name tag.

We donated 500 Vertical Graphic Ribbons to help the Panthers pay tribute to their former coach, Agnes Marino. A long time volunteer, she passed away September 17, 2019. Keith Tondro, an Assistant Equipment Manager for Special Olympics, spoke highly of Marino. “She gave many years of service and has been an icon for Special Olympics. These ribbons will be worn by the athletes as they compete in the Fall Sports Classic on October 18 and 19, 2019 in golf, bocce and soccer.”

The athletes wore purple badge ribbons to honor their coach as they competed in different locations in Salt Lake City, Utah. The ribbons included a heart with the name of their team and former coach. With the memory of Marino in their hearts, they played bocce ball at Northwest Middle School, golf at Rose Park Golf Course and soccer at Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex. They did Marino proud by placing third in soccer, even while playing in stormy weather. Tondro said, “The Panthers fought hard and played well.”

Tondro, whose son, Darrell Tondro, is on the Panthers team, describes how Special Olympics benefits people with disabilities.

“Developing skills, building self-esteem and having fun, all while participating in year-round sports training and competition, is the life of a Special Olympics Utah athlete. Whatever their skill level, with eight sports to choose from, plus the Motor Activities Training Program (MATP), Special Olympics Utah has something for every person with an intellectual disability.”

No matter what product we donate, it is always a privilege to support organizations like Special Olympics. And this time, we got to help pay tribute to a woman who, like us, wanted to give back to the community. For us, giving back through donations is a way of saying thank you to those who make our company successful. After all, where would we be without the people in this community, our customers. So, thank you Special Olympics Utah for letting us serve you and your remarkable athletes. Go Panthers!

The Panthers Special Olympics Utah Team honor a former coach by wearing custom badge ribbons during their Fall Sports Classic in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 18 and 19, 2019.

How To Decorate Your Workplace

From lampshades to planters, workplace decor looks better with ribbon.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to put all those extra gift-wrapping ribbons to good use. Accessorize your workplace by adding ribbons to interior decorations and office supplies. Decorating your office is tons of fun and a great way to bring more excitement to your work space. Employees and visitors will love seeing these strips of color throughout your office. And, giving them something beautiful to look at builds a positive company image.

Here are seven easy ways to decorate your workplace using leftover ribbons.

Door decorated with a ribbon wreath for your workplaceWelcome Visitors with a Ribbon Wreath

Use ribbon strips to create a unique wreath for your office door. Choose colors that match your logo or go well with your work space. Easy and quick to make, this circle of color will bring a smile to colleagues and guests as they enter your office. All it takes is a circular object and any extra ribbons you have.

Ribbon Chandeliers

Even a casual work environment can use a ribbon chandelier. And the best part is you can make it however you want. Whether you just let your ribbons hang down in a straight line or do something fancier, a chandelier will add character to your work space.

Pots and Plants

An easy, quick way to use extra ribbons is tying them around any flower vases you have in your office. Large potted plants also look amazing with ribbon accessories. Once you wrap a ribbon around the planter, consider also putting bows on the plant itself. Make sure your ribbon colors match the plants to create the perfect look for your conference room or office.

Ribbon pens to decorate your workplace.Company Pens

With custom ribbons and a little imagination, turn ordinary pens into something extraordinary. Wrap ribbon around each pen then add glitter or rhinestones to give them extra flair. Give a decorative pen to each employee and save a few for the front desk. Visitors will appreciate your creativity and may even hope they take your front desk pens by accident.

Deck the Walls

Long and flowing ribbons are perfect to make garlands to decorate a hallway or room. And don’t just use ribbons. Get creative with decorative pieces like beads, feathers and seashells. This is your chance to add your personal touch to your workplace.

Use ribbon strips to decorate a lamp shade for your workplaceLampshades

Trim your floor and table lamps with leftover ribbons. Glue pieces of ribbon to a lampshade in a horizontal or vertical stripe pattern. Once you’re done, put the lampshade back on to enjoy your new work of art.

Pillow Cushions

Sew ribbon strips together to decorate your break room or foyer with trendy pillow cushions. This project allows you to take any combination of ribbons you want and make something unique. And, colleagues and guests will appreciate having something comfortable to lean against while sitting.

So, from light fixtures to writing instruments, extra ribbons are a great opportunity to decorate your workplace and use your creativity.

Trade Shows and 5 Ways to Promote Your Brand

Quality ribbons promote company brands at trade shows and other events.

The way to increase brand recognition is to increase brand exposure, and using custom ribbons with your company name or logo at trade shows can help you do just that.

Ribbons to use at trade shows to promote your bandEven within one industry, there is a lot of competition. Many companies sell similar products, and all of them are trying to convince customers to buy from them. If you want to stand out from the crowd, people need to know who you are. They need to see your logo and recognize it as yours.


What a perfect opportunity to get your name and logo out there for customers to see. Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and advertise your brand. Everyone there is interested in your industry and will be looking for the products which you sell.

There are a plethora of marketing tools to use to promote your brand at trade shows. An easy tool to use is ribbons. Ribbons are fun, decorative and eye-catching.

Here are five ways to use ribbons to promote your brand at trade shows.

Backdrop Decorations

Use colorful ribbon rolls to make a backdrop that will stand out. Add your company name and logo to increase brand recognition. Tie strands of ribbon onto a string to make a garland or simply let them hang down from the top of a backdrop board like a waterfall.

Ribbon Name Badges

Badge ribbons to wear at trade shows

Help customers feel comfortable talking to you by wearing a badge ribbon with your name on it. When your name is visible on your chest, people can relate to you as a person and feel they can walk up to you and ask questions. Ribbon badges also add flair to your work clothes and make you appear friendlier. You may include your company logo on the ribbon as well, but make sure your name is large enough that people can read it from afar.

Fun Giveaways

Nothing gets people coming to your booth like free stuff! But wait! First make your products look extra special by tying pretty ribbons around them. And again, make sure to add your company name and logo so that the people who receive your giveaways remember you.

Booth Displays

Another way to attract people to your booth is by having a charming table display. Use framed photos of your products or employees and tie a beautiful bow around them. Or, put flowers in a vase to give your booth a sweet-smelling aroma.

Support a Cause

Ribbons to show support of a cause at trade shows.

People love it when companies give back to the community. Show your support for a local charity with a custom ribbon that says the name of a cause or non-profit you help fund. Customize these ribbons to have the text on the ends so you can fold the ribbon into a loop and pin it to your chest.

5 Ways to Make Creative Ribbon Wreaths

Learn to make fun, creative wreaths with all types of quality ribbons.

Wreaths made of rosette ribbonsRibbons are perfect for making your own wreaths; they are versatile, easy to use and come in different colors and patterns. There are countless ways to use ribbons to make a wreath so you can bring your own personal style to the table. And, that’s what makes it fun!

Bring more of your personality to wreath-making with custom ribbon rolls. Include a personalized message for your friends and neighbors to see.

Hanging a wreath on your door or in inside your home adds charm and color. Wreaths can be for a specific holiday or  for year-round decoration. Either way, they bring quality to your home.

Here are five different ways to use ribbons to make a wreath.

Rosette Ribbon

Make a unique wreath out of rosette ribbons. Hot glue the rosettes to a Styrofoam, straw or wooden wreath in whatever pattern you want. The ribbons can be spread out or close together, depending on your personal preference.

Wrapped Ribbon

The easiest way to make a wreath with ribbon is to wrap a ribbon roll around the circle until it is fully covered. Wrap the wreath in one ribbon roll or two, or as many as you want, to give it more color. Add a fancy bow on the top or bottom and let the streamers flow down in beautiful waves.

Wreaths made of ribbon stripsRibbon Strips

Here are three ways to use ribbon strips to make a wreath. Tie the strips around the wreath in simple knots. Make each strip into a pretty bow and glue each bow onto the wreath. Or take each strip and make it into a circle, then pin each circle into a Styrofoam wreath. Pieces of ribbon rolls or badge ribbons cut in half will work for all these styles.

Folded Ribbon

Unwind a spool of ribbon roll, fold it in half and hot glue the ends together so the ribbon looks double sided. Then poke a wire through the ribbon, about 1.5 inches from one end. Accordion fold the ribbon, poking the wire through every 3 inches of ribbon. Once all the ribbon is on the wire, glue the ends together to make the last fold and connect the wire ends with electrical tape. Use any ribbon to hang.

Star-Shaped Ribbon

Wrap a wreath in ribbon roll or leave it bare. Then connect one end of a ribbon roll to the wreath using tape, pins or a twist tie. Stretch the ribbon across the wreath to create another point of the star. Do this until you have made all points of the star and are back to where you started. You can form two triangles to make a Star of David or make whatever star you want with as many points as you want.

Ribbon rolls to make wreaths

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but there are many more ways you can use ribbons to make your wreaths. Just remember quality ribbons make quality wreaths, so be sure to get top-notch ribbons for all your hand-made projects.

How To: Christmas Parties & Ribbon Awards

Give award ribbons to winners and outstanding employees at your office Christmas parties.

Spice up your office Christmas parties with holiday-themed games and recognition awards. Hand out custom ribbon awards to winners and high-achieving employees. Rosette ribbons bring quality and holiday cheer to any office party. Whether you use award ribbons as game awards or as office awards, they are sure to make your next holiday party extra special.

use custom rosette award ribbons for christmas parties and other holiday events

Tired of white elephant gifts? Here are some fun ideas for contests and awards to liven your office Christmas parties.

Games & Competitions

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest: Shop for the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find, or choose one somebody gave you. Then wear it to your company party.

Christmas Movie Trivia: Test your knowledge of classic Christmas movies like “Miracle on 34th Street,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Home Alone.”

Ornament Guessing Game: Put a Christmas tree in the office and guess how many ornaments there are on it.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph: Wear a blindfold and spin three times. Then see if you can pin Rudolph’s nose in place.

Stocking Guessing Game: Put your hand in a Christmas stocking and guess what objects are inside.

Name That Christmas Carol: Guess the name of a Christmas carol from a few lines of lyrics.

Christmas A-Z: Come up with a holiday-related word for each letter of the alphabet.

Santa Limbo: Do the limbo with a pillow under your shirt.


Biggest Risk Taker: Commend employees for their leap of faith.

Outstanding Innovator: Spotlight those creative geniuses who improve your company.

Marvelous Multitasker: Applaud colleagues who can juggle many tasks at once.

Fast Learner: Congratulate your newest employee for starting on the right foot.

Great Problem Solver: Recognize employees who find a way around every problem.

Excellent Organizer: Thank those who keep files from getting lost.

Rosette Ribbons

Reward game winners and recognize associates with custom rosette ribbons. Our quality ribbons have one to three streamers with one-color printing. The center button is customizable and comes in cello, gold-rimmed or satin. Choose the title and achievement for each award using a custom or stock design so that the award meets the occasion.

Custom Shaped Name Tags

Had a lot of turnovers lately? Does your company have a large number of employees? Name tags ensure everyone knows each others’ names at office Christmas parties, so there is no awkwardness. Order custom shaped name tags in the shape of a snowman, a reindeer or a Christmas tree. Or, almost any shape you want!