Holiday Badge Ribbons

Take badge ribbons to a whole new level and use them during the holidays!

While there are many useful daily uses for badge ribbons, there are also fun uses for special occasions and holidays. Whether it’s for wrapping or giving, holiday badge ribbons are a great necessity for any holiday. And, knowing that the uses for badges ribbons is quite extensive, here is a small list as to how they can be used.

to from badge ribbon for the holidaysIDENTIFYING PRESENTS: Use holiday badge ribbons as your “TO/FROM” tags for all those colorful presents sitting under the Christmas tree. Each ribbon can be customized from several different colors and then imprinted with the simple text of “TO” and “FROM.” Simply tape these wonderful tags to your presents and use a permanent marker to give the recipient something fun to look at. These can also make wonderful keepsakes!

EXPRESSING IDEAS: Badge ribbons can be customized to reflect different sayings or uses. Have a colorful badge imprinted with different names for elves or other Santa helps. Use these holiday badge ribbons to express a simple quote or holiday thought for party attendees.

CRAFT PROJECTS: Use them as quick decorations or center pieces. Have a favorite holiday quote, song musing or thought imprinted on any color badge ribbon you want. Whatever your crafty idea, it can be as crazy and zany as you like!

holiday badge ribbonsFUN WORK USES: While having to work through the holidays may not always be the best way to spend your time, make it fun with badge ribbons. Create colorful and useful ribbons by highlighting specials and sales. Use them for name tags or name badges. Have holiday badge ribbons imprinted with “Holiday Sale” or “Gift Wrapping Available.” Or have the ribbon imprinted with something specific for your company or organization.

Whatever you use your festive and holiday badge ribbons for, make sure they represent you and your style. Give it your own flair and be as creative as you want! Remember that each ribbon will be great at drawing attention to a present or anything else it is attached to. Badge ribbons aren’t just for name badges and badge holders anymore!

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  1. I really like how you mentioned that, “While there are many useful daily uses for badge ribbons, there are also fun uses for special occasions and holidays.” I think badge ribbons really make it a more thoughtful gift because you went the extra mile. I want to make home made gifts this holiday season and I think this is a great way to do it. Thanks for sharing these great ideas on how to make ribbons.

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