Product Highlight: Intern Badge Ribbons

Looking for the right title for your badge ribbon? No need to look any further than!

And, we recently added the title INTERN to our stock ribbons.

Have you ever needed to add a title to a badge holder or name tag and didn’t want it printed directly on the tag? Well, we have the perfect solution! Late last year, which was only a few weeks ago, Personalized Ribbons received a request to add the title INTERN to our already long list of on-hand titles. So, we added the title in a couple of bright colors!

product highlight featuring a new stock badge ribbon title intern

The INTERN title is now available in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

And, it comes in two colors:



Of course, we still have all of our other titles available. There are so many to choose from that we’re sure to have the one you are looking for. And, if we don’t, we’ll make it! You may have to wait for the die and printing, but we’ll be happy to help you with any title you need.

Badge ribbons are great for marketing, brand recognition and promotional tools. Name tags with ribbons can advertise a sale, event or company logo. Attaching ribbons to name tags and badge holders at a conference is an excellent way to identify and recognize attendees’ different roles. Conference ribbons may include information that identifies speakers, staff or a variety additional functions. These provide a valuable networking tool.

Quickly identify roles at any event or function. Reward good work in schools or businesses with an appropriate badge ribbon. Or use these versatile ribbons for family reunions or other events as party favors or even part of a game.

Badge ribbonsproduct highlight featuring a new stock badge ribbon title intern are perfect for color-coding anything or anyone. With bright colors available, game or party participants will stand out for sure. The colors also allow for a professional and polished appearance during work functions.

The benefits are numerous with badge ribbons! Come on over and get your intern ribbons today, or find the perfect title for your needs.

3 Ways Ribbons Promote Your Brand

Promoting your brand successfully takes time, strategy and involves many different aspects of business technique. Why not make it a bit easier with custom and personalized ribbons?

use personalized ribbon rolls with your logo or company slogan for your brand awarenessThese ribbons are printed with your custom message and company logo. All of our high quality ribbons come in a variety of color choices and can be customized to meet your needs. Your company details or specific messages will be printed on ribbons of your choice. Promote your business with these innovative and decorative ribbons in a number of uses.

A popular way of promoting your brand is to give away promotional products and gifts. This can help you to build your brand recognition and increase sales. Don’t limit yourself on the types of gifts you give away. It can be something as simple as a homemade treat to an actual product sample. Just remember to brand it with your logo, company slogan or something that makes it truly yours. Use ribbon rolls with your slogan to wrap around boxes or gift bags.

Use ribbons for all occasions and needs!

use personalized rosette ribbons with your logo or company slogan for your brand awarenessAre you attending a trade show or convention in the near future? Ribbon rolls are a great way to brand your booth or table at these events. From simple table wraps to bows and ribbon walls, make sure your design stands out to those who are walking by. Rosette ribbons are also a great way to decorate your booth. Brand your company as “First Place” with a place rosette ribbon or choose something a little grander to get your message across.

What about the upcoming holidays? Thinking about corporate gifting yet? Don’t forget that one of the easiest ways to get your brand out there is by word of mouth. And what better way than to let your employees help you? Choose your holiday gifts and then wrap them in pretty ribbons with your logo all over them. Or choose a simple badge ribbon as a gift tag to do the trick.

Whatever your choice, custom ribbon is a fantastic marketing tool. And you can use it to increase your brand awareness.

6 Reasons: Ribbon Rolls for Decorating

Are you planning an event and need ideas for decorating? From weddings to parties to most any event you can think of, ribbon rolls are the perfect answer for any needed decorations!

ribbon materials infographic for decorating usesSo, now you’re left with the unanswered question: what kind of ribbon do I want for my decorating? Here’s a quick guide to help you along your way to your perfect answer.

First things first, what do you need the ribbon roll for? Let’s look at all the things you can do with ribbon rolls. Tying them around things it a great use! Uses range from table decorations like candles and vases to the more traditional uses like gift wrapping and using them to wrap flowers into bouquets. Whatever you decide to use these ribbons for, that’s your stepping stone.

While most of these ribbon selections can be used for tying, some are prettier than others. But don’t discount ribbon types like grosgrain or organza quite yet. These ribbons have their uses too!

Satin and acetate ribbons are perfect for flowers and gifts. Tying bows is simple and they hold well. Tie them around your bouquets for that great looking bow. They hold their shape will so that the bow’s loops remain plush and open. These ribbons are also useful for decorating because of their shiny quality. They work great when hung with other decorations or used on centerpieces for tables.

(This ribbon) is heavily textured on both sides. Consequently, the imprinting will have lines running through it where the color of the ribbon will show through. This can lead to a more casual or “distressed” look in the final ribbon. (And,) the material itself is slightly thicker and heavier than (other ribbons).

Chiffon – Organza
(This ribbon choice) has an open, mesh-like weave that allows you to see through it. Because of this transparency, …organza has a very elegant look, making it a popular choice for weddings or other formal events. It has a stiff texture that works well for almost any size bow.

Whatever you decide to use for your decorating, make sure that your imprinting choices match your ribbon choice. Printing on satin versus grosgrain, and even organza, will always show up differently. Watch your text and image choices when selecting your ribbons.

To make it a bit easier, simply review this information every time you need to choose your ribbon style and you can’t go wrong.

View entire infographic by clicking on the image. (Infographic courtesy of:
Melanie Bunch, Graphic Artist, Coller Industries Incorporated.)

Unique Wedding Ribbons

Wedding season is quickly approaching once again!
Are you ready for your special day?

There are so many things to anticipate and plan for when dealing with wedding preparations. From the cake to invitations to decorations, don’t fall short on your details when making everything perfect for that big day. There are so many ways to incorporate personalized ribbons and identification into most details of the day. Here are some great ways to use some of our products in ways that you haven’t yet considered!

We all know that ribbon rolls are great for so many uses. From decorations to invitations to even the cake, ribbon rolls are very versatile!

diy award ribbons wedding personalized ribbons full color custom ribbon

Use these full color ribbons for almost anything at any wedding! As a simple invitations, these ribbons can be customized with dates, names and other information a images. Use these as place holders during dinner or at your reception. Have a contest for the best dressed or the best dancer. Make up your own custom ribbons or simply go for imprinted place ribbons.

rosette ribbons for a themed wedding personalize and customize ribbon



Now here’s an idea that most people don’t think about. Order a custom rosette ribbon with your date, names and any other details you want to include. These can be given away as trinkets to commemorate the day or even worn by members of your wedding party instead of boutonnieres or other flowers. Rosette ribbons can also be used as place markers for seating arrangements or for a unique decoration for themed weddings.


lanyards and badge holders for weddings find your name and find your table


Looking for that one creative way to help your guests find their place at the table? This unique idea incorporates custom lanyards and name badges. While this shows the place settings hanging from trees for the guests to find their names, they may also be spread out on a table. Simply choose a lanyard in your wedding colors and grab a handy badge holder to display people’s names and seating placements.


Whatever your choice, remember that ribbon rolls are great, but not everything.
Use most any personalized ribbon for your big day and make it one to remember!