Awareness Ribbons, Colors and Symbols

Awareness ribbons are meant to show support or raise consciousness for a cause.

Awareness Ribbons, Colors and Symbols red orange yellow green blue purple personalized ribbonsDifferent colors and patterns are associated with different issues. Many advocacy groups have adopted ribbons as symbols of support or awareness. Awareness ribbons date back to 1917 when the yellow awareness ribbon showed up to support US military while serving abroad. Since then ribbon colors have been used for a variety of causes and are used to symbolize various concerns depending on the color and pattern.

While these awareness ribbons are used year round, some of the most prominent reasons for wearing awareness ribbons happen in October. Many schools will be acknowledging Red Ribbon Week during the last week of October. Other include breast cancer awareness, literacy awareness and cultural diversity awareness. For a full list of awareness ribbon colors and months, a simple reference website is:

awareness ribbon how to tutorial support our troops yellow militaryTo help create an awareness, here is a simple tutorial on how to create any color awareness ribbon that might be needed.

Step 1: Begin the awareness ribbon by cutting a section of personalized ribbon that includes the entire text. It is key to make sure that when ordering personalized awareness ribbons that the text is spaced properly. In this case, a cut is made between Support and Troops. The finish of the ribbon will also need to be taken into perspective at this point. If the awareness ribbons need to have an slanted end, make sure cut the section of personalized ribbon at an angle.

Step 2: Form a small loop in the ribbon making sure to leave each end hanging down so that the text can be seen at the ends without being covered by the crossover. Attach this crossover, or intersection, together by either using a small piece of tape or hot glue. This will secure the shape of the awareness ribbon. If the awareness ribbon needs to be kept for long term use, hot glue is the best option.

Step 3: At this point, choose a fastener for the awareness ribbon. Pins are available at Keep in mind when ordering fasteners to go with the awareness ribbons to make sure they will match the thickness and design of the personalized ribbon being ordered. There are many options for fasteners. If they do not come with adhesive, use hot glue to affix them properly.

awareness ribbons orange cultural diversity
awareness ribbons pink breast cancer
awareness ribbons green literacy
awareness ribbon red drug and substance abuse