Logos On Ribbons

While ribbons are a great tool to use in the office or in commercial settings, the best use is adding personalized logos.

These logos can range from basic and simple, to somewhat complicated. By adding these logos to custom ribbons, whether they be ribbon rolls, badge ribbons or rosette ribbons, one can take full advantage of the advertising that comes from these wonderful tools.

logos on ribbons using badge ribbons ribbon rolls and rosette ribbons

A well designed logo is a mark of a well-run business. Adding a logo to to custom ribbons helps to associate employees and other that represent a company with a brand image that has been built for that company. Personalized Ribbons does require that these logos are provided in specific ways.

High quality artwork is required for all processes. All artwork will be reviewed by a designer and adjustments will be made to your order if necessary. These adjustments will be shown on a proof prior to production. Imprinted ribbons require black and white (one color) art files. Full color ribbons may be created using vector art or high quality bitmap files. Templates are also available to aid customers in the process of creating logos and placement for ribbons. All art received by Coller Industries Incorporated must be in compliance with all trademark, copyright, patent or related laws or acts and are the responsibility of the customer. And, as always, customer service is happy to assist where and when necessary.
VECTOR ART: Imprinted ribbons require vector art files.
BITMAP ART: Full color ribbons may use either vector or bitmap artwork (300 dpi or better).

With that being said, logos should be a fun way to express oneself. And what a great idea to help promote and brand a business or organization. Company branding helps to expands a business or really get the word out about the company’s purpose.
Corporate branding is the process of promoting the logo and/or brand name of a company or corporation for marketing and advertising purposes. Typically the range of a corporate brand is very broad and is often used as a way to express the company’s ideals and goals.
From corporate gifting to recruiting and retention of employees, this brand (or logo) will always come in handy. Use it to your advantage today by putting it on ribbons.

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