Decorate Graduation Day with These Creative Ribbon Roll Tips

Congratulations to all graduates this season! Graduation is a time for celebrating success. It’s a milestone to recognize the hard work and effort graduates, families and educators have put in to make it past the finish line. Your graduate deserves to walk away from the ceremony with an experience that will last them a lifetime. After that, they can party the night away with a graduation party.
Regarding grad party decorations, high quality materials are worth the investment. Add more flair when you use ribbons rolls to decorate and complement graduation gifts and other decorations. Here are some creative ribbon roll tips for decorating graduation day.

decorating graduation day creative ribbon roll diploma


Flowers are an excellent gift for graduates on their graduation day. Although picking the prettiest flowers from the patch is easy, there are ways to enhance them. For example, use ribbons to decorate your flower bouquet to show your graduate you care. Everyone celebrating will notice the extra effort. Emphasize your graduate’s big graduation using ribbons of several colors and materials.

Instead of handing your graduate a fistful of flowers, wrap the bouquet with a satin ribbon. Express how proud you are with congratulatory text printed straight onto the ribbon rolls.

decorating graduation day creative ribbon roll flower bouquet


Balloons are essential for partying, especially grad parties. You can use whatever kind of balloons suit your fancy. Simple balloons already come with ribbons attached; that is no surprise. Personalize the party by tying ribbon rolls around the neck of each of the balloons. In addition, the ribbons will stream down elegantly, making the party even fancier.

You can customize ribbon rolls to say whatever. So, for graduates, you could imprint the ribbons with, “Congratulations, Jake! – Graduation 2023.” It’s not every day that balloons will say your name on them. So having personalized ribbons will help make your graduate feel even more appreciated and recognized.

Gift Baskets

Leave your graduate amazed when they see their own customized gift basket. Fill their basket with treats, gift cards, presents and whatever else you know would make them happy. Then, show that you put more effort into decorating the graduation gift baskets with ribbons.

Have each party member write congratulations on customized ribbon rolls and tie them onto the gift baskets. You could have each family member write something nice. For example, for a gift basket coming from you to a graduate, you could say something like, “You finally made it! Congratulations, buddy! – Uncle Scott.”

Party Favors

Get grad party attendees in on the graduation fun with party favors. Party favors can range from a variety of different treats, trinkets and more.

decorating graduation day creative ribbon roll gifts bows

Add a touch of personality by sealing party bags with favor ribbon rolls.

These ribbons could say, “Utah High School Graduation 2023.” That way, if you want to celebrate a group of graduating students, everyone feels honored.

Gift Wrap

Graduation means new chapters in life for these recent graduates. High school friends split ways. College graduates can look forward to job opportunities. Whatever the path may be, your graduate is on to new things. How about gifting them with something that will serve a purpose? You could also get them something they will cherish forever. Present your graduate with presents with a ribbon on top. You may cut the ribbon to a desired length to tie beautiful bows on gifts.

decorating graduation day creative ribbon roll gift bow

These have been a few creative ideas on using ribbon rolls to amplify your graduate’s graduation day. As a result, you’re now more prepared to give your graduate a memorable experience they’ll cherish. Visit us here for or more information on creative ribbon roll ideas. For any questions about these customized ribbon rolls, please call 1-800-272-5729 for customer support.

Custom Ribbons and What You Should Know

Your business can be more creative in using marketing tactics. For example, creating products with a wide color variety or upgrade product photography to be more suitable to your audience. Or develop creative marketing campaigns that make your business stand out against the competition. But, one of the best ways to be more creative is through custom ribbons.

Let’s start with the question, “What is a ribbon?”

A ribbon is a narrow, woven strip or band of fine material which is finished off on all edges. Different types of fabrics fashion each ribbon. The most common are organza, satin and polyester. These materials are frequently used for ornaments, decorations, bow tying and accessories.

Source: A Brief History of Ribbons

personalized ribbons like custom top ribbons, ribbon rolls, badge ribbons and rosettes

From ribbon rolls to custom top ribbons, ribbons are an underrated tool. Businesses can use ribbons to make them stand out creatively. There are several ribbon types available for your business needs:

  • Ribbon Rolls
  • Badge Ribbons
  • Rosette Ribbons
  • Custom Top Ribbons

Here are what each of these ribbons are and how to use them in any business ventures.

Custom Ribbon Rolls

grosgrain ribbon personalized with a business name

These rolls of custom ribbon are perfect for decorating. Wrap presents, tie up gift baskets or even decorate an event. Choose the color, text and logo to customize them to meet any business needs.

Choose from a wide variety of materials for ribbon rolls. There is single face satin, double face satin, DYNA satin, grosgrain, organza and satin acetate. Each has its texture, appearance and toughness.

All full color ribbons are made of white satin acetate. This makes them perfect for when needing a vibrant ribbon that shows off a logo and any needed text.

Badge Ribbons

Acknowledge achievements with badge ribbons

People use badge ribbons in workplaces, events and conferences. Stock badge ribbons can be attached to name tags to indicate more about a person. Or use custom badge ribbons for when it is needed to indicate more than what the stock ribbons provide, such as custom titles. Whether it is vertical or horizontal text, be creative and say whatever is needed. To draw attention, include custom graphics, such as a logo.

Like the ribbon rolls, we have full color badge ribbons that are the most customizable. Add nearly any background, text and graphics! These are the most colorful badge ribbons, as there is more control over the ribbon design.

If none of these ribbon option works, simply order a blank badge ribbon and add any text needed. These badge ribbons are available in vertical or horizontal orientations.

Rosette Ribbons

rosette ribbons are available in stock titles or personalized titles

When thinking of award ribbons, rosettes are what are typically what comes to mind for most people. Use stock rosettes to indicate award winners; from honorable mention to grand prize winners. They come with different center buttons to display victory torches, places, stars, gymnastics or swimming.

Custom rosette ribbons are for any occasion where you need to show appreciation to winners and participants. They are the perfect ribbon for awards and recognition. Customize these rosette ribbons from the streamers, rosettes, center designs, center styles and text.

Custom Top Ribbons

custom top ribbons to award an outstanding employee

Often used for sales, promotions, brand identity building and special events, custom top ribbons are extremely creative as they are printed in full color. Customize each ribbon with edge to edge printing, including graphics, logos, text and photographic images. In addition, they come in several top styles, such as squared, pointed, hemmed and pinked.

You now know about all the different ribbon types to use to make your business more successful. When your business is creative in its marketing efforts, it shatters expectations and gives customers a better choice with who to use to meet their needs.

Personalized ribbons come in all sorts of styles: ribbon rolls, rosette ribbons, custom top ribbons and badge ribbons.

Use personalized ribbons for various events, such as parties, conferences, schools, sports, etc. Decorate gifts and events with ribbon rolls. Recognize the efforts of others with rosette ribbons. When you implement creative actions, you become more personable to any audience. Give customers and clients a sense of recognition and accomplishment they usually would not have had before by using ribbons.

Ribbon Rolls

shop personalized ribbon rolls

Badge Ribbons

shop badge ribbons


shop rosette ribbons

Custom Top

shop custom top ribbons

Branded Ribbons: Defining Your Business

Personalized ribbons and branding are synonymous. Company recognition goes through the roof when your business starts with these branded ribbons! Especially when they are added to product packaging or given as you perform services. Even provide them with goody bags at your next corporate event or conference.

Defining your brand with custom ribbon rolls, badge ribbons and name tags branded with your business logo and name.

But what is company branding? A company’s brand is what they are, what they want to be and what they aim to become as they build their promise of quality, trust or service. Make sure that your company branding helps you stand out from your competition. Help your customers know what to expect from your brand.

Branding with Custom Ribbons – A Marketing Must!

Branding, from recognition to awareness, is the best way your business will grow while increasing your customer base. Therefore, making your products or services synonymous with your company is pertinent as you strive to reach your business goals. That way, customers think of your company when they need your product.

So, how can custom ribbons give immediate benefits and add to your brand? Ribbons adapt well, and they are trendy. From fairs and festivals to holidays and parties, your logo will look great on any ribbon. And these ribbons, as you present them or pass them out, will garner brand recognition and company awareness. Using a trend like custom ribbons will help your business take the lead in your industry.

Using colors and text to customize your ribbon choice will help boost your brand recognition. But, make sure these choices adhere to any established brand voice your company has already. Personalized ribbons are guaranteed to welcome customers, old and new. And they will help enhance the customer experience.

Standing out with Branded Products

An important feature to succeeding as a company (and brand) is to show that you offer better products and services. Remember, you need to stand out in your market.

By using branded ribbons, you add an extra flair to your business. This flair helps to make your product or service stand out. Use these ribbons in your product packaging as well so that your customer will never forget their first impression. As a result, your customers will surely remember you the next time they need your product or service.

Customers will feel like sharing their experience with your company when they have a good experience. Those who enjoy interactions with you and your employees are more likely to help promote your brand. After all, a customer’s happiness is what keeps them returning (and bringing others with them).

Shocking pink continuous imprint ribbon rolls branded with a company logo used on product packaging.
Custom imprinted badge ribbons with different titles and messages that can be used for conventions or business events.

Marketing with Branded Ribbons

Bows, wrapping and other packaging methods provide a branded personal touch on your products. Here are some ways in which you can use these embellishments. And, when done correctly, they will increase your brand appeal.

  • Gift bags and product boxes
  • Bottles and other packaging
  • Wedding favors and event decorations
  • Anything floral (especially when using ribbon rolls)
  • Scholastic and achievement awards

Additional Branding Tips:

You can add a logo to many of our name tags and other personalized products. Name tags are laser engraved or printed with your logo and company name as well as an employee’s name. Reusable name badges come with printable inserts where you can easily add your brand. Even order custom lanyards with a company or organization logo to promote branding at your next corporate event.

Using the correct ribbon and branding will elevate your product or service and give it the status you need. As a result, your brand will be more professional and also feel more inviting. So, now that you know about branded ribbons, get branding with our personalized ribbons now!

Product Packaging & 4th Quarter Sales

During this time of year, your fourth quarter sales are at the front of your mind, and we’re here to help. From personalized ribbon rolls to branded badge ribbons, we have every solution you need for product packaging.

Preparing for your fourth quarter sales should include reviewing how you present your products. Custom ribbons help your products stand out from your competitors and also help you to show your products by highlighting your branding.

Custom ribbons used for product packaging for fourth quarter sales.

Customers perceive your brand based on different influential factors. Your product packaging is one of them. It all comes down to how you display and present your products. These factors influence your buyers and the people around them. So, make sure that your packaging tells the story you want from it. Within seconds, customers can tell a lot about your product just by its packaging. They can see the quality (or lack thereof) with a simple glance.

When thinking about product sales, make sure you remember this message: product packaging is key. While it may seem like a minor detail, don’t overlook its importance. For example, using ribbons in your packaging makes your product more appealing and helps your brand stand out.

Have you made product packaging an essential element of your marketing strategy? Whether your answer is yes or no, we have ribbons to solve your needs! After all, these are the custom ribbons that keep your customers coming back.

So, what is product packaging? It is the process of designing, evaluating and producing containers and wrapping for the products you offer. Packaging is an important element of your marketing strategy, and ribbons will help you stand out from competitors.

Branding with Product Packaging

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a brand as “a class of goods identified by name as the product of a single firm or manufacturer.” It is the overall perception and experience that customers associate with a particular company, product or service. They also define branding as “promoting a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand.”

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a branded gift will leave your customers speechless, especially when you attach a gorgeous, custom ribbon. While your products may speak for themselves, it never hurts to give them a boost. Choose from a multitude of colors and personalizations to make these ribbons work for you.

Customized scarlet ribbon roll with white imprinting for product packaging on a shoe box.
Emerald color custom imprinted badge ribbon with a personalized message for product packaging.
Metallic red imprinted ribbon roll tied into a bow for pretty packaging.

Your Branding and Personalized Ribbons

According to a study by The Paper Worker, 52% of online consumers say they would likely return to a business for another purchase if they receive products in premium packaging. And 90% of consumers reuse product packaging boxes and bags after purchase. But the customer can even become another marketing channel: 40% would share a packaging photo if it is interesting. With that action, they recommend it to friends who might also become customers.

The key to product packaging is showing your customers that you care about meeting their product needs. Remember that first impressions matter, especially when it comes to a sea of packaging. So, show your appreciation on your packaging with a branded ribbon that will make your customers feel your quality.

Ribbons are an effective way to package your products. While a ribbon is often used as a decorative item, businesses can also use it for simple wrapping on a shoe box or a tag for something that is on sale. Ribbons are the ultimate staple of ornamental packaging while still maintaining simplicity. Choose from a variety of ribbon styles and a plethora of colors to brand your product packaging.

Personalizing Your Christmas in July

If you like warm, sunny weather with your holiday spirit, July is a great time to start celebrating Christmas. Yes, we just said Christmas! It’s never too early to plan for your Christmas and holiday ribbons and gifts, so why not start this July?

And, by ordering ribbons and gifts early, you’ll be less stressed when the holidays roll around. We’re sure to have something for everyone with customizable gifts and personalized ribbons.

Badge Ribbons are a Versatile Way to Celebrate

And badge ribbons are perfect for almost anything! Use them as name tags on presents or make unique additions to a table centerpiece. Graphic ribbons are a surprising way to invite people to your festivities.

Deep gold horizontal custom text badge ribbon with a holiday message imprinted in metallic red.
Crimson red vertical graphic badge ribbon with gold imprint to help celebrate Christmas.

Whether for a Christmas in July celebration or any event, customize them to meet your needs. Share your special message using your choice of colors, or go with traditional red and green to match the holiday. And don’t forget to add names, dates and other details about your party.

Don’t Forget the Ribbon Rolls for Your Christmas in July

Custom green ribbon roll with imprinting to celebrate Christmas wrapped around a present.

Make yours the prettiest package they will ever receive with personalized satin ribbons wrapped around the perfect present. No matter your gift choice, personalized ribbon rolls are the ideal addition to all holiday packages.

Design your ribbons with a personalized message that will match your holiday needs. Upgrade everything about your holiday, including gifts, decorations and more. Choose from a variety of fantastic colors and customize your text to match. The imprinting on each ribbon looks excellent with a wrapping paper background, or even wrap the ribbon around your gift for a fun presentation.

And don’t forget about those unique, personalized gifts!

Getting a jump start on your holiday gifting is always great, especially if you’re ordering personalized presents. We have everything you need, from custom plaques and desk wedges to the ribbon you are wrapping with. So, let’s get you started.

Custom Plaques aren’t just for awards.

Custom award plaque with a green metal plate designed for celebrating Christmas.

Engrave a permanent merry message into a plaque and display it during the holiday season for all of your guests to see. While a list of perfect gifts may already exist, we think that you’re overlooking this one. Custom plaques are perfect for nearly everyone on your shopping list.

The fantastic thing about these plaques is that there is room for a bunch of text and graphics. You can add an entire poem or a quick tidbit from a favorite book. Then select from available icons or provide one that matches your message.

And don’t forget those desk wedges!

Desk Wedge with an engraved metal plate with a name, title and holiday graphic.

Celebrate in style with a custom Christmas-themed name plate stylized just for the holidays. These fancy name plates are perfect for showing how much you appreciate someone. Whether you give one as a gift or buy one for your desk at work, the professional quality reflects excellence.

Executive desk wedges come in different materials and sizes. The metal plate is fully customizable with your choice of color and finish. Customize one or two lines of text and an optional logo laser engraved into the metal plate. We offer to gift wrap your desk wedge so that you only need to worry about giving it to your boss, employee or friend.