Weave Trust into Your Brand

From product packaging to corporate gifting, weave your brand with custom ribbon.

ribbon rolls are a great tool to weave your brand into everything you doBranding goes beyond what your company uniform is. It isn’t all about signage and how your office incorporates feng shui. As author Tim Leberecht said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you aren’t in the room.” It is imperative that you weave your brand into everything.

Many small and large businesses are continually working on their branding. And what a better way to focus on your branding goals than to weave in some custom ribbon. While ribbon isn’t always the answer, it sure helps get the word out about who you are.

Leberecht explains that every brand should face the fact that they have minimal control over their reputation and, “if you’re relevant, there’s a constant, free-form conversation happening about you that you have no control over.” As a result, a strong brand will have a tremendous impact on your company’s success.

So, how do personalized ribbons help you sustain your brand?

ribbon rolls are a great tool to weave your brand into everything you doFrom color to content, ribbons are a versatile tool that will help anyone with branding their business. Often people overlook and simplify custom ribbons thinking that they don’t have that big of an impact on anything they do. However, by customizing badge ribbons to ribbon rolls, you’re giving your brand greater strength.

Don’t limit yourself to conference and event ribbons. Think about all aspects ribbons can help you in. From store sales to getting-to-know-you corporate retreats, ribbons are a perfect way to include those around you that may not know everything they should about your company.

Badge ribbons attach easily to name badges, clothing and decorations anywhere to let people know what you’re all about. Customize each ribbon with a message that suits your brand. Wrap ribbon rolls emblazoned with your logo around corporate gifts or office decorations.

And, don’t forget to weave ribbons into those events!

“Trust is earned by predictable behavior, so this is a wonderful way to counter the abundance of choice customers face every day,” said Leberecht.

Use your branding tools, such as custom ribbons, earn this trust by presenting your brand at your next event.

5 Ideas to Celebrate Your Valentine

From hearts to stripes, ribbons are a glorious Valentine tradition!

While these valentine ideas are to use leftover ribbon pieces you might have, don’t hesitate to order new ribbon rolls, rosette ribbons or badge ribbons to meet your needs. Be creative and, most importantly, have fun!

ribbon rolls are perfect for any valentine gift especially a flower bouquet

Personalize any gift with ribbon rolls.

Now this one is easy! Choose your favorite personalized ribbon and adorn any gift with a unique bow. It doesn’t matter how big or small your gift is, custom ribbons rolls go great with everything. And, ribbon rolls go great around a flower bouquet.

personalized badge ribbons used to make a valentine coupon bookBadge ribbons could be a cute way to give your loved one a unique coupon book.

Use blank, colorful badge ribbons to create a one-of-a-kind book for your main squeeze. Customize each ribbon with individual messages, date ideas and other things. Use coupons such as “Good for breakfast in bed” or “Movie you get to pick.”

Use rosette ribbon clippings as cute love notes for your someone special.

Just trim the streamers off old rosettes and use Valentine themed stickers to cover the center button. Or paint and personalize with a special message. Or, leave the streamers on and paint over them with thoughts for your special person.

use custom ribbon rolls for a special valentine Wrap baked goods with personalized ribbons.

While this idea is super simple, everyone loves a warm batch of homemade goodness. From cookies to cakes and everything in between, makes someone’s day special with a dozen of whatever baked goods you’re famous for. And then wrap them with a bit of cellophane and personalized ribbon, and of course a little extra love!

Get your kids involved too!

Use badge ribbons for holiday-themed bookmarks. Ribbon rolls are excellent greeting card accessories. And rosette ribbons are perfect for prizes at your Valentine’s day party. Add festive and personalized ribbons to hair clips for fun bows and jewelry. Just remember to suit your DIY projects to the correct age group and use your imagination for a fun-filled day.

Trade Shows and 5 Ways to Promote Your Brand

Quality ribbons promote company brands at trade shows and other events.

The way to increase brand recognition is to increase brand exposure, and using custom ribbons with your company name or logo at trade shows can help you do just that.

Ribbons to use at trade shows to promote your bandEven within one industry, there is a lot of competition. Many companies sell similar products, and all of them are trying to convince customers to buy from them. If you want to stand out from the crowd, people need to know who you are. They need to see your logo and recognize it as yours.


What a perfect opportunity to get your name and logo out there for customers to see. Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and advertise your brand. Everyone there is interested in your industry and will be looking for the products which you sell.

There are a plethora of marketing tools to use to promote your brand at trade shows. An easy tool to use is ribbons. Ribbons are fun, decorative and eye-catching.

Here are five ways to use ribbons to promote your brand at trade shows.

Backdrop Decorations

Use colorful ribbon rolls to make a backdrop that will stand out. Add your company name and logo to increase brand recognition. Tie strands of ribbon onto a string to make a garland or simply let them hang down from the top of a backdrop board like a waterfall.

Ribbon Name Badges

Badge ribbons to wear at trade shows

Help customers feel comfortable talking to you by wearing a badge ribbon with your name on it. When your name is visible on your chest, people can relate to you as a person and feel they can walk up to you and ask questions. Ribbon badges also add flair to your work clothes and make you appear friendlier. You may include your company logo on the ribbon as well, but make sure your name is large enough that people can read it from afar.

Fun Giveaways

Nothing gets people coming to your booth like free stuff! But wait! First make your products look extra special by tying pretty ribbons around them. And again, make sure to add your company name and logo so that the people who receive your giveaways remember you.

Booth Displays

Another way to attract people to your booth is by having a charming table display. Use framed photos of your products or employees and tie a beautiful bow around them. Or, put flowers in a vase to give your booth a sweet-smelling aroma.

Support a Cause

Ribbons to show support of a cause at trade shows.

People love it when companies give back to the community. Show your support for a local charity with a custom ribbon that says the name of a cause or non-profit you help fund. Customize these ribbons to have the text on the ends so you can fold the ribbon into a loop and pin it to your chest.

3 Color Filled Ways to Brand with Ribbons

From Ford blue to Target red, color is what makes a brand.

Every brand tells a story, and in the same way, every color helps the story gain power. And isn’t that what brand recognition is all about?

full color ribbon is perfect for corporate brandingNo matter your business, branding with your name and logo shouldn’t be enough. Branding typically comes with a color attached. And what better way to make sure that sticks than with colorful personalized ribbons.

Making sure your brand is immediately recognizable is what the correct color choice can accomplish. And, here are three great ways to make sure your color choice will help you on your way to excellent brand recognition.

First, pay attention to the details.

According to many surveys, most often corporate gifting includes significant clients, employees and prospective clients. A company’s brand is what they are, what they want to be, and what they aim to become as a whole. And when gift giving, branding is essential for all corporations.

Now, what does color have to do with corporate gifting? When custom ribbons are concerned, everything! It is never just what is put into the bag or box that counts. It’s also about the amount of time that when into the wrapping. When giving a corporate gift, it’s about who gave it to you. And what a better way to remember just that than by a personalized and colorful ribbon. So add your text and logo to any ribbon, but don’t forget your brand color!

Second, give your audience an incentive.

Everyone asks the question, “what’s in it for me?” Give them a great answer with your stand-out brand! From blue to red and even to yellow, every color can be associated with a specific brand. Wouldn’t you want to be on that list?

By providing a colorful incentive, you give consumers a way to recognize your company immediately. And in turn, the motivation is that they remember you, your quality service and how much they liked you. So, wrap that up with a colorful bow and not only show your customer how much you like them, but help them to like you even more.adding color to your brand for immediate recognition

Third, remember that every color has a meaning.

When it comes to branding, the power of color is both emotional and practical. On an emotional level, it can affect how consumers feel when they look at a brand, while on a practical level it can help a brand stand out in the crowd.

So, no matter how colorful you choose your brand to be, make sure you pick the right scheme to match your services. Because red is great for a security company, but maybe not for a dentist!

Ribbons 101: Presentation and Branding

From a family-owned bakery to a national retail chain, your brand presentation is a must!

Logos should be a fun way to express yourself, but branding with your logo should also be a continuous presentation goal. Most of us have heard, “you get what you give.” And that sentiment is entirely true when it comes to promoting a business.

First things, first; let’s talk about branding.

using custom text and corporate logos on presentation brandingA brand is a particular characteristic that serves to identify a specific product, a trade name or trademark, or a particular kind or variety.

Let’s break it down a bit farther to make it a little easier. The act of branding is the process involved in creating a unique name or image for a product, person or idea. This action is done mostly through advertising and other similar means. It is also the action of building a unique presence in a consumer market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

So, in layman’s terms, corporate branding is the process of promoting the logo and name of a company for marketing and advertising purposes. Branding helps to expand a business and get the word out about the company’s goal.

Ribbon Presentation and Logos

Let’s take that family-owned bakery into account here. Without a brand, presentation is nothing; with a developed brand, that small bakery goes from a nobody to a large community somebody. It’s amazing what adding personalized information to a ribbon can do for a company.

From ribbon rolls to classic ribbons, customize most of our options to fit any brand. Adding your brand to a ribbon roll may not seem like an easy way to get the brand recognition you want. But, consider what you can do with all of those ribbons.

From decorations at your next event to product packaging, these ribbons are truly versatile. Bakeries can add them to cookie boxes for a little bit of pick-me-up, while larger retail stores can strategically place them around their building with logos and slogans for all customers to see and remember.

using custom text and corporate logos on custom ribbons for presentation and branding

Now, let’s not forget that unique message!

From a simple “made with love” message to a “built tough” slogan, all text should be significantly weighed before sending in to print. Does your message match your logo? And what about your end-game? Make sure that you are sending the right vibe with your custom ribbons.

A well-designed logo is a mark of a well-run business. And adding a logo to custom ribbons helps associate that company with a brand image.

And don’t forget that a ribbon staple is color!

No matter your business, keep that color stable. And what we mean by that is to make sure your brand is immediately recognizable with your color choice. From Ford blue to Target red, colors make brands better. And your personalized ribbons need to reflect that!

So, whatever you decide your brand should be, remember that presentation is everything!