5 Easy & Creative Holiday Crafts from Ribbon

Making holiday crafts with ribbons is a quickly learned skill for any hobbyist.

Ribbons are a crafter’s and hobbyist’s most versatile and fundamental tool. Especially for holiday crafts. And using creative ribbons during any holiday is sure to turn up not only the fun but the uniqueness of anyone’s decor. So, choose your favorite ribbon, from rolls and badges to rosettes and more, and let’s get started!

use any personalized or custom ribbons for your holiday crafts


Holiday ribbon bracelets are easy to make in all different colors and styles. Use a length of ribbon roll and glue colorful and festive rhinestones on it. Once the glue dries, wrap the ribbon around your wrist and tie it in a pretty bow. Or, braid three of your favorite holiday ribbons and make it into a friendship bracelet. Buttons and ribbons are also great for creating a unique holiday bracelet!

And beads! Don’t forget the beads! Thread festive holiday beads onto your favorite ribbon to make a bracelet or necklace any length you want. Add fun charms to add a distinctive element to your holiday jewelry.

custom holiday crafts and ornaments using personalized ribbonsOrnaments

Does your family make a new Christmas tree ornament each year? From filling a clear, plastic ball with colorful ribbons to forming ribbons into festive shapes, every tree should be full of fun, new ribbon ornaments. Use any ornament technique with any of your holiday crafts this year for a unique way of decorating.

Table Decorations

From table runners to candlestick holders, ribbon rolls are a fun and exciting way to liven up your holiday tables! Add ribbon to an old, over-used tablecloth to transform it into your newest favorite holiday decoration. Fold a tablecloth to fit on a side table or a mantle and tie a ribbon around each end to hold it in place. Or, use festive ribbon rolls to decorate holiday place settings or centerpieces.

Door Wreaths

From ribbon scraps to flowing ribbon rolls, holiday wreaths are perfect for front doors and inside decorations! Pump up the volume on an old, worn out wreath. Colorful and festive ribbons are sure to breathe new life into your old decorations. Or, make a new wreath out of ribbon rolls and a Styrofoam ring. Just tie the rolls into any pattern your heart desires, and you’re all set to display your festiveness on your front door.

unique holiday crafts and wrapping with personalized ribbons wrapped around a bottleGift Wrapping

Using ribbon rolls around boxes is just the start of this fun wrapping alternative! Think outside the box on this one. Wrap a festive bow around a mason jar full of cookie or brownie makings. Have an oddly shaped gift? Use ribbons around the neck of a bottle or a fun, unique ribbon gift tag instead of attempting to wrap paper around something.


Feeling inspired yet? Get all the ribbons you need for your all of your holiday crafts and decorating projects here!

Custom Signs, Ribbons and Holiday Decor

After creating your custom signs, use personalized ribbon rolls to hang them.

Decorating for the holidays just became easier! Are you one of those people who prefer to decorate with a theme or use uniformity in your colors and style? Using engraved holiday custom signs is a great way to keep a theme going. And using personalized ribbon rolls to hang them takes it one step further.

From choosing your favorite holiday color and text to making a unique colorful statement, designing ribbons to go with your Christmas decor is sure to make everyone smile. Just add your favorite carol lyrics, or any other festive text, to a holiday ribbon and hang a fun themed sign on your doors and windows. Or, use that same ribbon to hang ornaments on your Christmas tree.

Here are three great tips for hanging your custom signs and decorations this year!

using personalized ribbons and custom signs for holiday decorations for home and officeBraided Ribbon Chains

Try to keep your ribbons as flat as possible, and just start braiding. Remember that your ribbon length will shorten as your braid gets longer, so either pre-measure with that in mind or work directly off your ribbon rolls. Secure the braid with a small, tight knot once your braid is long enough. Once this is complete, attach your ribbon to the back of your sign or other decoration with double-sided tape.

Want something a bit more decorative? Take two of your ribbon colors and make a big circle with the long ends sticking out from underneath. Then take the third ribbon color and tie it around the middle of that circle and the top of the braid. Doing this will make a bow without a lot of trouble. The ends of the third ribbon color will get used as a tail with the other colors.

using personalized ribbons and custom signs for holiday decorations for home and officeDouble Bow Ribbons

Using this option will require pre-drilled holes in your custom signs. However, the effect is something quite extraordinary! Measure out the length of ribbon that is necessary to hang your sign. Make a loop with each end of the ribbon and stick one end through each hole in the sign. Pass another piece of ribbon through the loop and tie that ribbon into a bow. This bow can be any size you would like. It can also be another ribbon color to add to your festivity. Then, tie the loop shut on the backside of the sign, and hang.

using personalized ribbons and custom signs for holiday decorations for home and officeRibbon Fringe

This decorative option is super simple! Just run custom ribbons along the bottom of your sign and trim them to the length you want. We have alternated colors to add a little extra pop and style.

Personalized ribbons are perfect for hanging almost anything, especially custom signs. Display your favorite holiday pieces using any customized ribbon roll this season.

Old and New Advice for Terrific Holiday Bows

Ribbons and holiday bows make any gift better!

Wrap holiday bows around any gift to add fun and unique detail. From bags and boxes to cars and puppies, choosing the right bow adds a uniqueness all its own. Here are some ways to use ribbon rolls to make holiday bows for your seasonal gifting this year.

using holiday bows and personalized ribbons for employee encentives and corporate gifting

From large to small, bows should match the gift you are giving.

For example, if you are giving that special someone a car for Christmas (or any other holiday for that matter), make sure the bow size matches the size of the present. You wouldn’t want to put a two-inch bow on a vehicle, as it would just get lost and therefore would not be visible. On the other end of the spectrum, if you put a two-foot bow on a small jewelry box, you won’t be able to see the present.

Don’t forget about the color!

Holiday bows are meant to be unique and stand out. Don’t blend a green bow with a green box. Choose a ribbon color that will pop and make that gift extra special. Reds and golds are excellent holiday color combinations. Pair blues with silvers, greens with reds and even blues with reds. And, be creative! Don’t limit yourself to traditional holiday colors. Think outside the box and pair pinks and browns or reds and purples!

use red bows with gold wrapping paper for holiday bows and corporate gifting
use blue bows with silver wrapping paper for holiday bows and corporate gifting
use green bows with red bags for holiday bows and corporate gifting

Need a creative way to wrap a present that just doesn’t want to fit in a bag or box?

tie personalized ribbons to a gift basket for holiday bows and corporate giftingAdding fun, poofy ribbons to bottles and baskets is a great way to skimp on the wrapping; especially if you don’t want to wrap oddly shaped objects. Go for a simple, dainty bow on someone’s favorite brand of bubbly, or tie a giant, festive bow to a fruit or goody basket.

tie personalized ribbons to a bottle for easy wrapping with holiday bows for corporate giftingNo matter your choice for holiday bows, make sure to remember the size, color and most importantly fun! Make your gifts especially unique this year with festive ribbon rolls. Still looking for that perfect gift for someone picky? Everyone likes to see their name on something, so choose a personalized desk wedge. And don’t forget the ribbon!

Unique and Simple Holiday Gift Tags

Make your corporate packaging just as unique as the gift itself with ribbon gift tags!

use badge ribbons for gift tags for your corporate gifting this holiday seasonPresentation is everything, right? Well, whether it’s a company brand or a personal style, custom ribbons are sure to make the best impression. From ribbon rolls to rosette ribbons, any ribbon choice is sure to impress. And, these custom ribbon gift tags are no exception.

Choose a festive holiday color or a company specific color. And then tell us what you want!

From personalized messages to adding names and titles, these ribbons are easy to customize. Unique gifts and wrapping keep your name in the recipient’s mind, so why not make it personalized? The best presents are heartfelt and show it. Custom wrapping helps to convey your intentions and sincerity to the recipient.

While paper tags are likely to be thrown away, these unique ribbon gift tags are sure to be treasured for a long time. Some recipients may even use them as bookmarks or display them on office and cubicle walls as holiday decorations. And, as they upgrade a package from drab to classy, these ribbons are a great way to show off your unique brand.

Use holiday badge ribbons as your “TO/FROM” tags for all those colorful presents sitting under the Christmas tree. Customize each ribbon in several different colors and then imprinted with the simple text of “TO” and “FROM.” Merely tape these beautiful tags to your presents and use a permanent marker to give the recipient a unique identifier.

using Custom Badge Ribbons as holiday gift tags for Corporate GiftingExchanging secret Santa gifts?

These tags are perfect for office parties for these gifts. Instead of the “TO/FROM” message, use a unique phrase or just the name Santa on your tags. Or, include your company logo or another holiday image such as a snowman, Christmas tree or reindeer, something that is sure to make your colleagues smile.

Badge ribbons aren’t just for name badges and badge holders anymore! Whatever you use your festive and holiday badge ribbons for, make sure they represent you and your style. Give it your flair and be as creative as you want! Remember that each ribbon needs to be great at drawing attention to a present or anything else it is attached to.

How To: Christmas Parties & Ribbon Awards

Give award ribbons to winners and outstanding employees at your office Christmas parties.

Spice up your office Christmas parties with holiday-themed games and recognition awards. Hand out custom ribbon awards to winners and high-achieving employees. Rosette ribbons bring quality and holiday cheer to any office party. Whether you use award ribbons as game awards or as office awards, they are sure to make your next holiday party extra special.

use custom rosette award ribbons for christmas parties and other holiday events

Tired of white elephant gifts? Here are some fun ideas for contests and awards to liven your office Christmas parties.

Games & Competitions

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest: Shop for the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find, or choose one somebody gave you. Then wear it to your company party.

Christmas Movie Trivia: Test your knowledge of classic Christmas movies like “Miracle on 34th Street,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Home Alone.”

Ornament Guessing Game: Put a Christmas tree in the office and guess how many ornaments there are on it.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph: Wear a blindfold and spin three times. Then see if you can pin Rudolph’s nose in place.

Stocking Guessing Game: Put your hand in a Christmas stocking and guess what objects are inside.

Name That Christmas Carol: Guess the name of a Christmas carol from a few lines of lyrics.

Christmas A-Z: Come up with a holiday-related word for each letter of the alphabet.

Santa Limbo: Do the limbo with a pillow under your shirt.


Biggest Risk Taker: Commend employees for their leap of faith.

Outstanding Innovator: Spotlight those creative geniuses who improve your company.

Marvelous Multitasker: Applaud colleagues who can juggle many tasks at once.

Fast Learner: Congratulate your newest employee for starting on the right foot.

Great Problem Solver: Recognize employees who find a way around every problem.

Excellent Organizer: Thank those who keep files from getting lost.

Rosette Ribbons

Reward game winners and recognize associates with custom rosette ribbons. Our quality ribbons have one to three streamers with one-color printing. The center button is customizable and comes in cello, gold-rimmed or satin. Choose the title and achievement for each award using a custom or stock design so that the award meets the occasion.

Custom Shaped Name Tags

Had a lot of turnovers lately? Does your company have a large number of employees? Name tags ensure everyone knows each others’ names at office Christmas parties, so there is no awkwardness. Order custom shaped name tags in the shape of a snowman, a reindeer or a Christmas tree. Or, almost any shape you want!