Rolls Now Have Over 60 NEW Colors!

Oh, what fun with more than 60 new colors hitting our ribbon rolls!

A little while ago, we jumped the gun a bit. But, now we are going live with all of our color changes!

updating and extending our product lines with a ton of new colors for our ribbon rolls

From celebrations to awards, custom ribbon rolls are extremely versatile. Customize each selection to meet any need by adding text or logos. Perfect for weddings or other events for decorations and floral arrangements. Add your personalized message and tie them around bags and boxes when giving gifts. Ribbon rolls make great award or awareness ribbons. Customize a ribbon roll of your choice with your message and cut them to the length you like and present them to be worn or displayed.

Here, again, is that short review of all the updates to the ribbon colors for ribbon rolls.

Single Face Satin: We added 21 new colors! And many of them are quite nice. None of the old colors went away, so we’re up to 123 brilliant Single Face Satin ribbon colors!

Double Face Satin: We added four neon colors and one bright blue!

All DYNA Satin colors will be staying the same.

Chiffon – Organza: We added 22 colors! One thing to remember when looking at these color charts is that while that is the color, it doesn’t look like that. Keep in mind that since the ribbon is a fine see-through mesh, it generally will appear lighter in person than what you see on the chart.

Grosgrain: We added seven new colors! LaRosa, Blue, Copen, Neon Hot Pink, Neon Lime, Neon Yellow, Neon Tangerine.

Floral Satin Acetate: The shade of pink known as “Shock” is discontinued, but we added two new shades of purple! These new colors are “Purple” and “Plum.”


As ribbons continue to get more and more popular each year, the demand to keep up with trends is an ever-pressing issue. And, to keep up, we are always updating our ribbon colors. Please always refer to the order pages on for ribbon color availability.

Creative Ribbon Rolls: Kanzashi Flowers

making Kanzashi Flowers using ribbon rolls and turning them into decorationsWhen most people think of ribbon rolls, they consider wrapping presents or decorating for a party or some other function. Some people, however, think “what can I do with this that will make it quirky?” Here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing! Kanzashi Flowers!

We love sharing the way people around the world use ribbons! Kanzashi are traditional Japanese folded flowers. These flowers are made from small squares of silk, fabric or ribbon, and are typically worn by women as hair ornaments.

Kanzashi flowers are traditionally made with habotai silk giving them a vibrant color and rich texture. However, some people create these flowers with ribbon or other fabrics.

Making kanzashi flowers takes patience and a lot of practice. There are several ways to make these flowers, depending upon the ribbon type you are using and what kind of flower you are creating. Some people reinforce the flowers by sewing the petals together or gluing beads and buttons into the center of the blooms.

While kanzashi are traditionally used as hair ornaments, these lovely flowers have a variety of other uses:

Secure a flower to a pin or wearable magnet and wear it as a brooch.

Sew flowers to the bottom of a scarf or the brim of a winter hat.

Add a flower to a gift in place of a ribbon.

Sew flowers to your favorite accent pillow.

Arrange several flowers in a glass bowl for a unique centerpiece.

making Kanzashi Flowers using ribbon rolls and turning them into decorationsHow To Make Kanzashi Flowers

Take your ribbon and fold it across the width to get a triangle and with that as a template cut it out into square pieces. The number of pieces you need will depend on the width of the ribbon.

Fold the square into a triangle first and bring together the corners. Now, fold this shape again along the newly formed edge and the gathered corner. Be sure to secure the cut edges using a lighter or another flame. Hot glue also works to hold the petals together.

Once you have finished all folding, you will have three folds parallel. Make sure to align them properly/evenly so that your flower petal looks symmetrical.

Now that your petals are ready, all you need to do is to apply hot glue on the sides of each flower petals and glue them together to form a ring of petals which will resemble a flower in any case.

While there are many tutorials online for making kanzashi flowers and ornaments, here are a couple of pictures to get any creative mind working at full capacity.

making Kanzashi Flowers using ribbon rolls and turning them into decorations
making Kanzashi Flowers using ribbon rolls and turning them into decorations

Add your flair to these lovely flowers using buttons, lace, rhinestones or glitter; whatever your heart desires to make this craft your own.

A Complete Guide to Event Ribbons

From invitations to decorations, no event is complete without ribbons!

You can promote any event with custom and personalized ribbons. Imprinted ribbons prove over and over again to be valuable networking and marketing tools. They are also great for brand recognition. And, when choosing ribbons for your next event, there are several questions to consider.

finding the right ribbon for your next event choose from classic rosette and ribbon rolls

What type of ribbons are most commonly used during an event?

Your ribbon type choice depends on a number of things. First, ask yourself what your goal is. Why are you holding this event? The answers to these questions will provide you with what needs to be imprinted on your ribbon choice. It will also give you an idea as to which ribbons to choose.

For example, if you are throwing a birthday party, you would use different ribbon types than if you were to hold and awards banquet. Also, your ribbon message would be very different. For a birthday, you might choose a colorful ribbon roll with a “Happy Birthday” message. As for the awards banquet, a rosette ribbon with the words “First Place” would be a little more appropriate.

Who uses ribbons at an event?

Everyone! Don’t limit your thinking when it comes to using ribbons during any event. All ribbon types can be utilized at all events. The key here is to make sure the correct message is being displayed. Make sure that your color choice matches any theme you might have, and also the message doesn’t say “Condolences” during that awards banquet!

Rosette ribbons, classic ribbons and ribbon rolls are perfect for all events! The list of who would use one of these useful ribbons is endless. Many of these ribbons can be ordered as custom or stock and both have their benefits. With custom ribbons, text can be created to send any message the user wants.

Ribbons are also great for marketing, brand recognition and promotional tools. Call attention to sponsors, staff and more by giving them bright and functional ribbons to use on their name tag or conference tables.

So, no matter the ribbon type, we are sure you will find a use for each one at your next event!

Creating Unity Through Education

Granite Education Foundation (GEF) and Coller Industries Incorporated are working together, again!

Due to our donations and continual support, Granite Education Foundation invited Coller Industries to attend this year’s Excel Evening of Honors. The “EXCEL Evening of Honors” was held on April 21st.

Granite Education Foundation (GEF) and Coller Industries Incorporated are working together, again!Every year, Granite Education Foundation supporters gather to recognize outstanding teachers, administrators and community members whose personal commitment and contribution impacts 67,000 students in the Granite School District.

The annual EXCEL Award publicly honors and recognizes educators who raise the bar of their profession. The award recognizes teaching that incites intellectual curiosity in students, engages them thoroughly in the enterprise of learning, and has a lifelong impact.

Winners are nominated by school administrators, parents, colleagues and students through an intensive application process. A selection committee then reviews each application. Members of this Excel Selection Committee then surprise each winner at their school with the announcement. This interaction was recorded and shared at the presentation event.

The committee received over a thousand nominations and had to select only ten winners.

Gary Coller, President of Coller Industries, said, “I look forward to this every year, it’s an honor to be around great educators and dedicated professionals who support them. (With ten great teachers honored), and I was able to present an award to a teacher whose mother has also been recognized as a teacher of the year.”

Granite Education Foundation (GEF) and Coller Industries Incorporated are working together, again!Emily Lehnardt believes that children are perfect candidates for her to “awaken” the human spirit to love life-long learning. She feels children exude great curiosity and seemingly limitless creativity.

Emily applies Dr. Einstein’s teaching philosophy in her classroom. She believes Dr. Einstein lived in creative expression and knowledge. His creativity through experiments gave the world cutting-edge information.

“Ms. Lehnardt is exactly what my son needed in first grade. Her passion for teaching and learning shines through and really inspired him to love going to school.” -Parent

Ramona Braunberger, Marketing Manager for Coller Industries, said, “Emily is the educator you want (for your child). It is very apparent that she cares about the kids and is excited about teaching.”

During the gala, each winner received a special “Excel Award,” a gift basket, a monetary award, and other generous gifts to recognize their achievements.

“Every year we have the phenomenal opportunity to recognize educators who exemplify the values and mission of Granite School District,” said Dr. Martin W. Bates, Granite School District Superintendent.

“These individuals have demonstrated exceptional teaching skills and a commitment to student success. In addition, they provide meaningful contributions to their school community, and are constantly seeking ways to improve the educational experience of their students,” said Dr. Bates.

Congratulations to the 2017 GEF Excel Winners!

Emily Lehnardt – Cottonwood Elementary
Sheri Coats – Armstrong Academy
Sarah Wilson – South Kearns Elementary
Zachary Layton – Eisenhower Jr High
Wendee Johnston – Whittier Elementary
Yvonne Miller – Fremont Elementary
Rhonda Small-Oakes – Hartvigsen
Anita Ardi – Churchill Jr High
Callah Morrey – West Kearns Elementary
Craig Stauffer – Hunter High

Why Honor Teachers?

Research shows that students with high-performing teachers can progress three times as fast as students with low-performing teachers. Effective educators can influence the climate of the entire school. Their commitment, passion, expertise, and creativity are infectious. Students love them because they make learning fun and engaging. Administrators love them because they get results. Parents love them because they affirm their student’s potential.

In the face of increasing class sizes and insufficient funding and resources, the majority of Granite District teachers are dipping into their own pockets and their own time to bridge the gap for their students. Educators are finding progressive and engaging solutions to institutional problems and changing the world, one child at a time.

Coller Industries is proud to be a part of this process. While our role is small in comparison to these educators, we are still happy that we get to take part. Our children’s education has a direct impact on our business as we like to focus on working in our community. Helping out our local community is a large part of what defines the generosity of Coller Industries Incorporated.

Granite Education Foundation (GEF) and Coller Industries Incorporated are working together, again!

Promise Ribbons and Brazilian Wish Ribbons

Wear your wish ribbons, promise ribbons or fitas proudly!

Sharing the way people around the world use ribbons is always exciting! However, there is not a lot of new information that Coller Industries can add to using cultural wish ribbons. But we are always supportive of the different ways people in every culture and community use their custom ribbons.

Wish ribbonswearing promise ribbons and brazilian wish ribbons and making your own personalized ribbons have been around for a long time. Fitas, or Bonfim Ribbons, were originally made with silk and the printing was done by hand with ink or silver. They were worn around the neck and often had medallions and holy images hung on them. Today the ribbons are worn as good luck charms and symbolize a belief in miracles both big and small.

People all over the world still celebrate this tradition, but the tradition has extended to tying the Bahia Bands onto the church gates.

Secured with three knots and traditionally known as good luck charms, these ribbons are so much more than a simple accessory. Each knot corresponds to a secret desire until the bracelet breaks. At this point, the wishes will come true.

Wishing Protocol

  • Ribbons are given as a gift and tied by a third-party.
  • Worn on the left wrist and tied with three knots, making a wish with each knot tied.
  • When the ribbon naturally breaks down and falls off, your wishes will come true.

wearing promise ribbons and brazilian wish ribbons and making your own personalized ribbons

Each ribbon color has a symbolic meaning:

Yellow – Success and Intelligence
Dark Green – Money and Growth
Light Blue – Love and Peace
Dark Blue – Health, Comfort and Fertility
Red – Strength and Passion
Hot Pink – Friendship
White – Wisdom and Inner Peace
Purple – Spirituality
Orange – Courage and Energy

Recently, these wish ribbons became a bit more popular as promise ribbons. More and more people are using this ribbon tradition in new ways!

Borrowing from the Brazilian ritual of fitas, or wish ribbons, these colorful bands are tied to a person’s wrist in three knots. On the Komen 3-Day, we tie knots to honor the past, create hope for the future and celebrate the steps we’re taking today to end breast cancer.

Some people even use wish ribbons on athletic shoes, bags and even their car for protection and safety. These ribbons serve as a reminder of your wishes and promises. They are an excellent way to recognize ethnicity and support for each other!