50 Ways to Use Holiday Ribbons

From big bows to small wrapping accents, holiday ribbons are perfect for everyone’s home!

holiday ribbons are great for decorating and giving away
rosette ribbons are perfect for holiday ribbons and festive games
holiday ribbons are perfect for making into name tags for gifts

Here is a fun list of things to do with custom and personalized holiday ribbons.

1) Make holiday ribbons into gift cards.
2) Fancy up a greeting card.
3) Make any size of gift bows.
4) Fashion ribbon wreaths.
5) Decorate a wreath with colorful ribbons.
6) Make name tags for presents.
7) Personalize advent calendars or counting chains.
8) Ribbon chains are also perfect for decorating any home.
9) Use ribbons as gift wrap.
10) Make Christmas tree ornaments entirely from ribbons.
11) Hang ornaments with ribbons.
12) Decorate your Christmas tree with fun, custom ribbons.
13) Tie bows into your tree.
14) Custom ribbons can make a fun tree topper.
15) Use as fireplace or mantel decorations.
16) Ribbons are great for party favor ties and bows.
17) Make your front door or garage door fancy.
18) Ribbons are perfect to hang cards from.
19) Fashion elegant curtain ties.
20) Use as candle accents for votive or pillar candles.
21) Make homemade snowflakes.
22) Tie around homemade goodies for gifts.
23) Perfect for tying a bow on mason jar gifts.
24) Also great for adding holiday cheer to candy or cookie jars.
25) Make holiday shapes on windows or walls.

Nope, that isn’t all we have! Here are 25 more!

26) Make a Christmas tree.
27) Ribbons make festive and creative bookmarks.
28) Wrap your favorite festive flowers with custom ribbons.
29) Or just craft your flowers with ribbon rolls.
30) Hair ribbons are fun with festive, colorful ribbons.
31) Ribbon jewelry is always fun, especially with holiday ribbons.
32) Make ribbon pins or other fun craft accent pieces.
33) Fashion balloon ties for your next party.
34) Decorate a fun, shaped cake at a party.
35) Wrap indoor and outdoor pillars with custom ribbons for any holiday.
36) Decorate with unique ribbon curtains.
37) Send out party invitations with ribbon embellishments.
38) Personalized holiday ribbons are perfect for scrapbooks and smash books.
39) Photo embellishments pop with festive ribbons.
40) Use ribbons to decorate your yard for any festivity.
41) Color ribbons are great for hanging decorations or pictures.
42) Tie ribbons around vases for accents.
43) Use them for place settings.
44) Custom ribbons are also great for napkin rings.
45) Use a small ribbon as a glass tag, so you know which one is yours.
46) Mix in a colorful and festive bunch of ribbons on your next table centerpiece.
47) Make ribbon wands for all the kids, or young at heart.
48) Rosette ribbons are great for party game prizes.
49) Accent a pillow with a holiday colored ribbon.
50) Or add it to a tablecloth for some extra holiday cheer.

From Halloween to Christmas and even New Years to Valentine’s Day, colors, dates and other messages are the most important part. So, no matter how you choose to use your custom holiday ribbons, make sure they have the right words.

How to Wow with Your Corporate Gifts

From name plates to fruit baskets, personalized ribbons make corporate gifts better!

corporate gifts help to sustain relationships and deepen the personal connection between businesses and clientsWhether you want to admit it or not, the holidays are coming! Now is the time to start thinking about your ever-so-important corporate gifts. But, remember to keep us in mind after you have chosen that perfect trinket, gadget or gizmo.

Our personalized ribbons are perfect for decorating baskets, wrapping gifts, and tying a pretty little bow. Customize each ribbon roll with names, dates, logos and more so that your recipients know just who to thank for that wonderful gift.

Create a thoughtful piece with the perfect ribbon. From gift baskets with your company logo and product colors to small wrapped boxes with someone’s name, each of our custom ribbon rolls is sure to be a hit for your next gift.

And who doesn’t love a gift?

Why not treat your employees with something special this year. Create unique tags and adornments with badge and classic ribbons. From full-color to single imprinted colors, each ribbon is sure to conjure up the spirit of the holidays. And, they don’t get thrown away like a simple paper tag would. People often use these ribbon tags for bookmarks or decorations on their cubicle wall at work.

There are many reasons for corporate gifting that range from thanking consumers for their business to recognizing employees for outstanding work. But, the primary reason seems always to be the same. It is to sustain relationships and deepen the personal connection between the giver and the recipient.

branding is important to remember when giving corporate giftsCompany branding is important to remember as you are giving your corporate gifts. Not only does it help maintain the relationship you have already worked so hard to establish, but it also helps the recipient to remember who gave them such an enjoyable and memorable gift.

Maybe your gift this year is personalized ribbons?

Have you ever thought of designing a logo or slogan to print on a ribbon or ribbon roll and then give those as your corporate gifts? What a unique idea that everyone can use! Create a one-of-a-kind ribbon that will be useful to everyone.

But, no matter your ribbon choice, think of your recipients and what they want. They have to like the gift for it to be memorable.

P.S. We suggest these every year, not because we make them, but because they do make a great gift. Recognize each employee for a job well done this year with a personalized desk wedge! Acrylic name plates are also a great idea for that someone special.

Homecoming Mums: A Perfect Tradition

Ribbons and flowers are perfectly synonymous.
And in Texas, mums are no different!

Have you heard of homecoming mums? While this is typically a Texas tradition, it is something we can see happening pretty much anywhere! With a simple creation made from chrysanthemums and custom ribbons, any dance or school activity would gain popularity.

use custom rosette ribbons for your next homecoming mum and garterTradition of Homecoming Mums

From China to Japan to Sweden, chrysanthemums have been around for centuries. Tracing the first recorded information about these flowers takes you to China about 3,500 years ago. Decorative mums traditionally consist of artificial chrysanthemum flowers, originally real chrysanthemums, surrounded and decorated with floor-length ribbon and little trinkets.

Now, mainly in Texas high schools, mums are worn to the homecoming dance after the football game. The tradition is that the boys create a personalized mum for their date to wear. Girls make garters for the boys which are similar to mums but shorter and worn on the guy’s arm rather than around their neck like mums.

Mums Today

use custom rosette ribbons for your next homecoming mum and garterWhile it is still debated, the University of Missouri has been recognized as the official place of birth of homecoming. In 1911, the athletic director at Mizzou presented the incentive to attend the homecoming football game by having a huge celebration. In turn, these gatherings turned into homecoming dances. And, at some point, the tradition of a boy giving a chrysanthemum to his date as a corsage was born in Texas.

Around the 1980s, mums were usually about a maximum of three Chrysanthemum flowers and a few ribbons, but as the years have gone by, the size and expectations of mums have increased and have become more elaborate. The size of the mums and garters tend to grow along with the grade in which the person is that is receiving the mum.

For the longest time, homecoming mums were a Texas-only tradition, but in the last few years, it has expanded into neighboring states such as Oklahoma and Louisiana. A huge mum can be a source of pride for a girl in both her school and her homecoming date. Even though homecoming mums have cropped up in other states, like most things, they are still bigger in Texas.

How To Make A Mum

While there isn’t a specific way to make a mum, we recommend that you start with a rosette ribbon. Rosettes are the perfect base for small to large mums! Choose your favorite colors or go more traditional with school pride. Then just add your embellishments as you would like.

Just don’t forget to personalize the ribbons! Add names, dates and other school details that your date is sure to enjoy.

3 Ribbons to Liven Up Fall Festivals

People are seeing red, orange and yellow trimmings now that fall festivals are here.

Promote your company, club, school or non-profit organization while hosting a harvest festival for the community. And make your fall festivals more upbeat with custom ribbons for prizes, awards, labels and decorations.

Start by customizing ribbons with your company or school logo and include a personal message for festival goers. If your harvest festival is an annual event, put the festival’s name and the year, so attendees remember to come back next fall.

There are countless ways ribbons enhance festivities. Here are three fun ribbons to get your creative ideas flowing.

using rosette awards and other custom ribbons for fall festivalsRosette Ribbons

Games and contests are at the heart of most fall festivals. Make festival goers feel special with custom rosette ribbons. Hand award ribbons to each winner for pie baking, pie eating, scarecrow building and pumpkin decorating contests. Children love receiving rosette ribbons for the first, second and third place for corn tossing, bobbing for apples, sack racing and other fun games.

using badge awards and other custom ribbons for fall festivalsBadge Ribbons

Badge ribbons are great for labeling items while also bringing more color to your event. Create labels for a cake walk with ribbons that specify which cake is which. For bigger events, designate festival workers, volunteers and vendors with color-coded ribbons to make their name badges. If your company is hosting a festival, spotlight employees and staff members with personalized ribbons with their names and job titles.

using badge awards and other custom ribbons for fall festivalsRibbon Rolls

Wrap giveaways and prizes with custom ribbon rolls. Tie a cute bow around utensils and napkins. Or, drape ribbon garlands on the walls to liven the room. If the event is outside, hang them from tree branches. Attendees can make their wreaths by wrapping and tying the fall-themed fabric around straw circles. Children can enjoy making ribbon wands. Another fun way to use ribbon rolls is to decorate the edge of tables or hang them on the back of chairs. You can also tie them around centerpieces, candle holders or glass jars filled with candy corns. Custom ribbons also make great photobooth backdrops. The possibilities are endless!

No matter how you use ribbons for your fall festivals, they are sure to add fun and excitement in ways festival goers won’t forget.

(Content courtesy of our new writer CreelaBelle Howard)

Harvest and Canning Using Creative Ribbons

Let us help you spruce up your canning this harvest season!

Why can’t your harvest and custom ribbons go hand in hand? With these simple ideas, personalized ribbons help your canning this year with going that extra mile. Whether you’ve won that first place award ribbon at a county fair or are just giving away a simple gift, custom ribbons are perfect for decorating your favorite, or famous, harvests.

personalized ribbons are the perfect way to spruce up your harvet and canning this yearThe easiest way to create a personalized masterpiece is an old canning jar and a quick piece of personalized scrap ribbon. Simply wrap your ribbon around the center or lid of your canning jar, and secure down with a bit of hot glue. Or, fasten the ribbon by tying a pretty bow. It’s that simple!

While your canning jars are not something spectacular to look at, by adding these personalized ribbons to compliment the canning jar’s contents, you can create something extraordinarily unique. Add a custom ribbon with your name or the date you canned the goodness inside. This personalization also makes for great seasonal and neighbor gifts.

rosette ribbons are a unique way to label your harvest and canning this yearUsing personalized ribbons is the perfect way to label your canning.

Another great way to make your canning jars recognizable is to use a rosette ribbon with the streamers cut off. Just attach the rosette to the top of jar’s lid and voilà: instant and personalized labeling!

Whatever your harvest is, from pickles and beets to peaches and jams, your jars are sure to stand out at your next county fair. Or, even on someone’s counter at home! And with the personalized ribbon, whoever receives, or purchases, your home-made goodies will remember who made them.

So, don’t forget to throw in your personal touch by adding embellishments to your canning jars. Create a personal flair while sharing your recipe and the joy of your homemade goodies with those around you. Go to it; decorate those canning jars however you want! Just don’t forget to use some personalized ribbons to make these beautiful gifts unique and memorable really.