Creative Ribbons: Family Reunions and Parties

badge ribbons are great at a family reunion or party for identifying peopleParties and summertime go hand-in-hand.
And so do family reunions!

No matter the size of your family, getting everyone together in one place and at one time is a huge undertaking. And making sure that everyone in attendance knows each other can be a daunting task.

Recently there was an online article about a family reunion with over 200 people in attendance. Crazy! So, what did they do to keep things as functional as possible? They gave everyone small strips of paper to write who their ancestors were. This helped to keep track of how everyone was related.

We’re taking this one step further! What about using badge ribbons?

Not only can these ribbons be used to label someone, but what about using blank ribbons to feature the names that associate you with those around you at the reunion?

In the article, the attendees were given blue papers for male names and pink ribbons for female names. If you don’t want to use this fun color idea, check out all the color options we have available!badge ribbons are great at a family reunion or party for identifying people

Badge ribbons are also an excellent way to identify people. Start with name badges so that everyone won’t be guessing people’s names all day. Then, attach badge ribbons to familiarize each other with how they are related. Create custom ribbons with words such as father, aunt, cousin, sister or just choose the last name to indicate from which family line they originate.

Also, don’t forget the name badges so people can remember what the attendee’s name is!

From family reunions to summer work parties, another great use for these blank badge ribbons is party games. Use the different colors for different games or organization during the festivities. Design your own game using badge ribbons and either focus on the colors or write on them with a permanent marker.

Whatever your need at your next family reunion or party, make sure to remember that people need to be recognized and identifiable!

Marketing with Personalized Ribbons

The key to marketing is getting sales.
And the best way to do that is to make your brand memorable.

marketing and branding are easier with personalized ribbonsSales and promotions stand out when you offer your business with a marketing strategy in mind. These plans typically include a handout or other trinket which people can take with them. This is particularly the case during a convention or other event.

Give your participants something different this time! What about some personalized ribbon wrapped around a pencil? Or a custom badge ribbon with your logo and slogan to remind them of your booth?

Whatever your choice for personalized ribbons, be sure to include a lasting message, logo and any other information that will make your company stand out in their minds. Marketing is mostly about the sale. But, more importantly, it’s about continued sales. And with this simple tool, those sales are bound to come rolling in.

From ribbon rolls to badge ribbons and even rosette ribbons, each ribbon can be used to bring in the crowd. With so many available colors to choose from, these are sure to attract even the most reluctant viewer at your next event.

And, hook them even further when they see how professional and unique ribbons can be!

marketing and branding are easier with personalized ribbonsWant to really draw attention? Include an eye-catching design element in your ribbons. Bright colors, catchy logos, and other unusual details make custom ribbons stand out wherever they are seen.

For long-lasting impressions, consider including a few pieces that will endure even after your promotion is over. Take some time to figure out what promotional item you want to give to prospective customers at your next event. These things could also go to current customers to encourage their loyalty to your company. Once you know what you want to give, consider how to present it with your newly branded and personalized ribbon!

Don’t forget that your brand needs to be memorable! Make sure your ribbons are what they are looking for with any of our custom ribbons.

Fun in the Sun with Coller Industries

Summer is always a wonderful time here at Coller Industries!

playing at the park with coller industries at the summer bbq and partyWe’re busy getting out orders and making sure we stay on task so that our customers get what they ordered. But, we also know how to have fun! Every year, Coller Industries throws a Summer BBQ Bash for the employees. And every year it seems just to get better.

The party is held at Germania Park (a local park here in Utah) every year. It’s a great place with plenty of space for all the employees to come and enjoy the food and company. There is always fun for all ages, and the employees were encouraged to bring their families.

This year included a bounce house for the kids and water guns for anyone who wanted to play. We also had fantastic food provided by Joe Morley’s BBQ. The spread they brought was fabulous and fed everyone till they couldn’t eat anymore.

playing at the park with coller industries at the summer bbq and partyplaying at the park with coller industries at the summer bbq and party

As employees, we would like to give a special thank you to Coller Industries and especially the Coller family for providing such an enjoyable activity for their employees.

And here’s how we do that:

Mathew, Web Design and Development, said, “Being with family and friends was the best part. I love being with people that I can socialize with and be comfortable around.”

Lydia, Customer Service, said, “The food was my favorite part because it was all really good and there was nothing I didn’t enjoy.”

Charles, Sample Requests, said, “The ribs were delicious!” He also said, “I think we have an exceptional staff. I work for a very special company who really cares about its employees. And the result is that the employees have developed long lasting relationships.”

Amanda, Solutions Manager, said, “It was really HOT! But, my favorite part would have to be the BBQ. Coller Industries always tries out new and exciting BBQ places every year.”

4 Simple Back-To-School Custom Ribbons

Send your kids back-to-school with fun custom ribbons.

Decorate notebooks, book bags, lockers and more with bright and fun ribbons.

Here are several fun projects to help your child be a bit more excited that summer is ending. They will love to take these to school with them! And, they will keep your kids a bit more organized.

Spirit Bows

get your kids excited to go back to school with these fun custom ribbonsThese bows are perfect for booster clubs, fund raisers, pep rallies, bands or just for fun. You can use any color combination to coordinate with your school. Take these spirit bows one step further by adding a logo, saying or motto as a custom ribbon roll.

Use each spirit bow in many different ways. Use them for chair decorations, hair ribbons or pom-pom accessories. And the best way to use them is by recognizing each student and helping them to develop positive feelings for themselves and the school. Promote spirit and help your students to know their worth.

Bookmark Ribbons

get your kids excited to go back to school with these fun custom ribbonsCreate a special bookmark for all of the students in your home or classroom. Customize these badge ribbons with quotes or other text and graphics to match the uniqueness of each of your kids. Choose from their favorite colors as well. Not only will this keep the child’s attention, but it will help keep their place in their favorite novel or text book while they are studying.

Award Ribbons

get your kids excited to go back to school with these fun custom ribbonsReward your students when they accomplish something great! Choose from a variety of stock award ribbons that will reward that special achievement. Or customize your own. Select specific colors, graphics and text and make sure your child knows just how much pride you take in them!

Rosette Ribbons

get your kids excited to go back to school with these fun custom ribbonsRosette ribbons are also great for rewarding athletes and superstars in your classroom. From track and field to spelling champs, these ribbons provide that special recognition to those who succeed in their endeavors. Don’t limit yourself to just using these ribbons as awards. Use them to decorate your classroom or home to celebrate the start of the school year. Or frame each one or a collection to show how proud you are of a child’s accomplishments.


From decorations with your school motto and colors to special welcome back gifts for your students, these ribbons are truly the most versatile. There are so many things you can do with our personalized ribbons!

Creative Ribbons: Getting Kids Involved

From kindergarten to high school, kids everywhere are claiming they are bored this summer!

Here are a few ideas to keep them busy and out of trouble.

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growAre there any book clubs in your area? Reading helps intellect and imagination grow. And reading can be fun when choosing the right books. Help get your kids excited about reading by using creative ribbon bookmarks.

This project doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. But make sure to tailor it to your child’s age. A simple version of these ribbon books marks is something as basic as finding a paper clip and wrapping or tying some colorful ribbon to the end. Scrap ribbon rolls are perfect for this activity. See more bookmark options here!

Add some whimsical ribbons to your next kid’s event. They’re colorful and fun for everyone!

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growDo you have a summer birthday in the family? Or even just a get-together for the kids in the neighborhood? Try dancing ribbon rings or ribbon wands as a fun way to use up some of those brightly colored scrap ribbons you might have on hand. Making this craft is easy. Either paint Popsicle sticks or get some that are already colored. And then either glue or tape the ribbons to the end. These are sure to be a hit with the younger children at any party!

Award Ribbons

Choose from our wide selection of rosette and classic ribbons for any reward type that you might need. It doesn’t even have to be for an event. You can give a kid a ribbon as a way of saying thank you. Give one as a self-esteem booster to a child feeling lonely or out of sorts. And, keep one for yourself if you want!

letting the kids have fun with ribbons will help imagination growWhen giving award ribbons to kids for a job well done, there are many different ribbon styles from which to choose. Ribbons come printed with in a wide array of accolades, including “Outstanding,” “Star Speller,” and “Happy Camper.” We’re sure to have the title you’re looking for, and if we don’t, tell us what you want, and we’ll be happy to work with you to create it.

Any of these ribbons are sure to let a child know that someone is noticing their hard work and is proud of them.