Perfect Bows in 4 Easy Steps

From presents to pretty ribbons on centerpieces, ribbon bows are sure to make any event spectacular!

No matter what your use for ribbon rolls, whether it’s for a wedding or a corporate event, knowing how to tie a bow is extremely valuable. Here are a few easy-to-follow four-step ribbon bows to tie to meet any need you may have.

use single face satin ribbons for bows on candles and other centerpiecesClassic (or Traditional) Bow

The first bow, and probably the easiest to tie, is a classic, go-to look. It’s the same type of bow we all know from when we learned how to tie our shoes as children.

Step 1: Choose the desired ribbon length and form two loops.
Step 2: Cross the left loop over the right loop making sure that the ribbon tails stay in the back.
Step 3: Wrap the left loop around the right loop and pull it through the opening created.
Step 4: Adjust the tails and loops to the desired effect and tighten the knot.

Your bow is ready! Use classic bows for presents, candle centerpieces, utensils and other items that need to be held together, or that can fit into the opening created by forming this bow.

double face satin is perfect for dior bows and personalized ribbonsDior (or Layered) Bow

Not only are Dior bows extremely elegant, but they are also classic and useful. This bow works well with single face satin ribbons.

Step 1: Cut several pieces of ribbon from a roll making each strip two inches longer than the previous.
Step 2: Lay each ribbon piece face down and fold the ribbon ends to the center. Using double stick tape or glue, adhere these ends in place.
Step 3: Stack the looped ribbons one on top of the other starting with the largest on the bottom. Either use double stick tape or glue to hold them in place.
Step 4: Thread a long ribbon strip through the center loop and wrap it around whatever you are fastening the bow onto.

These bows are pretty attached to packages and presents.

satin acetate and organza ribbons for pew bows go great with personalizationPom-Pom (or Rosette) Bow

This bow is a classic pom-pom bow with tails. To make this bow, you will need one very long piece of ribbon. Personalized or printed ribbon is a nice look for this type of bow.

Step 1: Wrap the ribbon around your hand or another object 8 to 10 times.
Step 2: While holding the wrapped ribbon, use scissors to create a small notch on both sides of the center of the ribbon. Make sure to cut every layer.
Step 3: Secure the ribbon in the center by using florist wire wrapped in the notches.
Step 4: Spread out your loops to create a pom-pom effect. The longer the piece of ribbon, the fuller and bigger the bow will be.

This bow is fun and fancy! And, for an added touch, combine two pom-pom bows made from different ribbon types together for a pew or chair bow. The tails on these bows are great for accent pieces for presents and decorations.

So, no matter your ribbon, make sure to have fun with it. And now you can start creating perfect bows for anything.

Birthday Ribbons For Everyone!

From gifts to decorations, no birthday is complete without some ribbon!

Everyone has one. And most people enjoy celebrating it. So, why not help make every birthday memorable with some personalized ribbons! With so many uses, you are sure to run out of ribbon before ideas. But, here are a couple of fun and quick ribbon ideas to get you started.

birthday personalized ribbon topiaries for bright fun decorationsWhat’s a party without decorations?

Ribbon rolls look great when hanging personalized banners from ceilings and walls. Use these fun ribbons to wrap around chairs for party guests. And, while you’re at it, use some ribbon to wrap around tables, centerpieces and party utensils.

And don’t forget those balloons! Use fun, bright ribbons to secure those birthday balloons to a table or other decorative spot. Or, wrap each balloon with a festive and personalized message. Need an elegant look? Layer two different ribbon types like organza and single face satin to make your colors and message pop.

So, whether it’s a ribbon topiary that you created yourself or simple ribbon strips used for table scatter, let these ribbons work for you while you’re decorating for any birthday celebration.

using personalized ribbon rolls for your next birthday partyDon’t forget the gifts!

Make sure that every present at each birthday party will leave a lasting memory. Decorate and wrap all of your gifts with personalized ribbons. Create a unique keepsake with custom messages, the person’s name and their birth date all imprinted onto the ribbon. Take this one step further by choosing their favorite colors for each of the ribbons.

These birthday wrappings are sure to be a big hit! But, don’t just stop at the presents for that special someone. Are you planning on party favors as well? Use small strips of ribbon rolls to accent each favor so that everyone will remember this special day.

Finding success in your birthday ribbons is easy, so no matter how you decide to use your custom ribbons, remember one thing: have fun!

Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

School is out, and summer is here.

Are your kids ready for all the fun and excitement that comes with this time of year? Are you? Here are some tips to keep all of your kids, no matter their age, engaged and active this summer.

Help your winner feel extra special with an easy DIY ribbon display.

frame award ribbons and hang any achievement from your kidsDid your child win a ribbon at a school field day? What about winning at a sporting event or academic event such as a spelling bee? Help them with creative ways to display their awards.

Find or create a unique frame that suits the award. A fun idea would be to add trinkets, pictures and other items that will remind the recipient how and what they won. While the colorful ribbons will draw the eye to the frame, the other pieces will keep attention and provide any continued recognition that might still be coveted.

Another fun idea would be to use a long strip from a ribbon roll and tack it to a wall. Once this is set up, drape any award ribbons from it to create a unique wall hanging. Or, fasten each award ribbon individually to a bedroom wall and decorate with stencils around the ribbon.

rewards kids with achievement ribbons for reading and other summer activitiesGetting kids involved in a summer reading program.

Check out your local library for some ideas and tips to get your kids reading. But, for now, get them excited with personalized, colorful ribbons. Have your kids create bookmarks with ribbon rolls, or get creative yourself with badge and full color ribbons.

And, don’t forget the awards. Everyone wants a fancy award for something they did great at, and be sure to include your kids! Make sure to award good reading habits during the summer with rosette ribbons or fun badge ribbons. Give them a reward that says “congratulations” or “good reader,” or create a unique saying.

Remember that when you are selecting prizes and rewards to use for a summer reading program, make sure they are both diverse and as inclusive as possible. Make sure to know how tactile your prize needs to be; if the reward ribbon is high in contrast, it will better suit a wide age range.

use homemade toys made with ribbons to keep kids active during the summerAnd, don’t forget kids need to have some fun both indoors and outside!

Using colored craft sticks or shower curtain rings, help each kid make a ribbon wand. Either glue or tape ribbon strips to one end of each stick or tie them around a ring. No matter the child’s age, they are sure to enjoy running around with these brightly colored toys.

Or, make awards using personalized ribbon rolls made into a lanyard. Then, attach a candy bar or other treat at the end for a medal. Make sure to choose treats and ribbons that will make all of your participants covet this award. Then, give these awards out for completing both indoor and outside activities. Make them run an obstacle course in your backyard. Or have them help around the house to keep things neat and tidy.

Do you have any other ideas on how your kids can benefit from ribbon use this summer?

Badge Ribbons For Every Summer Event

From company summer festivities to family reunions, badge ribbons are perfect for every occasion.

From company summer festivities to family reunions, badge ribbons are perfect for every occasion.Stand out from any crowd with bright, fun and festive badge ribbons. Each ribbon is useful in making an initial introduction when worn with a name badge. They help to break the ice for those attending social meetings and get-togethers. And, it is always fun to think outside the box to come up with unique ways to personalize these badge ribbons.

While name badges are the usual place to find a badge ribbon, these identification tools are perfect for imaginative uses. From group identifiers to getting to know you games, these ribbons help add flair to any event or function. And, here are a few ideas to get you started!

Getting To Know Your Relatives

No matter the size of your family, getting everyone together in one place and at one time is a massive undertaking. And making sure that everyone in attendance knows each other can be a daunting task.

use badge ribbons at your next family reunion for titles and relationsFrom colors to fun titles like Cousin or Great-Aunt, badge ribbons are an excellent way to identify people. Start with name badges so that everyone won’t be guessing people’s names all day. Then, attach badge ribbons to familiarize each other with how they are related. Create custom ribbons with words such as father, aunt, cousin, sister or choose the last name to indicate from which family line they originate.

Fundraisers are also a common place to see badge ribbons.

These ribbons are a fantastic tool for identifying a cause or support group for each fundraiser. Choose a color, such as pink for breast cancer support or a rainbow ribbon for autism supporters, and then add a title or function for the wearer to attach to their name badge. Stacking personalized ribbons on name badges is an effective way to identify any role at these and other events.

Networking and Meeting New People

Titles are a typical thing to see imprinted on badge ribbons. However, use your imagination and come up with fun things to add to these promotional ribbons. They don’t always have to be professional. Add silly things that will make them memorable such as Coffee Fiend or Here For The Food. Let attendees pick out something that describes their personality so others at a conference or corporate meeting will feel more at ease.

badge ribbons are a perfect tool and souvenir for any summer eventAnd remember…

Badge ribbons are inexpensive and come in both horizontal and vertical designs and can be customized to meet any need for any function. Don’t limit yourself while using these tremendous personalizing tools. Even order blank ribbons to quickly identify specific groups by a single color worn by each person.

Champions Worth Celebrating

From an equestrian event to a school essay contest, all champions deserve an award ribbon!

award all champions in your competitions with these rosette ribbonsAward ribbons by their very nature suggest that something extraordinary has happened. Whether presenting an award at a student fair, an animal showcase or a sporting event, every award should accurately reflect the achievement. And with that recognition, all champions are sure to enjoy the attention they will receive after getting a special ribbon such as a rosette.

When it comes to award ribbons, rosettes are often the most recognizable and most commonly used. These elegant ribbons have multiple ribbon streamers and fancy points and pleats. And most come with a center button that can be customized to meet any need.

Choose from fancy colors to an even more elegant button and imprint details to make these awards perfect for celebrating any superior achievement. And, with stock and custom options, we’re sure to have what you need for your champions.

Customize each ribbon with special text, logos and graphics to represent the award and the champion. Add names, titles, award merits and more to the streamers. Each button has room for a logo or graphic that will match to each of the champions. And, match the colors to any theme or personal taste.

use a rosette ribbon to show appreciation and give awards to all championsRecognize Achievement at Games and Competitions

Reward game winners and celebrate all champions with these fabulous custom ribbons. These quality designed awards are sure to impress all competitors, and will be a constant reminder of any achievement. And, with an abundance of color and room for a personal message, these rosette award ribbons are perfect for nearly every occasion and event.

Rewarding Every Accomplishment

It doesn’t matter if your champions are at work, at school or at home, they all deserve the attention a rosette ribbon will give. High-quality custom ribbons send a clear message of this appreciation and congratulations.